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  1. It is to interesting to read about this. All my life my dentist has told me off for not looking after my teeth, which are nearly see through and brittle. I always replied that i did and they looked at me like i was lying. I now know that the celiac disease has done this to me, but it would have been nice if the dentist would have taken his time and told me there could be something wrong and to investigate it further! I guess he was making money out of me rather than helping me. Yes i have changed dentist!
  2. Hi i was diagnosed as celiac in June this year. I have a couple of questions that i would like to ask. Is there any medically proven connection between polycystic ovarian disease and celiac disease? Secondly i was told that people that had scarlet fever are more incline to get celiac disease is this true. Ps i miss pizza!