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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have had 2 surgeries (first one didn't get it all. This took place before I went gluten-free. The fissure was after delivering a baby. I was scared as well but I healed perfectly fine and have no further problems.
  2. Disney World Theme Parks

    Magic Kingdom: sit down Grand Floridian Cafe (salmon with leeks *delicious, and fondue was replaced with chocolate Hershey's syrup served with fresh fruit/marshmallows) Hollywood Studios: quick service Catalina Eddies (caesar salad, gluten-free brownie, and hot cocoa) Pizza Express (Amy's gluten free veggie pizza *it was huge and took 10-15 minutes,Chocolate milk, gluten free cookies) sit down: Mama Melrose Fantasmic (risotto with tuna, and a delightful flourless cake *my family was jealous and wanted my dessert!) sit down: 50s Prime Time Cafe (salmon *but could of had the meatloaf, green beans, wild mushrooms, mashed potatoes) Animal Kingdom: quick service: Pizzafari (best pizza didn't wait too long, gluten-free brownie, and grapes) sit down: Yak and Yeti's (ordered the pad thai but they had to subsitute the noodles for rice) My family was on the meal plan that is why I had all the desserts/appetizers! All in all I was very happy and felt like I could eat at most places. I never got sick!!!
  3. I appreciated other people's post prior to my trip so I figured I can return the favor. They were very accomodating and knowledgeable every food place followed protocol by getting a manager or showing me the ingredient labels. At every sit down the chef came out personally and took my order (order all at once). My plate was brought out separate and was usually covered. Epcot: quick meal: Sunshine Season (beet and goat cheese salad and Enjoy Life dessert chocolate bar) sit down: Coral Reef (Tapioco Rolls, risotto with seabass, and a delightful flourless torte) sit down: Le Cellier (Tapioco Rolls- I started to decline them because I don't like them but I'm sure it is a personal opinion, filet with wild mushroom risotto and ice cream with chocolate sauce) Magic Kingdom: quick meal: Cosmic Rays Starlight (cheeseburger with gluten-free bun *it was not good, again probably just my preference, grapes, and gluten-free brownie) quick meal: Pecos Bill Tall Tale (caesar Salad with chicken, and was offered gluten-free brownie or cookies) sit down: Cinderella's Royal Table (appetizer was served family style but they brought me my own plate minus the brushetta, it has artichokes, asparagus, olives, cheese, and grapes *delicious, main meal vegetable casserole *very healthy I'm sure but not real good and for dessert caramel creme *not worth the calories more continued
  4. I would NOT make the chocolate chip mix again. I found them gritty and grainy and lacking a chocolate chip flavor. I prefer Pamela's Brand chocolate chip cookies for the same price.
  5. 810 Sports Zone in Overland Park/Plaze both are aware of Gluten and have several options. Fortune Woks (Chinese) has a gluten free menu, I've heard rave reviews. Jose Peppers (mexican) is very accomodating. Tannah's (Overland Park)has gluten free options and the chef is aware of gluten issues.
  6. I spoke to owner of Tannahs in Overland Park, KS and he was very accomodating with eating gluten free. He said he had gluten free sauces! He could make a rice or rice noodle dish! Eat up.
  7. I ate at Wei Wei (fast food version of Thai PLace) this weekend and I explained to the chef that I couldn't eat Wheat, Rye, Barley, or Oats. He told me that everything on their menu was gluten-free except one item. I was a bit unsure but went ahead and ordered. The next day I definitely didn't feel good. Does anyone else know about Wei Wei's ingredients.
  8. I think my dinner (7:00) had gluten, but I felt fine that night but started to get the bloating, crampy discomfort at noon the next day and it lasted for 12+ hours. Does anyone have delayed symptoms or do you get immediate discomfort?
  9. Thank you so much for your time and answer! I'm new to this and am learning more every day.
  10. With the new labeling regulations do they have to list in () behind spices if they contain wheat, rye, barley, or oats? Or do I need to call the manufacturer to find the source of the spice?