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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I read that book too. Sugar is a disaccharide, and thus requires digestion. Honey and fruit are monosaccharides and are absorbed without needing to be broken down further. Works for me. You might give it a try and just see if you feel better.
  2. I also am new to Celiac, Jeep, and have found proper food combining to be very helpful. I feel like I've done a lot of experimenting lately to find out what is most comfortable on my gut. Elain Gottschall's book "Breaking the Viscous Cycle" has been helpful. Right now (having just found out about Celiac Disease about 6 weeks ago) my GI tract is so torn up it has every right to be hypersensitive. Mostly I eat meats and veggies right now. It helps to cook them together in a pot for a few hours. Herb tea with honey is fine, as well as some fruits (no more than three a day, and cooked). This has helped with all the cramping. In a few months I hope to add some almonds, lentils and split peas. Just this week I found I can tolerate eggs as long as they're baked in something for at least an hour (like a veggie quiche, sans cheese). Milk products are out simply because the enzyme production it takes to break down lactase is found on the tips of the villi, which thanks to celiac disease, are flattened right now. Carbohydrates may not be tolerated well (with the exception of monosaccharides found in honey and fruit) because most are made of either disaccharides or starches, both of which require digestive attention to break apart into absorbable monosaccharides. Not sure that I answered your question, but see what you can find out and let me know if you learn anything new. Good luck
  3. What About Cd Causes Infertility?

    Actually Tiffany that's great to know, because at times I ovulate at very predictable intervals, but other months it's delayed by 1.5 to 2 weeks (frustrating as we use BBT as birth control also). I hadn't thought that eating something naughty by accident could be causing those delays. Hopefully I'll be back on schedule soon. As always, thanks for the info.
  4. What About Cd Causes Infertility?

    Thank you all! OK, Tiffany, what I understand from your post is that the two main factors that cause infertility (whether that's in the form of miscarriages or not conceiving at all) are antibodies in the blood, and inability to extract enough nutrients from food to feed two people. Makes sense. Roxyk, I wish you the very best in your efforts. Sounds like you're coming along. I know if you can find a good alternative health care specialist like your acupuncturist, they can bring you towards health faster and easier than pure allopathic medicine. I haven't ovulated in a while (BBT charting). When I first found out about Celiac Disease I was borderline underweight. Since going gluten-free, my body became hypersensitive and I have found that low starch gluten-free/CF/preservative-free foods are all that my body can handle right now. Basically that boils down to meat, veggies, and occasionally some fruit. So I've been losing more weight, but my gut doesn't hurt most of the time. I'm thinking that's why I haven't ovulated for a while. Fat cells produce estrogen, and I just don't have enough of them working for me right now. Maybe. Dunno. We'll see what happens. hapi, Congrats on your 2nd!!
  5. Low Energy

    I'm really needing some answers to this also... Since going gluten-free my body has become super sensitive. I know I need to take it easy and allow my GI tract to heal. Right now I can't even seem to handle things that are just more difficult to digest (corn, unfermented soy, fruit - too much fiber? - legumes, too many ingredients in one dish, or processed foods). All I seem to be able to tolerate right now is meat, eggs, and veggies. With barely any carbs in my diet, I run out of steam really quickly.
  6. Am I going to be infertile? Does it depend on how long I've been tearing up my intestines with gluten (aprox 27 years!) ? Are underweight women Celiacs infertile because of amenhorrea? About what % of us are infertile? I know lots of women with celiac disease have had successful pregnancies, but what makes the difference between a celiac who becomes pregnant and one who doesn't? (besides sex ) I'm not healthy enough right now to try for a baby, but I'm a little concerned to hear about infertility among Celiacs. My sister had four miscarriages before she carried a child to term. I understand (I think) why the body would miscarry: if it's not even getting enough nutrients to sustain one life, it's definitely not going to support two. I just don't understand what part of Celiac Disease would cause infertility. Any info would help. Thanks!
  7. Backtracking! Frustrated!

    Some foods that are especially harder to digest are corn, pork (including bacon) and legumes. Might be best to avoid foods like that (and any others you seem to have problems with) just until your gut gets a little stronger. I'm really new to this too, and have found that eating simple foods are gentler on my gut.
  8. Medaka- have you tried eliminating anything other than gluten from your diet? Before learning about celiac disease, I assumed I was just lactose intolerant. Getting off all milk products brought me a little relief from symptoms, but that was it- just a little. Now being off gluten and casein my GI symptoms are pretty much gone. Maybe you are intolerant to something else too. Also, I've read that it can take a year or two for the gut to heal and recover from all the damage we did to it pre-gluten-free. With the intestine still so torn up, you're probably not absorbing all the nutrients/fat/calories that you take in, and that would leave you still feeling very tired. Dunno. I feel the frustration with ya tho- patience is a virtue; just not one of mine.
  9. Just Curious

    I agree with Deb- no cheating!! The thing is, if you're on a diet say for weight loss and you splurge once in a while, you simply prolong the time it takes to reach your goal. No harm done. The reason you really shouldn't intentionally "splurge" on a gluten-free diet if you're celiac is that it always does harm to your body. Without fail. Sorry.
  10. Only One In Family With Cd

    For me the biggest help is remembering what their food does to me. That asiago cheese bagel with salmon cream cheese spread smells mighty good on its way out of the kitchen. It was one of my favorite habits to take a bite out of whatever I was bringing my husband, calling it a carrying fee. Even a tiny amount of gluten or casein will give me reactions for about three days. That bagel is gone in 10 minutes. I'll do the math- IT'S NOT WORTH IT!
  11. I'm pretty sure I'm not digesting fats well (or much of anything else for that matter). The anemia thing might be something to look into as I've always tended toward that. Lately it seems a lot of things bother my stomach so I either drink water, eat rice or bland veggies. I ate a metric ton of carbs before (almost always complex tho), so maybe what I'm feeling is, like you said Freya, coming down off of that. I started taking raw sauerkraut to help put good bacteria back into the system. We'll see what happens... Thanks!
  12. Dreaming About Forbidden Foods?

    I dreamt I had a cookie with one of my sprouted wheat sandwiches. The cool thing is, dreams don't get me sick. Hehe.
  13. I've been gluten-free (aside from two accidents, er.. "learning experiences") for 12 days now and am wondering if the stuff I've been experiencing is fairly typical. Aside from GI symptoms lessening (YAY!) and my skin looking a little better, some things about going gluten-free have not been pleasant. SHEESH! For all the hard work of starting a gluten-free diet, I guess I was expecting rainbows to appear and birds to sing every morning, for crying out loud! Today I had no appetite at all (I'm 27 and that's the 4th time in my life to have ever lost my appetite) and even less energy. I was in bed most of the day. Also, I used to be able to go to the gym for a couple of hours at a time, but since going gluten-free it's like my body's attention is somewhere else and I'm not able to work out but 30-45 min before I'm ready to pass out and/or throw up. My menstrual cycle's going crazy too (more than usual). Sorry if any of that's TMI, but I'm feeling not a little lost in this new world and was hoping some of you could clear up some of this confusion I'm feeling. What did you experience after going gluten-free?
  14. Birth Control Pill

    I wasn't able to shake the yeast infections until I got off the Pill. Plus I was tired of all the hormonal mood swings. My hubby and I aren't ready for kids yet and have found the rhythm method (charting bbt) suits us much better. Your doc might be able to suggest other forms of birth control if you're having problems with yeast and/or dryness.