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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced reactions to high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners (asparatame, etc). After going gluten-free six months ago, I can't seem to do either without getting incredible bloating and gas. Before going gluten-free, I had no problems with either. I seem to be okay with regular sugar though. Thanks!!! tom
  2. Just wanted to add, I recommend that you work with your doctor on this issue. I worked quite closely with mine, as well as with a nutritionist.
  3. Hey Mkat, I had a similar problem, although my issues were frequent, solid BMs. Sometimes I would go 4-6 times in a day, one right after another. I lived on Immodium (2-3 a day), and started taking Bentyl in addition when the Imodium stopped working. I'm five and a half months into the gluten-free, dairy-free diet and not on immodium or bentyl anymore. It was tough in the beginning, especially when I was trying to wean myself off the immodium (on it for 9 years) or bentyl (on it for only about 6 months). My GI system is much better behaved, but I still have occasional problems. For me, I got better with the gluten-free diet, but it took me a good 4 months before I saw much progress. I am Celiac panel/biopsy negative, but IGG highly reactive to wheat. Good luck! Tom
  4. Hi all, I've gotten some great advice from this board, and am hoping someone might be able to assist with some ongoing issues I have. I was diagnosed with celiac 5 months ago, and immediately went on the diet. Early on I also discovered intolerances to dairy, soy, peanut butter, and high fatty foods, which I scrupulously avoid. My 5+ loose BMs a day have resolved into just one BM over time, but I still have one on-going symptom: gas pressure. I do not eat any processed foods, and everything is completely natural (meat, veggies, rice/quinoa, etc). In sum, I'm fine in the morning until lunch, when the gas pressure (but no bloating) starts, about 30 minutes after I eat. The pressure is 2-4 inches below my belly button-- I think in my small intestine area. This gas pressure mostly stays in this area, although I am able to pass some of it, in time, as flatulence. The gas pressure builds up all day, and becomes quite uncomfortable at night. It disappears about an hour before i have to go the bathroom in the morning. I noticed the the largest increase in gas pressure at month 4 when my transit time increased from 4-8 hours to 12-24 hours, and I started to go to the bathroom just once a day. I have no idea what is causing the gas pressure. All I can think is that my system is still healing and this will take some more time to work itself out? I don't think that its another food intolerance as I have tried an elimination diet, and the gas was still present. It also always follows the same schedule, regardless of what I eat. Anyone experience this? Any advice? Thanks! tom
  5. Hi all, I had a couple quick questions regarding Imodium. I lived on Imodium for the past 10 years (2-4 daily) to help slow my gastrointestinal transit time and to help with the dreaded D. I'm 2 months into a gluten free diet (diagnosed with celiac disease 2 months ago), and have seen substantial improvement. I find that I still need the Imodium though to help slow down transit times (which are getting better every week-- but still not 100% back). I believe that the Imodium may be the source of one of my most persistent, common symptoms that I now daily experience: a painful tightness/discomfort in my rectal area. (I've heard that Imodium works in part by tightening the rectal/anal muscles, so I'm not surprised by my symptoms). I've tried going off the Imodium but have been unable to do so. (I think my body is just used to it, having been on it for 10+ years). When off Imodium or when I am reacting to some food, and having a lot of associated BMs, the discomfort is substantially less. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar sensation in their rectal area. Has anyone else lalso had a hard time getting off Imodium, and if so, did you find any particular way to help the transition? Thanks! Tom
  6. Thanks very much!!!!
  7. Hi all, I'm very new to this, and sincerely apologize if I've posted in the wrong space. Sorry also for the grossness of this post. I'm newly diagnosed within the past 75 days, gluten free for 60 days, and did really well in the beginning. Not great-- but went from D every day to more structured and regular BMs (still need 2 Imodium each night though), and had a number of other symptoms get better (hair regrowth, stomach rumbling disappeared, etc). My question relates to other food reactions. My main complaints are excessive BMs (especially when I eat something that doesn't agree with me) as well as a gas-like/full feeling in my lower GI system. It seems from reviewing these boards that people do complain of other reactions. I've learned that I can't tolerate sugar, dairy, and yeast real well. I also seem to have problems with soy. I have an appointment with a nutritionist and my MD in the near future, but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced other food intolerances after beginning a gluten-free diet? Any advice? For me, it seems like every day is a new digestive adventure..... Thanks!!