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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just to clarify, in case it's not obvious: I only asked them about gluten (not about corn or soy), so presumably these products are indeed gluten free, with the classic caveat that they are not ever able to be 100% sure.
  2. In keeping with the recent spate of makeup threads, I though I'd share this info. I hadn't seen confirmation on the forum about these several Clinique products that I use, so I contacted the company and got the following response: ------------ Thank you for your interest in Clinique. While a formulation may not contain wheat, oat, barley or rye derivatives, for the benefit of our gluten-sensitive consumers who may have cross-sensitivities, Clinique takes the extra precaution of including corn, rice and soy in our research. All About Eyes Concealer - contains soy. Color Surge Eyeshadow - contains corn and soy. Eye Defining Liquid Liner - contains soy. Lash Doubling Mascara - contains soy and corn. Perfectly Real Makeup - contains soy. Quickliner for Eyes - contains corn and soy. In addressing your concern about gluten, we would like to explain that a vast number of raw materials from many different suppliers and sources are used in the manufacture of Estee Lauder Companies' products. It is therefore not possible for us to fully guarantee that our products are completely free of ingredients that may elicit an allergic response in highly sensitive individuals who react to gluten. For example, it is possible that small amounts of a wheat sourced ingredient may remain on shared manufacturing equipment even after a thorough cleaning. We therefore recommend that you discuss this with your physician, because consumer safety is of utmost concern to us. [sERVICETICKETTEXT] We trust that the above addresses your concern. We hope you will look to Clinique for all your skin care and beauty needs Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns.
  3. Do I See A Doctor

    Teemaree-- So glad you've had some good news! I hope that the problems are all manageable and that you will both BE well and FEEL well soon.
  4. That's really interesting--thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks so much for your response, ravenwoodglass. It's good to hear more of your story (I have noticed your extensive signature on a number of occasions). I am leaving out the enzymes and probiotics for the moment, but I don't really think they are my problem--my downturn occurred significantly after starting both of them--but you never know. I'm keeping close watch of everything, though sometimes I think my extreme paranoia may be doing me more harm than good at this point! I am also investigating my makeup more closely (I replaced my hair products long ago)--maybe some tiny amount of gluten is slipping in there. Anyway, I really appreciate your writing, and I hope others will share stories as well.
  6. Hi all, I'm at four months gluten-free, and for the first three months I felt a steady, slow improvement in my health: my energy began to improve, rashes began to heal, my breathing improved, gas improved--all slowly but surely. However, in the last month, though I have been even more strict about my diet (having eliminated many potential problem foods, added digestive enzymes and probiotics), everything has gone downhill. It started with a period of extraordinary insomnia, though I seem to be sleeping well again now. I also have been losing weight, feeling weaker, foggier, and achier, and looking and feeling more and more malnourished (despite many gluten-free vitamin supplements). Anyway, I'm not really looking for advice concerning my own situation, but rather stories from others who have had similar experiences, if there are any. I get discouraged when I read of people who suffered from symptoms like mine, but then were completely healed in a month or two. I was sick for two years before going gluten-free, so the damage might have been extensive, but I don't know. I'm also going to keep looking into other possible sources for my ill health, but all my symptoms seem to match celiac so well... So, I'd love to hear from any slow-but-successful healers out there. many thanks!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Do you know if this affects their nut butters as well? I am quite reliant on their natural peanut butter...
  8. Do I See A Doctor

    I don't know much about lymphoma, and I don't know if all of those symptoms can come from Celiac (certainly some of them can), but it definitely sounds to me like you should see a doctor. Only that way will you have peace of mind. I can completely sympathize with your fear of not being taken seriously or simply not being listened to--this has happened to me many times, and I wish I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing a doctor again. But if you are looking for a specific diagnosis (or to prove that you DON'T have that disease), only a doctor can do it for you. You shouldn't be embarrassed at all, especially with the specific symptoms--the doctor should at least be able to tell you why your glands are swollen. Good luck to you! I hope you will be blessed with a doctor who will listen better than most of them do.
  9. Hi ohsroac, There's a lot of chocolate that's gluten free, and it's not hard to find--just make sure you check the label. I eat dark chocolate, which is very unlikely to contain gluten, but be careful about milk chocolate, which sometimes contains barley malt. But it's almost always clearly labeled--chocolate manufacturers are also good about reporting when the chocolate is made on equipment shared with wheat. It is a good idea to get new pots if you can, but scrub them like crazy if you can't. And DEFINITELY get a new strainer for gluten-free pastas, etc. We made the mistake of using our old one for a few weeks after going gluten-free, even though it contained visible residue from our old pastas--not good!! I am on an elimination diet of sorts, and it is helpful--I log everything I eat as well as my symptoms in a food diary, which has helped me determine which foods are a problem right now (unfortunately, it has made me eliminate way more things than I wanted to--but hopefully it will help me heal faster). good luck!
  10. The Whole Sordid Story, Near As I Can Figure Out

    Should one only suspect fluoride problems if one's thyroid is also shown to be not working well, or can it also wreak havoc and leave the thyroid okay? I have pretty major fatigue and neck pain still, but my thyroid has always been normal when checked (many, many times).
  11. Not sure I agree that the combination of Celiac and Crohn's is so rare; here's an article posted on this site to the contrary: http://www.celiac.com/articles/915/1/Celia...ease/Page1.html I also think it's very likely that many patients already diagnosed with Crohn's would have a hard time getting a celiac diagnosis because doctors tend to attribute ALL symptoms of any sort to the Crohn's (I know this from experience), even when it's completely unreasonable. So there are probably lots of people with Crohn's (or UC) out there with no idea that they have Celiac, too. But I do agree that the SCD may be helpful one way or the other!
  12. That does seem strange to me. Had your daughter also started a new medicine shortly before the trip when she ate gluten? If she had just started Prednisone, for example, she could have had sudden improvement despite the gluten. Or, perhaps she is having more mucous in her stool while gluten-free due to something else she's eating (a gluten substitute probably) that her system is not accustomed to. Do you think this is possible? My understanding is that the bowel produces mucous in order to let aggravating items through the bowel more smoothly; it's not such a bad thing in itself. If it is helpful: I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 12 (am now 27), and have been through many meds for it. For the past 5 years I have been on TNF-alpha inhibitors--first Remicade and now Humira. Is your daughter on one of these? They are best avoided if possible due to potential side effects, but they do work wonders if you get to that point. My primary Crohn's symptom was frequent, urgent, bloody diarrhea (and all the misery that entails), and these drugs completely eradicate it. In my case, I believe I have developed gluten intolerance on top of the Crohn's (the gluten intolerance presents with non-GI symptoms for me), and the Humira won't help with that. Sorry not to have more direct advice; hopefully you can get some ideas from my situation. Perhaps you need to find the right drug to handle the UC/Crohn's and induce remission (while staying gluten-free), and after that the gluten-free diet might help to maintain the remission. But I would definitely give the gluten-free diet some more time to work, if the only problem is mucous. Good luck to you both!
  13. This description is very close to how my brain fog feels. I describe it to my husband as being similar to being drunk, but with absolutely NONE of the pleasant feelings of drunkenness--just the mental impairment. Often I feel like there's a bit of a lag when I turn my head or shift focus; reading and absorbing information visually is particularly hard. I feel toxic in my brain. It's particularly bad when I'm out shopping--the lights seem too bright and it's very difficult to focus on products I'm buying, and it makes reading ingredient labels very difficult!
  14. High Forehead Poll

    Hmm, I suppose it is a bit subjective, isn't it. I've just measured mine at 3" exactly from my eyebrows to my hairline (I'm actually surprised it's not more)--perhaps we could say 2.5 inches or more would be a high forehead? Quote name='Jestgar' date='Nov 7 2009, 04:13 PM' post='573666'] How do you define a high forehead?
  15. I read recently on this forum that some people consider a high forehead to be a common celiac trait. There may be little truth to that, but I read it with great interest since my own high forehead has been my least favorite feature since I was a kid -- I would be happy if my hairline were a good 1.5 inches lower. Just curious to see if there really is a high-forehead trend among celiacs, so please chime in. Thanks!