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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. RAndom and different every time. Sometimes it's just stabbing pain in the intestinal area. Sometimes D and vomitting. Sometimes just horrible gas pains, or brain fog or depression. I got glutened 2 weeks ago and it's only been better the last few days. This was the worst ever in two years, and it was from cc. Oyy
  2. Azteca

    I go to Azteca every once in a while. Here in the OC, the food is quite good. I haven't gotten glutened, nor has my son. Enjoy!
  3. Unfortunately, intolerance testing is sketchy. Most of us figured it out the old fashioned way: a very strict elimination diet. I know it's tough to stay away from dairy, but you just have to be very, very diligent. Best way to start is free of the top 8 allergens: dairy, shellfish, soy, gluten, peanuts, and I can't remember the rest! Sorry about that. No processed food. Meats, fruits, veggies. Nightshades are a problem for lots of celiacs, and were for me for a while. The good news is that most intolerances go away. It's temporary while the villi fully heal. Hope that helps!
  4. Glutened Recovery Time

    I had a bad glutening 2 weeks ago. It was a solid 9 days until I felt human again I did not intentionally eat gluten, it was likely CC, but MAN was it bad. Whew! For future reference, LGlutamine seems to work to eliminate issues. My little boy sometimes cannot resist tempatation. We were at a party and he wolfed down 5 gluteny cupcakes when I wasn't watching. Fortunately, several of my gluten free girls were there, too and saw him. I gave him 5 capsules and he had no issues. He usually barfs, then spends the next 3 days in the bathroom. Haven't tried it on myself yet, but definitely will next time!
  5. I think you should do whatever YOU want to do, what makes you happy. I am one who always said I would grow old gracefully. My Mom (cherokee) and all my siblings went gray in their teens. My Dad, not til 50's. At 44, I thought I still had a few more years, but no, I have gray and do not want to live with it. My BF is 55. He was laid off during the Great Recession and thought about dying his hair for the same reasons. He thought it would give him an edge, and appear younger. I told him I LOVE his gray hair and didn't want him to change it. So he kept it gray and managed to survive and compete against the younger crowd. If you like the gray, go with it! If you are confident in yourself, it will show to others more than what color your hair is. Me, I think I will feel more confident NOT being gray. At least til I am 50 A woman I know dyed her hair red for years. She recently let it go silver, and she is stunning. It looks so much better than the red and she looks younger!
  6. Disneyland is the best! There are tons of places to eat safely. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza pasta, and my personal favorite: asparagus and bacon on a stick at Bengal BBQ. Check in at City Hall, get the list and have fun. No advance calls required!
  7. Night Sweats?

    I used to have terrible night sweats and hot flashes during the day. Since I went gluten free, it's never happened again Thank God because it was awful. My routine was wake up soaked, get up change my jammies, change the sheets, back to sleep, up again, take off jammies and sheets, then sleep in tshirt on towels. Sure am glad that business stopped!
  8. 7 months. But it still gurgles like crazy if I eat grains. I learned even gluten free grains are not my friend. My BF used to get worried because my stomach made so much noise All is quiet now
  9. I am not sure what caused mine, but I suspect it was celiac. I suffered with this for about a year. Once I went gluten free, it stopped. All the tests were always normal, except for the upper GI test where you swallow barium. My doc (a GI) couldn't explain it, but then again, he couldn't figure out I had Celiac either I hope you can get it resolved quickly.
  10. Is she eating school lunches? If so, that is likely the problem. IMHO, there's no way a school cafeteria can be free from CC. Pack a lunch for her and I bet you will see great improvement. The risk is too big. My son has been packing a lunch from the very first day. I know I sometimes take chances eating out in restaurants (because you never know), but I just wont put my son's health in the hands of a school cafeteria worker.
  11. Lupus?

    I was sadly diagnosed with lupus (wrongly) for over 10 years and took some really nasty drugs. When we finally figured out it was celiac, all my symptoms (most same as yours) they all went away. So, don't assume you have lupus. I was under the care of a very good rheumy for 9 years. And I didn't have lupus. Is it possible that you are still being exposed to gluten, or cross contamination? Have you checked all your beauty products, household cleaners, etc? I was so lucky that all my symptoms went away with the total elimination of gluten. Good luck to you and for sure, get yourself to a good rheumy.
  12. I have a different opinion. I was diagnosed in 2008. Then the lights went on and I realized my son probably has it too. I had his blood tested and he was positive. I had to tell my Ped what to test, since she did not know. She could not interpret the results, I did. Then she said, well, I guess he has it (all his labs were positive.) I've never had a doctor's note or anything "proving" he has Celiac. He was 9 at diagnosis. I gave him the option of biopsy or trying the diet. He chose the diet and the results were amazing. I set up a parent teacher conference with his teacher. I brought with me a bag of snacks and candies that are gluten free. Then I asked to have him notify me of special events that would involve cookies, pizza, etc. and I provide something special for him. He got a pizza delivered from Zpizza at school once and thought he was the king of the world. We've not had a single issue at school. Now for the advice that some might consider hard. He's five, and he lives in a benevolent dicatatorship and will eat what you give him. It's not like he can go out for a burger with his buddies, he is only 5. He'll get used to it, and once he sees how much better he feels, he won't resent it so much. If my son was not willing to do the diet, he didn't have to eat the food I gave him. He would have eventually gotten hungry though Hope that didn't sound too harsh, but just let him know you're in charge and eventually he'll eat. Stick with naturally gluten free things and he will come around.
  13. Wow, maybe I should just get drunk I have some red wine I've been meaning to open. I will try that, the yoga and the peppermint. Thanks so much guys. I went to Zumba this morning thinking I could shake it out. Unfortunately it did not work Gosh I love this place. If all else fails, I will try searing it out with neat scotch! Many thanks!!
  14. Before I was diagnosed at age 42, I had awful, awful hot flashes. My doc wanted to put me on estrogen. I read the warning labels and decided against it. Then I found out I have Celiac, went gluten free and never had another hot flash. I don't think I am menopausal, but was having the flashes because of gluten. Now I am 44 and still nice and cool. So, I supposed it is reasonable to think it could happen, if you're not full on into menopause. I've read that lots of Celiac women go into early menopause if they still eat gluten. Couldn't hurt to try, right?
  15. Hey All, I had a bad glutening on Tuesday For the past two days, I've had terrible gas pain and pressure that migrates from the intestinal area all the way up to the top of my chest. I've tried alka seltzer, max daily dose of GAS X max strength and it's still hanging on. I'd almost forgotten how painful it is. It happened all the time before I went gluten free. This is the first time in nearly two years and I am dyin here Anyone have any fixes? TIA Janie