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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Living On Wheat Field

    Thank you everyone for you posts. You've just confirmed what my husband and i believed to be true. Guess i just needed some validation, since being dismissed by the MD. Merry Christmas and God's Blessings.
  2. Fiber

    Benefiber says glutenfree right on the label.
  3. My children have been gluten free for a year and a half and their iron, vitamin D and Zinc levels are continually low even after healing. I don't know why and i hope i don't have to give them these vitamins forever. They never had B12 deficiency.
  4. Our home is bordered on all sides by wheat fields. My two daughters and i have Celiac and my oldest especially became really sick a few months ago. The doctors dismiss us, because its a digestive disorder, but i don't think they understand what its like for a two-year-old and a five-year-old to be celiacs. They constantly put their hands in their mouth. My theory is that the powerful winds blow the wheat/gluten all over our things, such as toys, car door handle, etc. My girls touch it and then put their hands in their mouths and our contaminated. Our home is probably 20 yards from the fields. Does anyone living with Celiac have any thought on if this is a possible source of concern?
  5. They make gluten-free play doh.
  6. i'm planning on going in next monday. i don't expect to find anything, because i went in last year and didn't find anything. Maybe, i will.
  7. My just turned 5-year-old was diagnosed just before her 4th birthday. We thought her preschool was doing a good job, but over the summer she became more focused, mature, confident. It was obvious she was doing great. When preschool began this year, her diarrhea began on day one. After a few weeks she is insecure, unable to focus, aggressive, impulsive and napping everyday. The diarrhea has stopped, but she is NOT ok. I've spoken with her teachers and it seems like they are doing a good job, but she is evidently experiencing the affects of continual contamination. Could she be getting sick simply from kids touching toys after they've consumed gluten? The more insecure she feels, the more her hands go in her mouth. Should i just home-school her? Please help!
  8. My 4-year-old was diagnosed in early June and it has been a roller coaster. We have her on a very strict gluten free diet, but we keep finding hidden sources, such as stickers and her shampoo and conditioner. For a 4-year-old, its impossible to keep hands and things out of her mouth. So everything she touches is a possible danger it feels like. Well, we just had follow up blood work, almost 6-months later and we're very disappointed, yet not surprised. Although slightly lower, her levels are still very high. I have no idea what else i can do to help my daughter.
  9. I recently read somewhere that Chicago is having some kind of free Celiac Disease screening. I wish i had more info for you, but try googling it.
  10. My almost 4-year-old is attending preschool for the first time and she was diagnosed with Celiac disease in early June (3 months ago). I can't get her diarrhea and stomach cramps to go away. I am extremely worried about her being contaminated and i think i'm taking it to extreme. Can she be contaminated if a child eats a gluten-containing snack and doesn't wash their hands and then touches toys. Then if my daughter picked up those toys and either put them in her mouth, or put her hands in her mouth, could she be contaminated that way. She does put things in her mouth and fidgets in that manner often if she is bored, or uncomfortable. i'm trying to teach her not to, but well...she's 3. I'm going to go talk to her teacher this week and i'm realizing that i don't even know how to caution her about the disease and how to keep my daughter safe. I would appreciate some wisdom, please