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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi there, I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos for 2 years now. Have stummbled accross research lately that links gluten intolorence with Hashimotos. With this evidence I am considering adopting a gluten free diet. I am currious to hear from anyone who has Hashimotos and if going gluten free has improved symptoms? If so, how long did it take you to notice a difference? Can you eat gluten occasionally without symptoms returning, or will I have to stick to a strick gluten-free diet??
  2. So Hungry

    I suffer from INSANE hunger when glutened! The tiniest speck of gluten will throw my off into a food binge fest for 2 days. I can eat the entire refrigerator, times 2, and still feel like I need to eat :/. All I can think of is eating.. Sometimes its so bad I dont even care WHAT kind of food it is or how it tasts, I just need food and it goes in without much chewing. Then I feel terrible, bloated, etc... A few days later this passes and everything is back to "normal". I got glutened yesterday, and today I've been eating NON STOP. My belly is nice and puffed out, and my entire digestive tract feels stuffed with food but I still feel the need to eat! I HATE this so much . If this happens to you, how do you cope? I try so hard sometimes not to eat but its soooooo hard . Do you give in and eat when this happens?? Do anything to control it? Would love to hear your stories!
  3. I know exactally the stomach pain you are talking about. For too long I thought it was all in my head too! I too associated it with hunger and only stuffing myself silly would make it go away for a little while, then it would shortly come back so I would stuff my self some more. Interestingly enough, quitting smoking is what "triggerd" Celiac for me, so many of my symptoms I first associated with nicotine withdrawl (such as increased hunger). Months later, it was not going away so I went to my family doctor where I explained the stomach pains, not ever feeling full, and the fact that I thought it might be something I was eating that was making me sick.. I was told I had an eating disorder and prescribed Zoloft... sigh. Like many people here I self diagnosed myself. I went back to the doc, asked to be tested, he reluctently agreed, and sure enough I did not have an eating disorder! The stomach pains for me are pretty much instant for as well.. even the smallest speck of gluten will throw me into this anoying spiral of not being able to get enough food. Throw out your wooden spoons and buy new pans!
  4. I'm in Kingston!! Your posts are a little old.. but I'm gona have to check this out Do yuo know what restaurant serves Sue's gluten-free pizza?? Thanks!!
  5. Hey guys, So, I am pretty newly diagnosed with Celiac (been gluten-free for about 6 weeks)... and am getting so frustrated with my attempts to stay gluten-free! Dating seems like it is going to be the biggest challenge. i went out on a date last night with a guy.. I told him I had Celiac and we went to a restaurant that had a gluten-free menue (I called ahead of time and asked them about CC, and they assured me they were very careful to have to gluten-free food prepared in a seperate area..). I told the waitress about me being Celiac, and all seemed good. The guy I was out with did have a pasta meal with bread... but nothing came close to my plate! Afterwards we went to get some iced cream.. I asked them there if their iced cream was ok and they assured me the ice cream was gluten-free. Now, I didn't kiss him until after we got home and he brushed his teeth.. but soon after that I got a huge cancer sore on the inside of my lip and today I'm double over in pain and I can't stop eating.. I always want to eat an entire horse, or maybe 2 entire horses when I get glutened!!.. sigh. So I know I put myself in a few "dangerous" situations last night (by eating at a restaurant, eating iced cream and kissing someone who had a ubber gluten meal!!) I'm wondering how you single celiacs handle the dating scene, and for those of you who have partners who eat gluten how you guys handle cc through contact, kissing, etc...
  6. Yes, it is on the hand that is swollen and inflammed.. the blisters have a clear liquid, not pus when popped. I switched all my lotions and such to gluten free products about 4 weeks ago and there has been no change. The only thing I use that is the same is bathroom soap in public washrooms...
  7. I have a ectreemly swollen right pinky finger, and all joints on my right hand seem puffy and inflamed. My middle finger itches like crazy. I do get a rash on my right pinky (it's like clear pus bubbles that form and can be popped). I think I do have DH on my elbows and knee though this rash looks different than the DH.. and since going gluten-free about 5 weeks ago my DH has cleared but not this rash or inflamation on my hand.. I'm wondering if this could be associated with Celiac or if it may be something different?? Anyone else had this problem??
  8. Hey, just wondering if anyone knows if Almay Pure Blends makeup is gluten free? I have powder, blush and eyeshadow.. the ingredients look ok.. anyone used this before or know if it does contain gluten?? Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately health is not always the number one thing on certain food company
  10. How big of an issue is cross contamination in manufacturing plants? Do I have to worry that a seemingly gluten-free food such as rice, honey, jam, nuts, etc.. may have been cross contaminated during production? Does every food that does not say "gluten-free" on the label have to be questioned or can some food be eaten freely if there are no questionable ingredients on the label?
  11. Yes, gluten can hide in your makeup, lip balms, shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, toothpast, dish soap... Some do not worry about products they do not ingest, however I am a firm believer that things you use outside your body have a way of getting in. When you wash your hair some shampoo may drip down to your mouth. Soap residue can be left on your plate. The average woman ingests quite a bit of lipstick per year. All these minute gluten exposures tend to add up quickly. Dove has a policy where they will clearly list ingredients that may contain gluten. By reading their ingredients list you will clearly be able to tell if the product contains gluten. This has gained the trust of many celiacs, including myself! I use many Dove products (Shampoo, Conditioner, deoderant, moisturisers, soaps). Garnier Fructis i hear is another good one for shampoo/conditioners. Burts Bees has many products that are gluten-free, but some are not so read the labels! As for makeup, this one I am finding a little harder.. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear as well! So far I've found that Cover girl has many safe things like foundation and mascara (watch their blush though, second ingredient on the ones I looked at list oats!) Hope this helps!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm still fairly new to this and still have a bajillion questions... I baught rice bars from my grocery store's "gluten free" area. Now, I did not look at the label closely enough because they are labeled "wheat free" not "gluten free".. arg! The ingredients list does list "natural flavor" as the second last ingredient... I emailed the company and asked them if these bars contained gluten.. here is the reply I got: Hello, Erica. Thank you for contacting us with your question. The batch of Krispy Rice Bars that you have is almost gluten free. It just falls shy of the accepted gluten free guidelines. I would think it's safe based on this however would leave it up to you to decide. The batches made after that are labeled gluten free. Thanks! Best regards, Robert Now, I understand that the testing standards are 200 ppm... what exactally does that mean!! I need some help in understanding this. How much gluten is that? If something is labeled "gluten free" and falls below the guildine with 199 and I eat 2 servings does this take me into a danger zone? And how much gluten is 200 ppm.. how much gluten will really cause a reaction??
  13. I have what I think may be DH however it is mainly on the right side of my body (right pinky finger, elbow, knee and buttox.. and I do have a small patch on my left elbow). From what I've read DH is usually symmetrical but can it be a symmetrical?
  14. Is This Dh?

    So, I did a little more research... and all my Celiac symptoms started full force just after I quit smoking. I've read that smoking delays the onset of Celiac symptoms. I guess that might explain the rash when I was a teen and no other symptoms.