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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. And just to add another classic - in my grumpiness I just updated my facebook status to say I was fed up with my diet, and got this response from a friend: "Oh dear. Are you having to be really strict about the celiac thing?" DOH!!!
  2. We don't do Thanksgiving here in the UK but just wanted to say you have my absolute sympathy and I understand why you had to flee the grocery store to cry. I'm a newbie - 2 month gluten-free and just cut out dairy too, and I'm having a miserable time. And so many people don't get it, which really doesn't help. I've also had the "there's only a tiny bit of wheat in it, surely it's ok" and raised eyebrows from those who think I'm some kind of paranoid inventor of maladies. I hate not trusting people to cook for me - they think "no flour" and it's all ok, but they need to check the ingredients list on EVERYTHING. Happy Thanksgiving - I'm sure it'll get easier for all of us. You're not alone!
  3. Ate A Little, Then Ate A Lot!

    But I think he's saying he's going to get the symptoms anyway because of the contaminated sauce, so does it really make it worse if you eat something else too? It's something I've been wondering too - not that I'm going to deliberately gluten myself - but if you do get "hit" by something really annoying like a stray breadcrumb in a salad (which is the least tasty thing on the menu but the only thing that's safe so you choose it and munch through it without a great deal of enthusiasm while all your dining companions are tucking into lovely freshly-made pasta), there's a real temptation to throw caution to the wind and take a big ol' bite of garlic bread. How much difference does quantity make to a glutening? Or is it one of those things that's different for different people? Creighton22 - how are you doing now? Are your symptoms worse than you expected?
  4. Thanks all for support and advice. Feeling a bit brighter about it today after I made some halfway decent gluten-free bread for lunch. I think I'm just coming down after the initial relief at being diagnosed and finally knowing what was wrong and what I could do about it, and now the reality of day-to-day living with it is sinking in a bit. I like the bracelet idea. When I gave up smoking I rewarded myself for each successful month, so why not the same for going gluten free!
  5. I'm 6 weeks diagnosed by biopsy, and got glutened for the 2nd time this weekend. Out for lunch on Sunday I asked about every ingredient in the menu and was told what I could eat. I think the fries were probably cooked in oil that was contaminated. I spent Monday washed out with no energy and then on Tuesday morning had complete bowel emptying (sorry if TMI), which was the same as 1st time (which was due to my own carelessness) - almost exactly 48 hours later my guts reacted. On the whole I'm not doing badly with coping, but when you're out it's a bit like roulette. Unless you go into the kitchen yourself how do you know they've got it right? I'm getting a little down at the prospect of never eating out safely again... Plus a friend went out of her way to cook me gluten-free brownies but I think she put chocolate in that had gluten. She wouldn't have thought to check the choc when she'd sourced gluten-free flour etc. I haven't said anything as she was trying so hard. Feeling like it's all a bit tough at the moment
  6. Sandi - I'm in the same position, but I went gluten-free for a few weeks as my 1st appt was end Oct before it got moved forward to late Sept. Now gone back on the gluten after a few weeks off and feeling crappy. Can't believe I put up with these symptoms for so long when they can be so easily fixed! Agree with the thread though - such a relief to be diagnosed with something manageable.
  7. You have my sympathy - French bread, crepes, croissants, sigh. I'm sure most restaurants will be able to sort you out though - there's so much fresh food, good meat and fish, veg. I also understand about the business trip thing - sometimes when you're in a work environment it feels too "personal" to have to tell customers/colleagues why you can't eat certain things, and you just don't have time to yourself to shop for alternatives etc. I'm teaching myself to be better at it after a glutening on a business lunch this week when I tried to second-guess the menu instead of asking If you really don't have symptoms and don't mind the fact it'll set you back several months, then go for it, and please have a baguette for me!
  8. Thanks both for what seem to be very sensible explanations. The really gutting thing (pardon the pun) is that although I've tested positive for coeliacs with a blood test, I still need to have a biopsy to confirm, but can't get an appt until late October (long story). I didn't want to stay on gluten for another 3 months as I wanted rid of the symptoms, so my doc and I agreed go gluten-free and then reintroduce it for a few weeks ahead of the test, given that I didn't think my symptoms were that bad. But since being gluten-free I feel so much better and realize just how much discomfort I was putting up with, and think that a reintroduction is going to knock me for six. But if I don't, biopsy may give a false negative. Sigh. Catch 22.
  9. Have been gluten-free for a little less than a month, and got glutened by a salad with croutons that I didn't spot until too late on Tuesday and some crumbs were ingested. I'm really surprised at my reaction, as I didn't have especially severe symptoms before diagnosis. I got pains in my gut within hours, and then cramps, and now three days later I'm getting the Big D after every meal, especially, I fear, those containing dairy (cereal with milk went through me in 30 mins this morning). Can I expect reactions to get worse the longer I'm gluten-free? Is lactose-intolerance inevitable? I think I've got my head around gluten-free, but if I can't have cheese I might have to cry.