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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I appreciate the replies. I know that DH, or gluten rash is common but I didn't think about how I was getting sick so frequently until I thought about the fact that it's as direct and entry into the system as the mouth. I think we're all on a learning curve, including the doctors. From now on I will be keeping gloves to handle anything in the bathroom and kitchen, AND I will check with the manufacturer on any medication prescribed. She still thinks that it will be listed in the PDR if it has gluten or that the pharmacist will be able to tell me. I will always have my meds compounded from now on too. Livin' and learnin'!! Thanks again!!
  2. Just curious about this topic: I have DH on my hands and there are often open sores. Can gluten enter into the system that way?
  3. I'm needing to know if a single pill prescribed by a doctor can cause a reaction if it has gluten in it? I can't find any brand that is gluten-free and my doctor 'doesn't believe' compounding is needed. Thank you.
  4. It's not uncommon for celiac to come as a package deal. SCD diet is a good choice and so is GAPS. Both have online summaries that you can view. I had the same experience of the gluten-free not working after a time and other issues surfacing. Don't give up. www.gapsdiet.com and www.pecanbread.com or www.breakingtheviciouscycle.com. Take care
  5. Green Poop

    No, it's actually severe constipation.
  6. Green Poop

    My complete diet for the last weeks is listed on my original post. That's why I was stumped.
  7. I sound like everyone else here with a garden variety of illnesses on top of illnesses too depressing to put in print. I have been doing the GAPS diet for almost 3 months and very slowly starting to make a bit of progress. I was told to think in terms of years, not months and it's proving to be true. The diet addresses many illnesses and it's aim is to heal the gut. While it's doing that, most other ailments begin to improve. It explains the gut/brain connection to the entire body. It's called GAPS for two reasons, for those of us who fall through the gaps and the title is actually the Gut and Psychology Syndrome written originally as a diet for those who were not able to do the SCD diet, which was based on the work of Dr. Haas who found the original 'cure' for celiac. It's the only thing that's made sense and takes some time to really absorb the content but well worth the read. There's a website: www.gapsdiet.com. I also found a site that has menu-planning for GAPS. www.heartofcooking.com. I went to the doctor today and learned that my bloodwork has improved in every respect. My blood pressure was down for the first time since January to 124/72!! It's not all wonderful, believe me. I haven't been able to leave the house without an escort since July but I can now see that it can happen one day. Keep looking for answers and don't give up. It's basically a 2+ year plan and take dedication but for some of us, what ARE our options??? I wish you well.
  8. Nasty subject.....sorry. Right now because of other digestive disorders on top of the celiac, I have been on GAPS diet for 11 weeks. I haven't been able to digest carbs other than carrot and garlic juices, but can eat chicken, lamb the broth and oils like nuts, cod liver oil, etc... Am on my first week of a little kraut juice, about 4 tsp. throughout the day. The last 3 days my poop has turned bright green and I was wondering if this was a good thing or not. Hate running to the doctor for every little thing. Thanks!!
  9. When I read all that you've written, it sounds amazingly like myself only you're 16 months ahead of me in the SCD experience. I am inspired to keep trying. Love to talk with you sometime. Ann