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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am just hoping someone may be able to answer a question for me regarding elevated IgE levels. I have had many health issues lately as I mentioned in a previous post. A celiac test about 6 weeks ago returned negative. But I am still experiencing what I feel to be gluten intolerance symptoms. I just had some more blood results back today and have elevated IgE levels. 267 IU/mL (0-120) H Is there a possibility that this could be an indication of gluten intolerance? I am full of the flu too at the minute and had that many different results that the Doctor went over this morning that I'm now feeling quite confused. I totally intend to go gluten free just as soon as I'm feeling well enough to go gluten free grocery shopping. But would love to hear if there could be a connection here. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your advice. Its so nice to know that other people have the same symptoms as me and that I'm not going crazy (well in my opinion ) I'm in NZ, i guess that the testing through entrolab is in the states? I will see what the Dr says in two weeks, then work out where to go from there. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the replies. Well I'm, back at the Doctors in two weeks for my thyroid etc check so i will see what the Dr says then. I have tried not eating gluten before and i do notice a difference, but i have been holding back on going totally gluten free without knowing that this is actually the cause. I'd just like to know for sure and be able to tell people that I do have something wrong and then be able to change things and get better. My biggest problem is the fact that I am still on a visitors visa and i am having to pay ridiculous amounts just to see the Dr so I would hate to think how much a endoscopy would cost. Does anyone know if there is a connection between hypothyroidism, malabsorption and celiac? Thanks again
  4. Hi all, I’m new here and just looking for some advice. Since Febuary I have gone from being healthy and happy to constantly feeling unwell , looking unwell and generally feeling really down. (i'm 23, female) I rrecently moved to a new country and after having abnormalities show up on Liver function tests for my immigration medical, I thought I should tell my Dr about the other problems that I have been having but tried to ignore on the hope that they would right themselves. My symptoms include: headaches bloated stomach stomach aches/cramps foul-smelling gas fatty/pale stools irregular bowel movements, which go from constipation to diarrhea occasional bowel incontinence tiredness forgetfulness mood swings depression weight gain not had a period for 6 months, was previously very regular monthly spots on face especially around chin/mouth rash on back and chest rash on scalp which is sore, burning, itchy excessive hair loss a bald patch on the back of my head The Dr tested me for lots of different things including Celiac. The tests came back that I have hypothyrodism and also malabsorption. So I have been put on Levothyroxine and vit b, vit b12, vit d, calcium, iron, folic acid supplements for all of the deficiencies. The celiac and lactose intolerance tests both came back negative. So I was sent away by the Dr and told we’ll get your thyroid levels sorted first and that i have to go back in a month for blood tests to check that the levels are right and he’ll look into my other problems then. I feel like I have been fobbed off. Anyway, I have been taking all of these pills for over two weeks now and although i’m not feeling as tired as i was all of the other problems are still there. Infact my scalp is so sore and i’m losing that much hair its really getting me down. I feel like my family are fed up of me saying i’m not well so i try to hide it. And I don’t know that many people here so its hard to find people to talk to. After reading things on the net it seems i have so many celiac symptoms. Could i still be celiac although the blood test was negative? Does anyone know if hypothyroidism, malabsorption and celiacs can be connected? Or am I just going mad? Surely puttling me on all these supplements will increase my levels of these vitamins etc but there must be an underlying reason for the malabsorption which isn’t going to just go away. Anyway sorry for the long post, its just nice to get it all off my chest. Any info or advice would be great