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  1. I read a few additional articles on this topic because I am freaking out about the dramatic amount of rice we consume in our gluten-free diet. An article our pediatrician posted recommends rinsing rice before cooking and then cooking it with extra water and then draining off the extra water once it is cooked (cook it like you would make pasta, basically). The article also suggested avoiding rice from the southeastern U.S. because the farm land there contains higher levels of arsenic because of the pesticides that were once used when cotton was being grown there. They suggest rice from California or (even better) from outside the U.S. like India, Thailand etc. I wish there was more definitive information out there. I am the only known Celiac in the house, but my kids eat 100% gluten-free too because they both inherited the genetics for it from me and my husband, which makes them more likely to eventually develop Celiac, although there is no guarantee they ever will. I thought I was doing a good thing by keeping them gluten-free as a precaution, but now I wonder if I am actually doing damage because of all the rice they consume. There is really no obvious answer to my quandary, at least at this time.
  2. I posted the original comment about my Dad. I just wanted to update this in case anyone ever experiences vomiting, nausea and similar symptoms and comes across this post....if you do, get it checked out. My Dad was just diagnosed with small intestine cancer. Risk factor #1 for this cancer: Celiac Disease. I assume this means undiagnosed Celiac, but it would probably also apply if you are diagnosed but don't go to great lengths to avoid even small amounts of gluten (like avoiding fries from contaminated fryers or not asking enough questions at restaurants about the ingredients AND where your food items will be prepared and cooked, for example was your fish just sauteed in the same pan that was just used to saute a breaded item etc.) Small intestine cancer is pretty rare, but Celiacs and people with Crohns are at an increased risk. We live in a medium sized city with lots of good hospitals and doctors, but my Dad wasn't diagnosed for a month and he traveled to the Cleveland Clinic to get that diagnosis. Just a reminder that we need to take Celiac and our symptoms very seriously.
  3. My Dad, who has Celiac, has been having a very rough 5 weeks. Every 2-4 days or so, he has terrible vomiting spells. He had been having stomach pain/cramping (right below the belly button) for awhile before the vomiting incidents began. He was hospitalized for 5 days and they ran a bunch of tests. Doctors think it could be a partial blockage in the small intestine or an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. These are guesses, as they haven't found anything specific. They are probably going to do more testing this week to try and get further into the small intestine to take a look. The doctors don't seem to think this has anything to do with Celiac Disease. Because Celiac impacts the small intestine, it seems to me like there really could be a connection. Now to give you a little background, my Dad & I were both diagnosed with Celiac in 2004. I follow a strict gluten-free diet. My Dad thinks he does too, but he really doesn't and I pester him about it sometimes, but he won't change. He eats out a couple times a week and doesn't ask enough questions of the servers or chef. For example, if it says "rice" on the menu he doesn't ask if it is some kind of pre-packaged seasoned rice blend (which could easily have gluten) or if it is plain old rice. He also eats fries from the same fryer as battered food, something I never do. My theory is that he may not ever have fully healed in his gut because he is on an "almost gluten-free diet" and that has led to continued damage in his intestines. But, I'm not a doctor. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone ever had any further small intestine issues even after going gluten free? Any other insight is appreciated!
  4. My son's preschool wants me to provide a list of mainstream snacks that are gluten free. Can anyone throw out a few items that they might be serving at a preschool for snacks that are gluten-free? I'm providing him some gluten-free crackers and other things but for some reason I am at a loss as to how to start this list besides putting down "some tortilla corn chips and potato chips" (neither of which I imagine they will be serving very often). Thanks!
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. My 2.5 year old has never had gluten. I have Celiac, as does my father. I worry about the non-typical symptoms of Celiac (including cognitive development issues) that don't obviously point to Celiac, so we have been overly cautious and have never given my son gluten. We did the genetic test and he received the Celiac genes from both me and my husband, which makes him much more likely to develop Celiac. Although, he still might never actually develop it, even with this strong genetic predisposition. I feel like I need to give my son gluten at some point to see what happens. He's starting preschool soon and I feel like it would be kind of silly to send special snacks to school and make a big fuss over him being gluten-free, if he's never even had the chance to actually develop the disease. But I still worry that it will cause some major, irreversible change in him. Anyone ever been in this situation or have any advice on what I should do? I am thinking of calling a specialist to see if they will give me advice over the phone. Perhaps if I start him on gluten, I will keep a journal of any physical or behavioral changes and after a certain period of time have him do the blood screening test. Thanks!!
  7. What's the best brand of gluten-free cake mix you have found? I want to make a cake for my son's 2nd b.day. No chocolate or nuts please. Thanks!
  8. Just a random thought...maybe he's having more bowel movements because he's eating more. My (gluten-free) son is almost 2 and he has BMs sometimes 4 times a day and sometimes not too solid, though it's not loose. Doctor said that's normal. Maybe your son's system is just regulating itself to the increase in food while it is still recovering from damage. It does take awhile for the intestines to heal.
  9. After researching and finding no official guidelines on this topic, I can tell you what I decided to do personally for my son. He's almost 2 now and hasn't had any gluten. We did a genetic test (thru enterolab) and my husband and I both passed on genes that make him more susceptible than the average person (or a person with only one predisposing gene) to developing Celiac or gluten intolerance (I'm a Celiac, hubby isn't). Because I worry so much about stunted growth or cognitive development if I give him gluten and he has Celiac, I decided to wait until he is closer to 3 to give it to him. I;m hoping at that age he will more likely be able to tell me if his stomach hurts etc. There's not much rhyme or reason to my plan, but that's what I decided to do.
  10. I'd like to hear stories of people who experienced persistent symptoms but were either misdiagnosed or their doctor insisted the problems were all in your head. Specifically, I would like to hear stories from individuals who took a very active role in getting their own diagnosis of Celiac (or any other disease, really). I have Celiac disease but my story isn't particularly dramatic. I was told I had IBS for years until I insisted my doctor test for Celiac after my dad was diagnosed. Please share your stories. I'm looking for people to talk to for a project I'm working on. (Don't worry, I won't use your story unless I've communicated directly with you.) Thanks!
  11. I want to make a pie, which I haven't done since going gluten free. What are the best pre-made pie crusts you've found and where can I buy one? Or, does anyone have an easy recipe for a good pie crust? Thanks!!
  12. I'm looking for good dessert recipes that are gluten-free, milk-free and egg-free (or recipes with butter and eggs where I could use dairy-free margarine and egg replacer instead). We have two celiacs, an egg allergy and dairy allergy in my family and I'm trying to make something that everyone can eat. Thanks!
  13. I'm due to give birth any day (hopefully soon, as I'm 8 days overdue!). Can anyone tell me what I should look out for in terms of any drugs or anything they might give me in the hospital during labor and delivery that might not be gluten free? I will tell all the nurses when I arrive that I have celiac and it's in my chart, but I wonder if anyone has any info. on common L&D meds that they know aren't gluten-free. Thanks, Anya
  14. Pf Changs

    I've had a couple of bad experiences and several good experiences at PF Changs with the menu items that require the gluten-free sauce instead of regular sauce, so I've decided to stick with items that are gluten-free pretty much as prepared. If you compare the gluten-free menu and the regular menu you can see which items are naturally gluten free. I usually get the Oriental Chicken Salad (without wontons), which is excellent.
  15. I agree with previous posters. I'm due any day now. My OBs know of Celiac, but they are by no means experts and I bet it would be really, really difficult to find an OB that has more than just general knowledge of it. As long as you are well educated as to what you can and can't eat and you remain on the strict gluten free diet, you'll have no problem. I would just recommend that you be particularly careful when eating out. I didn't eat out until I was probably 5 mos. pregnant just because I was worried about cross contamination. Since then, we've been out quite a bit, but I mostly stick to restaurants that I know have been safe for me in the past and I'm very picky with what I order. Anya