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  1. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and am still wondering.... why is all pre-made gluten free bread slices (Udi's, Rudi's, Schar etc...) made to a size that wouldn't even fully satisfy a 5 year old? Seriously, I'm a 30 year old guy who loves his food and am faithful to the diet but I don't want finger sandwiches. We need to have readily available full size sandwich bread!
  2. I know right?! It's crazy. I absolutely love all other schar products. Premade bread, rolls, pasta and deserts. But something is up with that recipe. It needs altered. Maybe a master chef could chime in. The problem is that with the recipe the dough is VERY thick. I use a Cuisinart convection bread maker and usually it does a great job with mixes on the gluten free setting. It always ends up with a PALE flaky white crust....
  3. Can anyone give me a basic bread recipe using domata flour in a bread machine? I can't seem to find one anywhere and I hear people praise this flour for it's texture. Even my local pizza restaurants use it for the dough. Any recipes for bread machine would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Has anyone been successful in making the Schar Classic White Bread Mix in a bread machine? If so, did you follow the directions on the box exactly or modify it because my dough always seems alittle too thick for the paddle to turn and the bread never turns out right. Thanks!