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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ever since my son was born in August I seem to no longer have the symptons of being sensitive to gluten or gluten intolorant. Could the pregnacy have cured me? The things that used to make me sick I can now eat again and feel great! I haven't had an upset stomach in months. ANy input would be great!!
  2. I have been cheating on the diet lately, I know it is bad. Background, I was diagnosed in Nov 2004 and weeks later became preg. Every thing is going well so far. Although I have cheated once or twice. Here is my question, I will get sick if I come near a bread crumb. i took a pickle off my husbands sandwhich which was between lettuce and cheese and got sick almost immediately. (servers who touch pickles also touch bread...whoda thunk?) Yet i have a small slice of cake and I have fine. (I think it is the pregnacy and cravings that make me not be able to have control) I have gone over the times I have cheated and there are not all that many. The only times I get sick to my stomach are the times it involves bread or bread like things. Coulld I have an allergy to the yeast in bread and not gluten. I have had the blood test, which stated that I was sensitive to gluten or intolorant one but never been tested as a full blown celiac due to the diet seems to work and there is no meds out there. Any advice?? Angela
  3. Arby's Customer Service At Corporate Hq

    I found the email address for Dr. McCullough: WEMcCullough@Arbys.com
  4. Arby's Customer Service At Corporate Hq

    Stef, I guess his email got deleted from my computer. You might could look him up on their corporate website or if nothing else, give him a call. I really could not believe how nice and understanding he was.
  5. Should the pharmacist know if a medicine has gluten in it. I just got back from a drug store, and I was looking for a cough suppresent as well as picking up my antibiotics. I was finding that many of the cough drops had carmel color or other things that looked fishy. When I asked the pharmacist who looked like she was 2 days out of pharm school, she looked at me like I was an alien and just told me to read the box. I told her that I was reading the box but that I did not have my book with me and short of buying every one then going home and calling every company to see if the added flavors or colors or other words that I couldn't understand had gluten. She told me I had to do what I had to do. IS that normal?
  6. I Need To Vent

    I am so angry right now. It seems like the harder I try to stay gluten-free the more I fail. This afternoon i went and got a salad from Subway and then went and bought salad dressing with ingredients that I could actually read, you know all natural stuff. So I am sitting here eating my yummy salad and right when i am done, I read the ingredients again and there is SOY SAUCE in it. How dumb can I be. I go to all the trouble to tryand eat gluten-free then I fall flat on my face. It is so frustrating. Then the other night (this one is my fault) I cooked a healthy fish dinner with some good veggies while my husband had some crossiants. When he was cleaning and I was feeding the leftover bread to the dogs, I snuck a piece (it could not have even been a quarter of the whole roll) Then of course 30 minutes later I was sick. Maybe I should think of that one as a good thing, because I will never cheat like that again, and if I was that sensitive then maybe it because my body is adjusting to a gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks for reading, I just needed to vent.
  7. This afternoon I went and grabbed a bite to eat at Arby's. Being still relativitiy new to this whole gluten-free diet thing I glanced at their nutrition guide online and saw that the Martha's Vineyard Salad was safe. (needless to say that because I am posting here it was not) It went right through me. Well I look a little closer at the ingredient and allergen infomation and find that allergen 51 the Diced grilled chicken did infact have wheat and soy. (If you look at the particular menu item it has the potential allergen number posted next to it. It is quite helpful) They marked it for having cheese(dairy) and the optional almonds (nuts) but didn't mark the chicken. So I call up Arby's to let them know and spoke with the nicest and most understanding person. He pulled up the menu and said that they would make the correction and said that he would email me an Arby's gluten-free menu. There are not as many items as I would have hoped for of course but it was a huge help. I told him I was going to post my wonderful experience here and he gave me permission to post his contact information for anyone else who might want that menu. I figured that if everyone emailed him that maybe they would realize how many celiacs there are out there and create a couple of items just for us. I am copying a letter I recieved from Dr. McCullough who is the food safety officer at the corporate offices of Arbys. Angela, What a pleasure to talk to you this afternoon. We can all appreciate someone of your bubbly personality. Sorry for the omission of the wheat and soy in the Martha's Vineyard Salad. We will get that corrected on Monday. I have attached a list of the foods we feel are free of gluten (green) and those that contain gluten (red). The list is for Arby's Core Menu items (required ) and might not apply to the items you purchase in the restaurant you visit ( possibly optional). Please remember that the fried items; French fries, appetizers, chicken and fish are fried in the same fryer and the same Corn Oil. This could cause the transfer of wheat protein from one of the battered and breaded items onto other fried menu items. It might be of interest that the New Market Fresh Salads and Wraps are made with gluten containing ingredients. The Diced Grilled Chicken does contain Wheat as a component of the Soy Sauce. The Arby's web site has been updated as of November and lists those products containing the 8 Major Allergens as described by FDA. The ingredient listings contain all components in our Core Menu items and Limited Time Offers. If you have questions, please call me at the number below or e-mail me at the address above. Sincerely, Ernie McCullough, Ph.D. Food Safety / Regulatory Affairs Compliance Officer ARBY
  8. Before I was diagnosed I loved to drink hot tea. My favorite was True Blueberry from Celestial Seasonings. Since being diagnosed I have found myself double and tripple checking ingred. when I saw that this tea had natural flavors i started researching. It wasn't until I started looking for their toll free number that I found written on the bottom of the box the words that I have come to love "Gluten Free"!!! It says it right on the box and this is ordinary tea from an ordinary chain on the regular tea section! just thought i would pass it on..
  9. Taco Bell? Are The Corn Tortillas Safe?

    If I ordered the Nachos supreme and did not get sick afterward does that mean that it was gluten-free? That is what I had for lunch today and it didn't go right through me like other foods that obviously had gluten, like the bean buritto. Just wondering?
  10. Bakeries In The Atlanta Area

    Thanks yall! Where excatly is Life Grocery? Angela
  11. Before I was diagnosed bread was my favorite thing to eat. I have not had any luck at the local groceries and the Harrys Farmers Market only had frozen bread. Can anyone tell me where I can find good bread gluten-free from a bakery? Pref in the Canton/Woodstock area but I will go where ever I have to, to get it!! Thanks guys! Angela gluten-free for 2 whole days now!
  12. Are corn starch/syrup ok? I have noticed that several soft drinks, have these ingredients. Angela
  13. Thanks Mariann, The test are probably right. I have only been gluten-free for 2 days. Ill give it time. Angela
  14. I was diagnosed on Tuesday being positive for celiac disease. They based this on a blood test alone. I have read many of the post and replies and can relate with so many of the stories and have the same symptoms. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with IB and been trying to deal with it and keep it under control. Now they say I have celiac disease, do I need a second opinion? Angela
  15. I am new here also and it is so relieving to hear that I am not alone. I share all of your symptoms. The bloating, the IB diagnoses, the getting sick after you eat 9/10 times. My PCP is the one who caught the celiac disease. She has been treating me for IB, sent me to a gastro specialist who put me on more Rx's. 10 years later I now know the cause. YEA!!! But now am stressing because I have to change my diet and don't even know where to begin. (I got the test results in this morning saying I was positive for celiac disease) Just wanted to let you know you are not alone!! That is something that I am just now figuring out. Good Luck!