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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sorry to hear of your problem. The deal is, if you have never been sick with this crap, you just don`t understand. People look at you like you are making it up for pity or something half the time, like you are some picky whiney psycho. I had one guy told me he was sick of me being so picky about what I ate. I have been dealing with this over 5 years now, and have gotten to be pretty millitant about it. I don`t make a big deal out of it but just say, I got alot of food sensitivities, and try not to even talk about it alot. Hey, you are the one that has to deal with being sick and deal with your own health. Half these M.D.`s are clueless most of the time about what they are prescribing, and don`t know about the manufacturing. I know2, I had a few doctor boyfriends, and let me tell you, they aren`t God. You have to double check everything, and be responsible for your own wellness. Our medical system is a big mess. Best bet is to try and stay as healthy through diet and lifestyle and try to stay off any kind of meds. that is what I do. Do what you need to do lifestylewise to get as healthy as possible and try not to take pills if you don`t have to.
  2. AHHHH!!!!!!!! You got zapped by the chips. One of my biggest first mistakes, and I paid dearly also. Here is the deal with the chips. Some you will react to and some you won`t. Some have wheat products mixed in and some don`t. If you buy them in the store, they will say on the bag. but when you go out------who knows, usually not the waitress. If you ask, they look at you like what planet you came from. They don`t have a clue. I am not totally hyper sensitive, so a few won`t bother me, even though I shouldn`t if I don`t know. But if I sit there and mow on chips and salsa and they have gluten in, sick as a dog! Don`t know what to tell you besides, if you can`t find out and don`t know for sure, sneak a few gluten free along and just tell them why. What else can you do. Eating out can really be a pain. I don`t do much of it any more.
  3. I have the same deal with my mom. I`ve been gluten-free for 5 years. She has every symptom in the book and the docs just keep upping the dosages on all her pills. She is really really a cookie monster, really addicted, but it is killing her. Now her health is really going down the drain. Her RLS is getting to the point of being unmanageable, and she is taking so many pills, they are starting to react with eachother, she can`t travel, passes out , is in alot of body pain. I`ve been bugging her for years. So I am going on an extended stay with her and am going to put her on a gluten-free diet while I am there. I will need plenty of prayers. But I am really a good cook. So hopefully she will improve. I guess really, until they are sick enough, and sick of being sick, they are too stubborn to listen. But I have a hard time not being angry at the MD`s. My gosh, her symptoms are so fricking apparent. We are in the 21st century. Some doctors don`t even believe in it. Unbelievable.
  4. Gluten Free Foods

    I`ve been gluten-free for 5 years. This is what I do. If you have a Trader Joe`s nearby, they have alot of gluten-free stuff. gluten-free frozen pancakes, very good. Their rice pasta good and reasonable. I buy chicken breasts fresh or shrimp, cut them up and sautee with mixed fresh or frozen veggies whatever you like, then dump some of the Trader Joe`s cooking sauces on. They have all kinds, Italian, Indian, Thai curry, etc. then heat it up. You got a healthy awesome meal gluten-free in 5 minutes. And you can do it a ton of different ways. Put rice or pasta on the side, you got a full meal. Another thing you might want to try is quinoa. It`s a seed you cook like rice, very healthy, you can sweeten it, or put butter on cheese, herbs whatever. Really good. Another one----keep around potatoes ( if you can have them ) or sweet potatoes to bake in the micro. A little butter, cinnamon and sweetener, awesome. 5 minutes. Keep frozen berries onhand to snack on in the P.M. instead of ice cream. But my basic word of advice to you would be----hang up most processed foods altogether. Go to a fruit, veg and meat market, and eat alot of raw and learn how to cook from scratch a bit. It`s not that hard, cheaper, and you don`t have to be reading labels, eating all the chemical crap and be worried about getting sick all the time from additives. Reading labels forever is too much of a hassle for me. If you just eat stuff in it`s natural state, you don`t have to worry about it. If you can quit eating junk, and start eating stuff in it`s natural state, you are going to feel so much better in no time.
  5. I`ve been gluten-free for almost 5 years. I was really really sick when I finally figured it out and got off. It initially took about 4 days until my tummy and joint pain settled down, but the brain fog and the irritability actually increased for a while. I think I was somewhat in a withdrawal from the gluten. I went through a period of craving carbs and gluten soooo bad. The only thing that got me through was eating mass amounts of rice cakes. The mind and rashes slowly calmed down, and at about the 8 week mark, I all of a sudden could tell it was totally out of my system and the cravings totally stopped. I used to absolutely die to think of living life without going out for pizza and beer. That was the worst. Now I don`t even care about bread, pastries, pizza, etc. The first year, I was a big baby when going out around others eating the stuff and once in a while I would say heck with it and cheat. Then pay the very very big price for a week or 2. Not worth it. The symptoms will slowly go away, for me, 8 weeks. In the mean time, stock up on gluten-free snacks for the craving period. You will probably be irritable for a while until your body switches over.
  6. I get all the same symptoms as everyone else has pretty much stated. Amazing, and quite comforting to know it isn`t in our heads, like some people believe. But the other thing I get is woken up in the middle of the night with my feet burning hot on fire and little twingy spasms in my legs. I see they just linked Restless Leg Syndrome to Celiacs. My mom has that just terrible but wont get tested. the M.D. just keeps upping her meds, and she just keeps eating her cakes, cookies and crackers, with every celiacs symptom in the book,gets sicker and takes mor pills. Frustrating.
  7. Does The Craziness Go Away?

    I noticed that when I first went off the gluten, I was very agitated and felt like I was going to lose it all of the time, almost as if my body was going through withdrawal from the gluten, very cranky, and hungry. This slowly subsided as my body got used to the new diet. Still, the celiacs has left me with other food sensitivities, not quite sure what they all are, but I know my body does not like processed foods or things with a high percentage of sulphites ( red wine, vinegar, processed meats, cheese, yogurt, pickled things) Those really whacked me out too, as bad as the gluten. Try to eat a really clean diet. Fruits , veggies, and meats that are fresh not processed. Just go to a market with gluten-free and fresh stuff and avoid anything that comes in a box or with additives. This has really helped me. therre are so many things you might be reacting to, but often the adrenal gland sends out adrenaline because of histamine reactions, that is making you fritzy. Eat really clean while you are detoxing from the gluten. Sorry to say, you will have to remain dilligent with this. If you slip up or go off, your mind will go off. It is a new lifestyle, but one you will become very used to . I don`t even buy or miss processed foods, pastries, etc. any more, and don`t even buy the expensive substitutes all that much. I just eat a whole lot healthier and I don`t miss the gluten a bit. Be patient. Your mind will clear. I eat a ton of stir fries, rice products (great pasta) and do the bulk of food preparing. Cook everything from scratch, no processed food period. When with my family, I offer to cook, that way it is gluten-free and just don`t bring it up. I`m a heck of a gluten-free cook and everyone loves it. So when with me, they get gluten-free too and don`t even know it.
  8. For me, I try to be as careful as possible without coming off as crazy anal. It`s hard. Usually the mom and pop non chains are better at helping you out. Things you really need to avoid are the same things you would be careful at home. Sauces, salad dressings, taco chips ( that one has gotten me a few times), anything that you think might be pre made and shipped in etc. Sometimes you just have to ask. I get sick of it because you never know what kind of server you are going to get. Some waitstaff is really nice and some are jerky and impatient. I asked a waitress at Cheesecake Factory for help in selecting a chicken dish without coating on because of my gluten probelm. She answered " Honey, everything on this menu has flour in it, just order a salad." She was short and nasty, after just one little question. I called the manager and turned her in. I`ve had my best luck at independant Asian places and Mexican places. I stay away from Italian. I figure the air is probably saturated with gluten. LOL. I just do better at home so normally cook for myself and not take the risk. If I am going with a group socially, I look at it more as a social event and put the food on the back burner, eating before or after, just in case the menu isn`t gluten friendly. I was a baby about going out at first until I got used to it. Now I go, and worst case scenario, a salad with vinegar and oil or lemon. What are you going to do, become a hermit?