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  1. I was recently diagnosed with celiac, and while cleaning out my kitchen of gluten-containing foods, I was dismayed to read the label on my favorite pickled asparagus from Costco.....it said "May contain wheat." I couldn't believe it, and...probably out of anger and incredulousness ...I called the manufacturer yesterday. The owner of Foster Family Farms returned my call promptly and said that she put that on the label because the product contains white vinegar.....and that was the ONLY reason she did it. She said she has a relative that is gluten-free, and they were told to be wary of vinegars. When I explained that the distillation process removes the gluten molecule (exception: malt vinegar, made from barley), and that white vinegar was OK (and told her to look on this site for confirmation) she said, "Oh my, I should probably change the labels for next year's run!" YAY! I love their pickled asparagus! Enjoy!
  2. I was diagnosed 08/04/09 with celiac disease, and immediately started the gluten free diet. The knowing-what-to-do part of this is very easy for me, since my father was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1997. And boy howdy, did the doctors know squat about it then! So, I had to become an expert on the diet fast, because dad was 110 lbs, pretty much dead, with a PIC line directly to his heart feeding him out of a bag.... My father, my sister and I all participated in a study in Boston to chronicle the genetics of celiac disease. Mine and my sister's blood tests were negative for the disease (1999). Later, in a quest for answers to lifelong GI issues, etc, I had the endoscopic biopsy done....again, negative. I think I've been tested numerous times over the years....all negative. So I thought I was safe. A sneaky endocrinologist tested me for it this month, unbeknownst to me.....and BAM.....positive for celiac. I'm not even bothering with the biopsy, since dad has it, too. So I started the gluten free diet, even though I felt FINE. Now I do NOT feel fine! I am miserable. In the first 2 weeks I experienced horrible joint pain and a migraine or two. It actually felt like my hips were going to come out of their sockets if I tried to walk. The hip issue only really lasted for a day. One hell of an intense day, I might add. The next day was my hands. They felt positively broken. I could hardly shower and dress....and forget trying to use a mouse (and I work on a computer all day!). My knees, my feet, my shoulders, my sternum, my ribs, my spine all had their "day to shine".... some of them on the same day. I sneezed once, and seriously thought my sternum was going to fall apart. Ouch! Every day seemed like a new pain. I was completely exhausted (and I'm normally an Energizer bunny!), and nauseous as all get out. And STARVING.....even though I was eating great (meat, fruits, rice crackers, a little sour cream and cheese, but mostly no dairy). I don't know if it was psychological hunger or what, but my stomach was growling and had that 'eating itself' kind of feeling no matter what I ate. I even started dreaming about eating a burrito....well, trying to.....I could never seem to get it to my mouth... (Take that Freud!) (Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot the chills....I was FREEZING so often, it felt like having the flu. Uncontrollable chills off and on. Still getting those a bit.) So now I'm on Week Four. Four days ago, I got a little rash on my upper arm (outside, shoulder area)....it just felt like a bunch of goosebumps, but I didn't have goosebumps. It only itched a little, and that was sporadic. It burned a bit more often. It got a little bigger the next day, taking over the whole upper arm (except the underarm, thank God!). And I started to notice a little on my left shoulder, too. The next morning, I woke up really early, due to the fact that my skin was on FIRE. I got up, looked in the mirror, and was covered from neck to ankles in the rash. It still just looked like little goosebumps everywhere.....albeit slightly red goosebumps in places. I've seen hundreds of pictures of Dermatitis Herpetiformis.....it looks nothing like it. They are not blistering, or changing.....other than multiplying! This morning I woke up before the crack of dawn again, as the rash is burning worse today than yesterday. My skin is on fire, with no way to put it out. The rash aside, I still feel awful. I know I'm not getting any hidden gluten, as I'm actually an old pro about it. (My Dad called me his Food Police....or Food Nazi....LOL, depending on how bad I was shaking a chef down when Dad would try to eat out.) I've tried researching on the internet, but haven't found a whole lot on people having problems with detoxing on a gluten free diet...except on this forum. I'm quickly losing my spirit over this... I was FINE until I started this diet, but now I know I can't turn back....EVER. My Dad didn't experience any of this stuff, because he was basically dead, and had nowhere to go but up when he started the diet. (I actually got a call and they told me I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time before he died....stupid doctors don't understand the stubborness of Italians! LOL ) I've read about other people getting all kinds of food sensitivities once they went on the diet. I already couldn't eat fats of any kind, and am lactose intolerant. My dad's lactose intolerance went away after being gluten-free for a while....one thing to look forward to. Hell, the ONLY thing to look forward to at this point! I don't think I can handle finding out I can't eat anything else right now. I know, the 'poor me' thing is not an attractive quality.....but I'm feeling pretty unattractive as it is, covered in this ugly, burning rash. Has anyone else encountered a rash like this? Day Five, and it's still just looking like goosebumps and burning like crazy. Where the hell is that light at the end of the tunnel?!?