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  1. Sorry, can't help you much with an on-line Asian market, maybe someone else might chime in. Are you in a rural area in Montana? Here's the only reason I ask: A poster on another Celiac board lives in a rural area in southern New Mexico (my state). She says there's a rural Co-Op market in the area where she finds all kinds of flours (gluten-free) in bulk. Don't know if this will help, just passing it along.
  2. Another place to look for Kefir (pre-made, the milk version) is at Asian food markets. My wife (native of Russia) grew up on the stuff and finds it imported/stocked at the local Asian market. For those beginning to do their own cooking, asian markets are also a great place to find those "unique" flours such as tapioca, potato, rice, etc. They are in larger quantities and MUCH cheaper than those little packages found at HF stores.
  3. Good to know, that's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the info!
  4. Newbie question here. Are the antigliadins which are released to combat gluten (which the gut "thinks" is a toxin) specific ONLY to gluten? I see so many people getting "glutened" from time to time, wondering what they may have eaten. It makes me wonder if they didn't actually ingest gluten, but a "real" toxin which caused the autoimmune response. (I'm no scientist, but perhaps cheese with mold, chemical residue from detergents left on utensils, etc.) Thanks for your input.