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  1. Holding Toddler?

    My son was diagnosed at 18 months. Pre diagnosis and during any accidents we had to hold him all the time. His favorite positions when glutenend are swinging or behind held upside down. He will sometimes allow me to put him down with a pillow under his back so that he is arched so I can use the restroom! Good Luck! People don't realize how exhausting it is to have a celiac kid!!
  2. Gluten-Free Elephant Ears?

    Help! The link didn't work for me. It only took me to her blog about her goats. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks.
  3. Children's Advil

    My pediatic dr. said that the house brands of Tylenol or Motrin are safe.
  4. I know this is an older post, but I was wondering about the Benecalorie. Has anyone had any luck with it for weight gain, or with PediaSure? My son is 9 months post diagnosis and not gaining as the dr, and I would like! Thanks!
  5. You are not being overly cautious! There is no such thing in this game! I am fortunate enough to also be able to afford to buy a classroom supply for my kid. I bought Model Magic. The teacher had never used it and really liked it. I also supplied her with ziplocks because if it gets put back into a container or ziplock it can be reused over and over again. Discount School Supply is a great resource! Good luck!
  6. We recently had a festival in town that came with elephant ears. My 6 year old son has had these before, and can no longer. Anybody have any idea as to how I would go about making these gluten-free or something similiar? Thanks!
  7. Really Long Naps

    You could be singing my song, but he doesn't sleep quite as long as yours. He sleeps for about 2-2 1/2 hours, and 12 hours at night. My son was 18 months, and had dropped from the 95th to 3rd percentile, when we tried to get the diagnosis. We had already been gluten free for a few weeks when we did the biopsy so he was negative, but proceeded as if he was positive per the dr's advice. Now he is 2, and every time he gets accidently glutened he gets the really red chapped looking cheeks. He also is potty trained, but will have 3-4 accidents a day for a few days after being glutened! I strongly believe the accidents are a symptom, not behavior. From what little research I can find it is difficult to get a diagnosis this young. Personal choice for us: we have choosen to not sweat the diagnosis, but to do what makes us son healthy and happy! Call him celiac or extremely gluten intolerant, I don't care-I just know the choice to go gluten free was the best decision we ever made for him! Good luck!!
  8. We just got life insurance through American Fidelity Assurance two months ago. No problem with the Celiac's! Good luck!
  9. Honeycomb Cereal

    Thank you so much! I will not take the risk.
  10. My son was just diagnosed in August so I am still new at this! I was wondering about Honeycomb cereal. We have stayed completely away from oats just in case, but Honeycomb cereal has oat flour. I was just wondering about oats. I know some can handle it and some can't. But please let me know if you or your child has had Honeycomb and what the reaction was if any.
  11. I was in Fred Meyer looking for probiotics, when I stumbled across something that claimed to accelerate the digestion of gluten. The main ingredient was Glutanese Powder. Has anyone heard of this or tried it in the case of an accidental glutening? I am just wondering because my guy is almost 2 and we are extremely vigilant, but he goes to daycare and while the woman there is awesome, there are bound to be accidents!
  12. I was in Fred Meyer the other day looking for some probiotics, when I came across a product that said it helps aid the digestion of gluten. The main ingredient was glutanese powder. We are very diligent about our two year old not getting gluten, but he does go to daycare three days a week and accidents happen! My doctor just has so little experience with Celiac's that I have to go to a specialist far away...sometimes I think this website is a faster better source for me! I am just wondering if it could really help, and if anyone has any experience with it? Thanks!!
  13. New Here

    I too live in a small town making it difficult to get support locally! You have found the right place! From what I hear a month isn't that long to see results after so many years of damage. Have you started keeping a food log? You could then begin to eliminate one product at a time for several days to see how she does. It may also be psychological (unconsciously obviously) because her body is just so used to throwing up! I don't know, just throwing it out there! Good luck and check back as questions come up and to let us know how she is doing!
  14. We do pizza at our house quite often. I don't see it as expensive and my family loves the Chebe pizza crust. Maybe the night before the event you could make a pizza and keep a leftover piece for the next day's events. Another option may be to make him a special pizza with corn tortilla or slice of gluten-free bread. I agree that it would be very difficult for the rest of the class to not get a pizza party and isolate your son in a negative way. I don't think asking them to do an alternate food would be a good idea for your son, nor would leaving him out. During these parties there is a lot of socialization that goes on and from what you say, he shouldn't miss this opportunity. It would not be a big deal for the teacher to serve him first and everyone wash their hands afterwards. While they are doing that the teacher could be wiping down the tables or desks. Good luck!
  15. Celiac And Daycare

    These two sample letters were posted in 2007. You may want to do some verifying or tweaking to make sure it is accurate and useful for your child. I'm sure someone out there has something more current, but this worked for me with some tweaking. My daycare provider takes $5 off each day because I send him with all his own food. Although, she is great, and if the kids are having an orange and I sent an apple and he wants the orange she gives him some. She has a form of the list below and sticks to it. Because she gives him safe things the other kids are having, I occasionally give her a bag of fruit, a box of fruit snacks, a box of Capri Suns, or popsicles in the summer. It seems to balance out. I always have things cut up so it easy for her. Good luck! My child, ** **, has Celiac Disease (inability to consume gluten) and cannot eat most school foods and treats. Thank you for your cooperation in creating a wheat/barley/rye/oat-free environment for **.