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  1. I have been having symptoms for about a year now that just seem to be escalating. My gut hurts so bad I'm afraid to eat anything. But I get so hungry that at night I pretty much binge. I'm not digesting much. I can often tell ilve just eliminated something ilve eaten only a few hours before. I can tell my intestines are inflamed because of the pain for one but also the size of my stool is very thin. It seems to have a lot of mucus and blood in it also. I also have eczema on my chest and legs and in my hair. Everything I eat seems to give me heartburn. Ilm exhausted and often depressed. I'm miserable. Ilve been thinking ilve had some sort of food allergy and have eliminated dairy and eggs and peanuts. That hasnlt seemed to help at all. I'm at my whit's end! I was reading and looking for answers on the internet and read about celiac and it makes sense with all my symptoms. So today I havenlt had any gluten and I notice an immediate improvement. I still feel discomfort and pain but not as intense as yesterday and months before. I went to my gp today and asked for a rast test and specifically asked to be tested for gluten. He also set up an appt. For a gastro dr. I'm wondering if I should go to an allergist also? Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Jacie