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  1. thank you for your response. I am lucky, my Dr. called me this afternoon and agrees that I should try a Gluten free diet. She is pro-active and I am really happy with the care that I am getting. I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. i think you are correct about the Rheumatologist-I do have a follow-up with him after the 8 weeks of vitamin D is finished. I am hoping this diet will change how I feel!!
  2. I think it was IGA?? the # was 25, I was told that 20 - 30 is considered a weak positive. spoke with the Dr. this afternoon, and she did say that she repeated the test, I will have all the blood work results later in the week. Thank you!
  3. I thank all of the people on this web site for getting me through days of anticipation. I have been reading about this for days. I am leaving soon for an endoscopy. I am so nervous. I really hope that this is the answer to all of the "issues" that I have lived with for over 20 years! I read these posts and relate to so many of you! My story: Colitis diagnosis after the birth of my son, 21 years ago. needless to say, many bowel problems, all that have been described on this site. Low Thyroid. Hair loss. Osteopenia. Just recently, went to a rheumatologist for what I thought was arthritis, swelling in my wrist, pain and swelling in my thumb joints, back pain, pain all over. He took blood, the results showing a vitamin D deficiency. He then sent me for more blood work, suspecting Celiacs. Imagine my shock when the results came back as weak positive, no arthritis. That brings me to today. I have made the decision to try a gluten free diet regardless of the biopsy results. I am writing because of the confusion. the rheumatologist said that a positive is a positive, The gastro that I was referred to , who took more blood for genetic testing etc. said not necessarily. I am so confused. Have you all had this type of mixed messaging from Doctors? I have been given a referral for a nutritionist as well. Help!! I am not sure what to think, but know that I have to be patient. Does anyone understand what a weak positive means??? Thank you for reading this and look forward to your responses....