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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Still Need Help For My Trip To France

    almost forgot check this site out www.afdiag.org there is a page you can print out at take to restaurants etc, it has two columns Autorises (allowed) and interdits (forbidden). this may be useful also
  2. Still Need Help For My Trip To France

    Hi, when are you going? or have you been? Generally in France its pretty easy. if you stick restaurants that are not 'chains' they will usually make everything onsite. You can ask if suases have Gluten, or wheat (Ble) or flour(farine). It helps to at least try and speak French as you will get a much better reaction. Its a Frenc thing, if you speak English right away they will close up on you. If you try and speak some French they will be as friendly as they can generally help you out. Well thats my experience. Most of the major Hypermarche will stock some gltuen free stuff. I find Scharr to be the best. Stear clear of 'industriel' stuff, or mass produced processed crap and you should be ok. Its quite easy to eat gluten free here. You obviosly dont get al lthe choice but when do we? Hope this helps a little
  3. Hi, I am confused about the Tuna thing. In Europe we have cans of tuna that contain tuna, water and salt (Brine). Should I be concerned that they have soy in? and would that soy have gluten in? Also, so if flavours are soy derived they are a no no????
  4. Hi All I have a question mainly about the swollen glands thing. i am currently undiagnosed, but pretty sure I am celiac. My mum was diagnosed about 15 years ago, she had classic symptoms. I have been diagnosed with IBS and other stress related intestinal issues for years now, also depression and nothing seemed to help. Over the last 6 months I have been having more and more servere symptoms, to the point that 20 mins after eating lunch I was having trouble staying awake and certainly coudnt get alot of work done. I began to cut lunch out and found i was better. At the same time I started getting a tingling strange sensation in my toungue at the back and swollen glands at the back of my throat a jaw line and a rash or reaction has appeared on my lower legs. This twinned with the headache, fatigue and general feeling being wiped out made me not want to eat. I chatted to my mum and she suggested I go gluten free for while. I have done this for about a month now and have seen a real improvement, I am much more on form more energy and the symptoms are almost gone. What I notice now is that if I consume gluten (in error, usually disguised or not indicated) My tongue and glands react right away (15 mins), the fatigue hits and all i want to do is sleep it off. It is like having a gluten detector, even tiny amounts can trigger it. Anyway my quesiton i supppose is, is this normal for a celiac or at least known? I am in the process of arranging a test, but in the UK it is not so simple. I beleive i have to eat gluten for week before the test? this fills me with dread I have to say. I want to find out if I am indeed Celiac but really dont want to week of the symptoms again. Does anyone know what I am going on about?