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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok, so I talked my gastro Dr. into doing genetic testing to rule out celiacs- Because of my gastric bypass he was not able to do the standard biopsy. I thought the gluten free diet was slowly improving symptoms. It's been over 4 mo. He said he was almost certain it wasn't celiacs- told me to eat what ever I wanted while we waited 2 weeks for the results. So, I thought ok it's been 4 mo. maybe if it's not celiacs my system would be "healed or better" so I had 15 pizza rolls- almost died over the next 4 days. took my stomach a week to get off the roller coaster ride. Who knows? no one I know! so this is what his nurse sent to me- Alleles detected: HLA DQ1 5 detected/less than 0.1xRelative Risk: Extremely low..........What the crap is that? Is it some confusing way to say it was detected but not enough to be positive? could some one help me w/ this. Thanks
  2. Dude.

    Sorry, i'm confussed- are these 3 different recipes or is it 3 steps? thanks
  3. Thank You so much! That was the perfect answer, just what I needed to hear. I guess I'm the type of person who feels like I need it in black and white somehow someway. I'm just really having a hard time w/ Dr. telling me nope, no celiacs even though I litterally have experienced just about every symptom I've come across. yet, I'm improving slowly but surely being gluten-free- I just worry about the fact this is for life and I would like to know 100%, specially when it affects my girls. Thank you again
  4. So, I haven't had much success with answers to what's wrong with me- my insurance will pay for genetic testing, so do you think that it would be benifical to start w/ my Dr. and if I don't get anything usefull then do entero lab? What are the benefits of having an actual diagnosis? I do have 3 daughters i'm worried about. Thanks I guess I should have mentioned I've been gluten-free for 3mo.- and I am seeing some improvements
  5. Not sure about this- I think what you're wondering about are the milk chocolate hersheys nuggets- and boy do I hope they're gluten-free because I eat them every day for my chocolate fix. They are from what I can tell, but I'm a newbie. If anyone knows, please let me know. thanks
  6. so, which do you think would be best - genetic from entero lab or Dr. if they can do it?
  7. Saw The Doctor

    Okay, I really don't want to freak you out but my suggestion to you would be- if that ever happens to you again GO TO THE ER IMMEDIATLY- even if it's just incase. That happened to me Exactly! I had a major bowel obstruction, almost died in surgery and after, the Dr. told me that if they hadn't figured out what was wrong w/ me within the next 24hrs. I wouldn't had made it- This had happened before and I put up w/it, this time was No different the only reason why I went this time was because I was pregnant. Better safe than sorry!
  8. How Did You Start Your Diet

    Sorry I suck so badly at this- I got your message, that sounds unreal- I thought my story was bad, I can't even imagine! I didn't want to write you back with all my info incase you already read it- but if you haven't, I posted it on sept 1st @ 1041 a.m.- let me know what you think- about ALL OF MY ISSUES Thanks so much for all of your help, Bahrbdoll
  9. How Did You Start Your Diet

    Could you please tell me how to do that- thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has had gastic bypass? I already have so many dietary issues, not really sure what else I could/should be doing differently. Nobody in my area has any experience with someone being post bypass and celiac
  11. wondering what the differences are! If you can't get an answer on celiacs, is it safe to assume you are just intollerant? can intollerance cause the same medical problems? What are the benifits to being diagnosed? can you be diagnosed intolerant not celiac? wondering what tests can be done that will provide me with an answer- any answer. thanks so much
  12. Thank you So much- You have no idea how much this will help my entire family, celiacs or not! This is truely a blessing, I thought for sure there would be no place around me- but there's a site like 25 miles away. Thank you again!
  13. I know there are many random posts here and there on specific meds, but I'd be here a week trying to find all of them. Almost all of my meds are generic (about 20) and I've tried several websites with No luck! Are there any sites that list by types, manufacturers or somewhere you can type them in to find out? my pharmacy is being less than helpful- my guess is because there are so many. So, I'm looking for the quickest and most reliable way to find out- Thanks so much
  14. So after gluten-free 3 mo. at advice of nutritionalist (she really never said how to start, just eliminated all gluten) - Gastro Dr. no help after neg blood tests. I just started eating gluten-free foods- mostly those that said gluten-free on the label. How did you start? Did you stop eating everything and slowly add things in 1 at a time? I'm seeing improvement but still having problems and still taking 3 antidiahreal meds daily. Where do you go to check medications? I would also appreciate any advice on brand names of foods/beauty that are gluten-free. I am sick of reading labels for now- I need a break- ANY and ALL suggestions/info/comments/replies appreciated Thank you all very much