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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Excellent gluten-free Pancake Recipe?

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in a recipe, not a mix. I was just wondering if there's any recipes that were especially yummy that anyone here has created or tested. I like Pamela's too, but we're feeding a lot of people, so that's not an option ... too expensive. I've made some myself, but haven't found anything that's really blown me away, though the tapioca and rice flour mix seem to work well ... just not so sure about my proportions ... Anyways, thanks again for any help. I appreciate it.
  2. Hi, we're having a pancake breakfast fund-raiser for an event and would like to offer gluten free pancakes, as many folks we know are gluten intolerant. We'd like to cut down on our costs, ie, we are a non-profit and we'll buy things in bulk (almond flour may be expensive, though we already have some other ingredients already, like xanthan gum). Does anyone know a delicious recipe? I often make my own, but I don't actually know a recipe per se. Last year, they ended up a tad rubbery and not as delicious as they could be ... in my opinion ... so any help would be appreciated!
  3. I've heard a lot of good things about this coffee substitute -- Dandyblend. I looked on their website and it says it is Gluten Free but it also contains rye and barley. Apparantly, the process they use prevents gluten from remaining in the end product. Is this true? I am so sensitive, but I'd like to try this product out if it is indeed gluten-free. Here is a forward to their website -- http://dandyblend.com/webpages/helpfulfor.htm#celiacs Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I use Greener Grasses from Healthforce Nutritionals. It says on the outside bottle gluten free and it's never given me problems. I take it every morning with a little bit of stevia powder. Often I also add it in smoothies with bananas, blueberries and coconut milk. I would recomend googling greener grasses+healthforce nutritionals, as I don't have the bottle on me right now. Good luck!.
  5. Tic Tacs G/f?

    I'm assuming the altoid gum is also gluten-free?
  6. Gf Gluten Steaks

    In response to sunflower about the mochi: there is a vegan restaurant here in portland that makes an amazing gluten-free mochi pizza. I don't have the recipe, but I can guess since mochi is so sticky and doughy after being baked, it makes a purrfect pizza crust.
  7. 1. New York Cheesecake, chunky choc. chip cookies, and pineapple upside down cake. 2. Fruitcake, yuck. 3. I live by myself for the next week until I move in with two roomates. 4. Ocassionaly I'll have friends over, but most often I eat alone. 5. Good ol home cookin w/ local produce. 6. 2-7 dollars depending on the portion. Most gluten-free deserts are so expensive that I usually end up making them myself.
  8. I use earth balance in/on everything. It is very "buttery" and it says on the outside that it is gluten free (and it's vegan). Hope this helps!
  9. Flourless Chocolate Cake

    I just made this flourless cake for my friends party last night. It was so good it disapeared in seconds. Here's the recipe I found -- Flourless Chocolate Cake (Scandinavian) Ingredients: 12 oz / 340 g semi-sweet chocolate (42-52 % cocoa) 5 tablespoons / 1/3 cup butter 5 tablespoons / 1/3 cup milk 5 tablespoons / 1/3 cup finely ground almonds 6 oz /
  10. Anxiety Of Stomach Aches

    I've had stomach problems for a few years now. At first it was just uncomfortable and painful and then my symptoms became worse. A year a half ago I was rushed to the ER thinking I was choking but it was a reflux episode which caused a panic attack (at work!). What a trip! When I got to the hospital they said I had strep throat and sent me home. Later when I went to the doctor they gave me my true diagnosis. Anyways, this experience made me so scared. For months and months I was afraid that it would happen again. At work I would freak out if I felt bad and I had anchored that feeling there. It was so bad for a while that i truly thought in my mind that I could die (I'm only 22, I wasn't ready for that yet!) I have always been uncomfortable putting myself first when it comes to me diet, etc. I could never talkk to my friends at length about my diet. After that episode it forced me to be totally honest with the people around me and look into new ways to heal myself. My friends know about everything now and are very accomidating. MAybe they are far and few between but they have been amazing and I have also been pretty lucky at work. The best thing for me to do when I freak out is to get the support of others. Even just someone to listen to me and not give any feedback on what I "should" do is really nice. A few other things I do are take a nap (i always feel a little more energized after a quick nap), take valerian root/kava kava/hops/st johns wort/ stress b vitamins or other anti-anxiety natural supplements. Relaxation exercises like meditating, yoga and breathing deeply help a lot too. Also you may want to think about working with a naturopath. I am working with the naturopathic college in town and it is really cheap (only 15$ an appointment + discounted supplements)) There are natural remedies that you can take that will help your intestines and stomach heal. Some things to think about are colostrum (milk derived, but doesn't contain lactose) aloe vera gel, extra virgin coconut oil, and fish oil. I also take dgl lozenges for reflux and repairing my esophogus and stomach lining (I'm not sure if this would apply to you). I also agree with others about pychologists. If I had the $$ I might think about going that route myself. I hope this helps! Best of luck & you are NOT alone. -K
  11. I just purchased some aloe ver gel that is different from the brand I usually buy. When I got home I discovered that it has some preservatives: pottasium sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodieum Benzoate, & Irish Moss. Are these ok to ingest? Thanks for any help!
  12. I went to a naturopath yesterday and they gave me a medicinal tincture. It was made at the natuopathic school, so i'm almost positive it's made with grain alcohol. Does this mean i should not ingest it? I've heard there is no gluten in the end product of alcohol, but i've also heard some individuals are still sensitive. I'm curious how many people on this forum are sensitive to grain alcohol. I'm trying to be really careful, but I would also like to be able to take this tincture. Thanks for any help! I've also heard if you put a tincture in boiling water that it gets rid of the alcohol, could this be another option?
  13. New York City

    check out the NYC based website CeliacChicks.com.
  14. I'm wondering if other people feel tired after they eat a lot of protein, like in nuts/fish/protein bars/etc.
  15. Tums Gluten Free?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how frustrating sometimes to figure these things out! I just went out and bought multi symptom rolaids and chucked the tums out just in case.