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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. I think I'll give the gluten free diet another try. One last question though. How long should I try the diet before deciding it's not helping me (i.e. 3, 6, 9 months; or 1,2 ... years)? Thank you very much Mohamed
  2. Hi everybody, I have the following conflicting results from 2 different labs: Lab 1: IgA Quantitative 149 Ref. range: 70-400 Anti Gliadin IgG Negative Ref. range: Negative at serum dilution 1/40 Anti ttG IgA Negative 3 Ref. range: Negative<20 ### Weak Positive 20-30 ### Positive>30 Lab 2: Anti-Gliadin IgA Positive 1/20 Ref. range: Negative Anti Endomysial IgA Negative Ref. range: Negative Anti ttG IgA <10 U Ref. range: Negative<20 U ### Weak positive 20-30 U ### Positive>30 U Notes: 1- I'm not very confident in all the test results because as I've said in an earlier posts, celiac tests are rarely made in Egypt. 2- I think the most accurate test is ttG IgA of lab 2 because they told me they do it in Europe As you can see, they appear to be all negative except the AG IgA. Is it possible to have such conflicting results or did some lab do an error? If it's possible to have such conflicting results, which test should I believe? Please keep in mind that a previous trial in the past of the gluten free diet for about 7 weeks didn't make feel much better. In addition, the problems I have are not directly related time wise to eating gluten. That is I don't have this direct connection between eating gluten and then having the symptoms a couple of hours later. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mohamed
  3. Other than celiac some of your symptoms fit IBS and the other fit dairy allergy/intolerance (whether lactose or casein). Besides the two conditions frequently go together. Or it could be Helicobacter pylori, check this link for symptoms. Well these are the conditions I know of. I know there must be others. My point is don't narrow your choice to celiac. Because personally, I find it very improbable that you have it when DNA is negative.
  4. Thank you all for your valuable feedback that helped me make up my mind. I think I'll partly do as "tarnalberry" said and will start an elimination diet and will let wheat be the last item to add so as to make sure I've been more than 3 months gluten free and try to figure out how things will go. But I guess I'll start the diet the first day of the new year. Now I'll have a break with a lot of delicious gluten May be if I get to something, I'll post it here just in case someone has a similar condition. Wish you all a healthy life, happiness and especially peace of mind Mohamed
  5. Hi and thank you for your reply. Yes, you're right we have biopsies here but as most doctors aren't familiar with celiac, it won't be of great value. How can I trust his diagnosis when most probably he doesn't know what effects it has on the intestines and what to look for? As for Italy, going there would be fun I guess but unfortunately, I can't do it. Mohamed
  6. Hi everybody. Please excuse the terribly long post. Normally, I don't talk that much but just wanted to make sure to provide all the relevant information. I need help with these test results please: * IgA Quantitative:**********149 mg/dl*****Ref range: 70-400 * Anti Gliadin IgG:***********Negative******Ref range: Negative at serum dilution 1/40 * Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA:**Negative******Ref range: Negative * Anti TTG(Endomysium) IgA:**Negative 3****Ref range: Negative-< 20 --- Weak Positive 20-30---Positive-> 30 The lab didn't return the Anti Gliadin IgA. I had been consuming gluten normally my whole life. I just tried a gluten-free diet for 6 weeks then decided I should do the tests. Consequently, I returned consuming gluten (I didn't know I loved it that much) for 2 months before performing the above tests. I don't think I can do any more tests like genetic screening or biopsy because I don't think they're available here in Egypt and if they are I don't think I can afford them right now. In fact, I'm not quite sure I can rely very much on the blood tests given that the lab's staff had to search for a while in their manuals before finding the tests not to mention the contradictory answers I received on the availability of the tests when I contacted different branches of the same lab! In any case, based on these results, should I make the Anti Gliadin IgA or are the above tests enough? Now the important question, should I believe my physician in his diagnosis of IBS or is it celiac or should I consider something else? To help answer the above question, please allow me to briefly sketch my condition: * Male, age 39 My major symptoms are: ***Mental & psychological symptoms: * Fatigue and lack of energy that leads to increased sleep. (Frequent.) * Somewhat weakened mental abilities (i.e. memory, alertness, concentration, creativity,...). (Frequent.) All the people around tell me they don't notice them but I do. * Low grade depression. Personally I'm convinced it's due to the above mentioned points. ***Physical symptoms: * Gazes, bloating, abdominal fullness. (Frequent but not very bothersome.) * Low back and joint pain. (Infrequent.) Only when I eat some foods coupled with stressed * Lactose intolerance * Heartburn, dyspepsia. (Not very frequent and also not very bothersome.) * Chest pain. (Infrequent) * Rhinitis, blocked nose. (Nearly always) * Abdominal pain if I'm constipated for more than 4 days which doesn't happen a lot because I take laxatives the 3rd day. ***Diagnosis: I've been diagnosed by physicians as having IBS by some and Dysthymia by others. In addition, I've personally considered other conditions on my own; most notably CFS but decided it wasn't very probable especially because I don't have low blood pressure and I feel better after exercising. I'm not very troubled by the GI symptoms and don't mind living with them. However, I would be very happy to find relief from the mental symptoms. Although, in point of fairness, I have to state that I'm currently very happy and very grateful, thank God. But we can always make room for more happiness. After knowing about celiac and considering I could have it, I started paying attention to how I react to gluten. I found that eating gluten doesn't change my symptoms unless I eat too much. However in this case, I'm not sure if my symptoms are due to gluten or to eating too much especially that eating too much of a lot of foods can give me similar or worse symptoms (milk and soy products for example). So any advice is appreciated. Thank you Mohamed
  7. The blood tests are available in Egypt. You can do them at Al-Mokhtabar But you have to explicitly specifiy the names of the test, that is the exact name letter by letter. Don't tell them celiac tests, they'll probably won't know them and don't just say Igg for example or you may risk them doing you another Igg and not the anti-gliadin. As for the doctors, I agree, it's difficult to find one who is competent in celiac (hope I'm wrong). But hopefully, they will catch on. Good luck.
  8. Thank you for your answer. I rechecked the dates, it is actually less than 5 weeks. If I do the tests before the end of week 6, that is without eating gluten again, would they be accurate? Thank
  9. Hello everyone, Great site with a wealth of information. I had some symptoms that persisted for serveral years and were never cleared even after seeing several physicians. The main ones are chronic fatigue, poor memory, conentration and the brain fog. I also have some GI problems with chronic constipation but they are rather mild and have no problem living with them. In fact, I must admit that thank GOD my overall condition is pretty mild and much better than a lot of conditions celiac or other that one sees and/or hears about. Thank GOD. Doing some research for myself, I found about celiac and gluten intolerance (or maybe some other intolerance) and thought that may be that's what I have. However, where I live, these conditions are not very well know (with the exception of the standard celiac for infants). I even think that if I told my physician I think I may have gluten intolerance or some other food allergy, he'll probably think that I should see a psychiatrist . After some more research, I found about the tests and found that the blood tests are available here but they are quite expensive. Since, I don't have insurance (I don't think inusrance would pay for these tests anyway), I decided to try the diet and see if it works. Six weeks now, and I've noticed some minor improvements. However, they are very minor that they could be caused by placeboo, the B12 and other vitamins that I've self prescribed or I could even be fooling myself. In fact that's what my wife tells me. So, I decided to do the tests to be certain. My question is how long should I eat gluten before doing the blood tests? Thank you