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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of or used www.testyourintoleranceusa.com for gluten and food intolerance testing? I really like their price compared to (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned); however, I don't know their reliability.
  2. Wedding Etiquette?

    Thanks for the responses!!! Have a great night...signing off.
  3. I will be attending a wedding in a few weeks and I know the restaurant where the reception is being held does gluten free catering; would it be tacky to call the reception hall to ask if they would make a gluten free substitution for my daughter and myself? The bride has a lot going on and I don
  4. Does anyone know of any financial assistance programs to assist with the purchase of gluten free foods? I am exteremly sensative to gluten and I know it runs in families...I have an aunt who I think really needs to be gluten free, but she won't even go see a doctor becuase she says she can't afford the food (she is on disability and receives food stamps). I'm lucky enough to have the ability to spend the extra money to feel better; however, she dosn't have that ability on a fixed SSI income. It seems like she should be able to get help, but I'm not sure where to start looking.
  5. Dreaming is good; however, excessive dreaming and/or crazy dreams might mean you are in rem rebound...meaning you were deprived for rem and are now getting too much, which can make you feel tired in the morning. I've heard of this happening while people are detoxing from gluten.
  6. I can't eat anything from Amy's due to cc. I spoke to the dietitian at a recent gluten free gala and she said a lot of people can't eat Amy's.
  7. The last time I had blue bunny (it was plain vanilla) I had a DH flare-up and I am extremely sensitive to cc, so I would guess that might be the case for you. I've found that I have to stay away from many of the ice cream brands due to cc. Good Luck!
  8. Do you ever take communion at church? I know this has been a problem for some people. They touch the communion wafer, then touch their child's hands, then the hands of the child go into the mouth of the child. I have been gluten free (other than the occasional contamination) for about a year and at this time my 22 month old is not and there have been a few times (back when we used to give her cheerios) that she glutened me by touching my mouth. We are still allowing her to eat gluten (not as much as the average child) even thought we know it is causing problems because the doctor won't do the blood test until she is two. The pediatrician said the results are often elevated before the age of two and can give a false positive. I'm not a big fan of the waiting game especially when it comes to the health of my child; however, I want a diag. for her so she can have some protection once she gets to school. Personally I know how bad cross contamination can affect the body. The slightest touch of the plate by someone who hasn't washed their hands can lead me on a 4 day back slid. At any rate, good luck with the search for the contamination.
  9. I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I had one baby pre-gluten free and I am now pregnant with the second. It was much easier for me to get pregnant the first time...very easy...my husband and I had only been married for 7 days when I got prego. The second took 3 months and I was just shy of 1 year gluten free. It turned out that my body changed a lot in two years. Apparently eating gluten and my first pregnancy took a toil on my body because now my progesterone is low. I found out about the low progesterone only due to the fact that my husband and I use NFP (natural family planning), which requires us to chart observations daily. If they took my progesterone levels on the normal lab day (15 days post ovulation) my levels appeared to be fine; however, when they checked my levels 5 days post peek day (the estimated ovulation day per NFP observations) my levels were almost non-existent...a very important time to have progesterone in order to have a viable pregnancy. Also, my period started 10 or 11 days post peek day, which is a good sign there is something wrong. After a couple months of non-viability I had one stick...even though, if you look at the labs there should be no way on earth it stuck. We started progesterone therapy 11 days post peek day and have been prego ever since...I am now 23 weeks and still taking progesterone therapy. My husband and I realized that God had a plan and when He has a plan it doesn't matter what the doctors say. The doctor even commented at a recent OB appt, under her breath, "wow, the progesterone level was soooo low." Other than low progesterone and having gestational diabetes (again) this pregnancy has been much better than my first...I would pick a gluten free pregnancy with its problems over a gluten filled pregnancy any day! I too miss Pizza Hut and prego cravings for gluten suck, but I am proud to say that I have not given in...and will not. I recently had a sugar dream (dang that low blood sugar in the middle of the night) in which I gave into eating a gluten filled cupcake because I was craving sugar so bad. I'm very happy that I didn't give into that craving in real life beucase I don't want to know what that would have done to my pregnancy. My prayers go out to you and your husband. If you want to check out the natural fertility the method we use (NFP) here is a link to their site: http://www.creightonmodel.com/. They have teachers all over the world. Take Care and God Bless!
  10. Vulvodynia Anyone?

    I posted this article awhile ago, but I thought it was worth posting again as it is related to this topic (see below). I tried the low-oxalate diet with some success; however, after reading this article it make me think about when I had a lot of flair ups and they were almost always gluten related...I always thought it was because I cheated and ate something high-oxalate (i.e. campbells tomato soup). Today, I can eat gluten free tomato soup without a vulvo flare-up...for me the gluten was the problem not the tomato. If only I had learned this 10-15 years ago...I could have avoided all those ob/gyn appts. I have not had a flare-up in months and the only time I have any problems is when I eat something that should have been gluten free and wasn
  11. Thanks everyone...I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone. I read that oats were okay as long as they weren't cross-contaminated...guess I learned something new.
  12. I was told that malt is never okay and I know when I used to have malts I would get really sick.
  13. It was the gluten free version...all it contains is: Certified Gluten Free Oats, Wildflower Honey and Canola Oil.
  14. Has anyone had a reaction to Udi's granola? I tried the all natural granola last night and I had a really bad reaction. I got a gut ache and skin irritation within a few minutes of eating it. I don't plan to try it again; however, I was wondering if anyone else has had a reaction. I eat Udi's bread and bagels all the time without any problems, so I was a little surprised when I had problems with the granola.
  15. No rhogam needed...thankfully that was one problem I didn't have do deal with. Thanks for all your input...I love how just as I think I get my body figured out I discover something new!