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  1. Glutened, Nightmares, Insomnia Oh My!

    Wow...thank you so much for starting this thread!!! I had never thought about gluten being connected to my sleep issues. I was 99% sure I had nightmare disorder (i.e. sleep anxiety disorder) because I've suffered horrendous dreams my whole life, especially when I was younger and undiagnosed. Since being diagnosed Celiac (9 years ago), I never thought to analyze my sleep with potential for trace/accidental gluten intake (I am strictly gluten-free, highly symptomatic). I am going to see if I can link my nightmares to eating out...the highest chance of eating trace gluten for me. Obviously, stress still causes me to have horrible sleep, but maybe gluten is a factor too...or maybe gluten even contributes to my anxiety and stress!
  2. I have been gluten-free for about 9 years now and still feel hungry all the time after I eat. I am very strictly gluten-free too...I went cold turkey with no regrets (never was a bread/pasta person, I think my body always knew!) because I'm a super sensitive Celiac (isn't it awesome to not just have Celiac, but be in the 1% of highly symptomatic cases?!?). I find I crave sweets after lunch, so the glucose idea another user mentioned might actually be my issue...definitely going to try the dark chocolate trick. I figured it was high metabolism and not eating enough protein...but even with protein, veggies, and Greek yogurt, I can still be hungry within the hour. It could also be a combination of all of this, so maybe a balance is needed, and maybe more gluten-free carbs to help feel full. I also think 5 small meals a day (or more!) might be the best way to go, definitely something to try. Then we eat every couple of hours and don't have a chance to be hungry. It's also supposed to be great for losing weight or getting in shape (when eating balanced, small meals) because it keeps your digestive tract moving and helps boost your metabolism (in theory). When I work out a lot, I definitely need to eat ridiculous amounts of food, I think that's totally normal. I add a gluten-free whey protein shake to my diet when I'm working out (just the powder and almond milk; I make a proper shake when I have time: yogurt, almond milk, berries, whey powder). And there are gluten-free protein bars that save me during long mornings or afternoons when I can't fix a meal. Try munching on these, a few bites every 30 minutes to stave off hunger. I think if glucose issues are ruled out, and you're strictly gluten free, then it all comes down to balancing food intake. Also, make sure you're not intolerant to anything else you're gorging on! I cut out a huge amount of dairy I was eating and I started having more energy and feeling less bloated. And if you're still healing from gluten, then give it time and the hunger *pains* and bloating should go away, then you can concentrate on balancing your diet and using some of these hunger tips. Make sure there are no hidden sources of gluten in your food too...that would explain everything right there.
  3. When I went gluten-free 5 years ago I gained about 20 pounds in one month, but since I had lost 35 lbs when undiagnosed I guess the 20 lb gain wasn't so bad. It just happens so quickly. I don't know anyone who loses weight when gluten-free because when we're undiagnosed, our metabolism slows right down and we are not taking in any nutrients/minerals. I was highly symptomatic and reacted very badly to gluten for 3 years before being properly diagnosed, so I lost 35 lb off my 6'1" frame...I was skeletal. So I gained the weight right back and I had to rush to eat healthy again. Eventually diet and weight balance if you eat enough veggies/fruit (I force myself to eat these since I do love carbs). Also, exercise is key. I HIGHLY suggest PILATES! You work your core and stay off your feet. I got in shape post-diagnosis with pilates and biking. I love the Gaiam series with Ana Caban - check it out!! It works wonders, and each workout is only 30 minutes. About the fries with steak from a previous post - every celiac who is sensitive should stay away from deep-fried foods at restaurants. Fries are usually deep-fried with other flour items (like onion rings) and the gluten stays in the oil and gets on the fries, or they are all tossed together. Also, some oils contain beek stock which has wheat in it, like McDonald's fry oil. And usually oil is filtered (poorly) and reused, so you can't be sure the oil is gluten-free. So I always get chicken (or other meat), veggies, and fruit bowls when eating out. I've never had trouble custom-ordering at any restaurant...always ask for chicken and salad, even when it's not on the menu (like at pasta restaurants). You'd be surprised how accomodating restaurants are when they want your money! Good luck with your health! We've all been there and next to finding gluten-free food, it's the next toughest challenge!