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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Motivated By Competition

    LOL! Thank you! And YAY for weight training! Noura-it's definitely an individual thing with the vinegar-for some people it helps a lot, others it makes worse. Glad you are feeling better though!
  2. Motivated By Competition

    Hey Noura! Thanks-yup, that's me. I train with weights 4x/week for about 45 minutes, and cardio for intervals 3-4x week 20 minutes or so. My eats are clean. Training with weights is key for me, as far as body composition. I think eating like an athlete is totally maintainable long term, it all depends on exactly how it's structured. Restrictive eating in any form can lead to rebound and binging in the long term. Re: the sugar-it seems to be a bit of a "habit" for sure-physiologically and psychologically. Berries are awesome-high nutrition, fiber, and lower in calories. Kind of off-but have you tried incorporating apple cider vinegar into your foods to try to help with the GERD? Keep kicking booty everyone!
  3. Kettle Cuisine Soups

    I have had both the chicken and beef chilis and thought they were awesome-very flavorful.
  4. Whey Protein Shake

    Have you tried the gemma protein powder? It's pea protein, and is a bit thicker (quite a bit) in consistency than the rice. I totally understand-I've mixed protein powder in my oats many times-I like to also do a protein "pancake" with egg white, gluten-free oats, flax seed and berries. (Off topic though-sorry!) I have to admit that I haven't tried them as a "shake"-but I use Egg Whites International pasteurized egg whites, and they advertise that you can drink the whites with any flavoring you choose-just as another option.
  5. Try to head toward naturally gluten free snacks-fruit, nuts, veggies, string cheese if you can do dairy. Food that is naturally gluten free tends to be less expensive.
  6. Whey Protein Shake

    This. Call or email the manufacturer, inquire about the gluten free status and ask if they could send a sample. Many will. Also, True Protein offers sample packs of their various flavors, you can choose which 5 or 10 flavors you want to try.
  7. Protien Shakes?

    Jillian is spot on. Chocolate milk works as well if you can keep it cold, protein powder is convenient and temperature stable. Weight training athletes need higher protein intake for support of current and synthesis of new lean tissue.
  8. Peptide Bonded Glutamine

    L-glutamine is a gluten free ingredient. Glutamine peptides can be, and usually are, sourced from wheat. And yes, they should be listed on the label as such, but I would always check with the manufacturer. BSN for example only recently started listing allergens, so if you have an older container it may not be listed.
  9. Motivated By Competition

    So awesome that you guys are doing this. Social support and accountability is a huge part of success! Keep it up
  10. Help, I'm Withering Away!

    First perhaps recheck with your doctor to see if there is another reason (besides just time to heal the gut) why you're not absorbing. That's the main thing. In the meanwhile, yes, eat more. You are correct-if you're losing weight, 1800 calories isn't meeting your maintenance needs. Consider adding a rice or hemp protein powder/shake into your diet-liquid calories are a bit easier to consume. You can mix with almond or coconut milk to add more calories. Nut butter out the wazoo, and Tiffany's suggestions were spot on. Even make a "rice pudding" of sorts with rice and coconut milk to snack on-grab a spoonful every time you pass the fridge.
  11. Losing Muscle Mass

    I would suggest you first follow up with your doc to get tested for any other food intolerances, parasites, and also to have some levels checked-ferritin, Vit D, B vitamins, and your regular blood panel, and hormone levels as Ken stated. You may also want to meet with a nutritionist if you have deficiencies. Aside from that, the weight training and adequate protein intake are crucial for maintaining muscle mass. Perhaps track your protein intake in grams for a few days to see where you're at-optimal would be about 1-1.5 g/lb of protein.
  12. Hello My Name Is Kim

    Good stuff here! Kimis, you may want to start by tracking exactly what you are eating now, using a calculator like calorie king, fitday, or sparkpeople. Track everything that you put in your mouth, no exceptions, no "eating good" because you're tracking, for a few days. This way you can see exactly where you are at. Most often people are taking in far more calories than they realize, and a few tweaks can help immensely. Healthy eating and living has to be a lifestyle decision, or it ends up being a yo-yo. Best wishes!
  13. Gaining Weight

    Hi Evi, Missy'smom gave some good advice. I completely agree on avoiding many of the processed gluten free foods. Try to focus on naturally gluten free foods like meats, cheeses (if you can do dairy), yogurt, (greek yogurt is awesome-thick and high in protein), fruits/veggies, nuts and nut butters, rices, potato, sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat, there's a ton of great food that we CAN eat Try to keep some snacks on hand-nuts are a great source of healthy fat and calories and you can keep a ziploc bag in your purse or car. If you do carry a small cooler you can keep chicken or beef, cottage cheese, eggs etc. Have a few snacks between meals, with a protein source at each one. Get something in every couple hours, even if it's small. For a while you may also still be having difficulty with absorption until your gut heals as well. Take care!
  14. Pre And Post-game Meals?

    Definitely good advice here and sounds like you on are on the right track. The iron/anemia issue could be contributing to your fatigue, esp. around your period. Out of curiosity when you see your doc to recheck your iron levels, consider asking for a Vitamin D level as well. Your pre-post snacks sound good-you may just need more overall calories due to your high activity level. Getting in more healthy fats will aid in that. Has your weight/clothing fit been staying stable or have you noticed you are losing weight?
  15. Help Please!

    YES! Wow. Scary that he thought a colonoscopy was for celiac. I completely understand not wanting to eat gluten. I wouldn't either.