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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Part of my celiac disease symtoms is chronic indigestion. I have been taking digestive enzymes but they don't seem to be working at all. Everytime I eat (no matter what I eat) I can feel it just sitting there. Or sometimes it just runs right out of me. I feel if I could just get rid of the indigestion many of my other sysmptoms would probably get better. Could this mean that my intestines are going to take a long time to heal maybe because they are so damaged? I haven't been on the gluten free diet too long. I now know that I probably had celiac disease and/or the symptoms of it several years or about all my life.
  2. For me - my problems are chocolate . . . candy bars, cake, hot cocoa, etc. I could never get enough of it. In the past, I would even have chocolate bars in the morning. If I saw them, I had to have them. I knew that I had to do something about this. So I got them all out of the house which was very difficult for me to do. But at the same time, it helped me out greatly. Now when I have something with chocolate it in i.e. ice cream or occasionally cake I no longer crave it. Even my cravings for sweets are entirely gone. I do eat cookies & ice cream on a daily basis because I want it not because I crave it. It tastes so much better to me now too.
  3. I am looking for a ranch-style salad dressing that is dry (packaged) to use as a marinate (sp?) on chicken/pork. My mother-in-law is doing Christmas dinner (surprise, surprise) & starting the meal with kabobs. I couldn't believe that she volunteered to do this. It was either she do something or we were going to stay home by ourselves. I think my father-in-law did a little pushing with her. He has a good friend who also has celiac disease so he has a better understanding of things.
  4. This is what I found on the below website for canned spaghetti in tomato sauce. It doesn't look like you can order from them. I have never tried it but I see it at the Healthfood store all the time. http://www.orgran.com/product.php?content=...&category_id=32 Canned Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce Orgran Wheat & Gluten Free Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce is produced from a superior blend of rice and legume split pea specifically developed to assist with dietary balance. Prepared with a delicate tomato sauce containing no added cane sugar, no dairy and animal derivatives, the product is a World's First!
  5. Is canned sauerkraut gluten free? The brand that I usually bought is Silver Floss.
  6. I saw a canned spaghetti with tomato sauce in my local healthfood store that is gluten free. Their web-site is www.orgran.com.
  7. Homeopathic Remedy

    I started on a a new hemopathic remedy a couple weeks ago but it seems to be making my symptoms worse not better. It is made from alcohol (gluten free) along with some other things. Could the alcohol be causing my additional problems?
  8. My local grocery store, Shaw's is going to try & get some Kinnikinnick bagels for me. They have a very nice gluten free section & have been very helpful. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Sleep & Leg Pain

    Over the last couple of nights, I have been getting leg pains in the middle of the night which wakes me up. It is so bad that I can't go back to sleep. I don't like to take Advil all the time so I just try to push my way through it. Last night it started at about 2 AM. It was very painful. I tried turning to a different position, sitting up, walking around . . . but nothing helped. I didn't get back to sleep until about 4:30 - 5:00. Needless to say, today I feel like a walking zoombie. Is this caused by celiac disease?
  10. I have a friend who has been back & forth to doctors. She now knows it is either some sort of Thyroid Disease or celiac disease. Are there some distinguishing factors or symptoms that could tell her which of these conditions she has? Doctors aren't giving her much help so she is trying to figure things by herself until she knows more for sure.
  11. I was just looking at the vitamins that I am taking by Vitamin Power. The multi-purpose vitamin has an ingredient - Green Barley Grass. They say that it is gluten free . . . but I want to make sure.
  12. Heritage

    Hi Melanie, That is funny that your Mom is a nurse b/c my natural Mom was also a nurse until she was in a car accident & injured her back. Because I have been sick so long I thought by contacting her, I would be able to find some medical information regarding my background. Unfortunately, we ended our relationship a year ago last October 10th. She had high expectations about the person I should be - that I would help her out financially, that I would return to be her daughter, that I would be there for her when she needed me, my hair should be a certain way, I should weigh a certain amount, etc. She also had expectations that I should have hugged her & kissed her when we met. I am shy & it sometimes takes me a while when I meet someone new. She couldn't understand that at all. I am still thinking about writing her a note about my findings. It can't hurt. Then it will be up to her what she wants to do if anything. At one point, I was very underweight (afterwards I started to become very bloated). They diagnosed me as Anexoria. I went down to 68 pounds at 5'3". We had a daughter who we adopted from China & we were in the process of adopting another daughter from Korea. Because of my severe weight loss & the pending adopting, the adoption agency took away our 2nd daughter from us b/c they felt it was intentional. In my opinion - if doctors were more knowledgeable about celiac disease & took the time to check people out for this disease, it would save people from going through a lot of things.
  13. We usually go out for dinner on Thanksgiving but I was very reluctant this year since only being gluten-free for a couple weeks. But I went ahead & made reservations for 10 people - I could cancell them later on if we changed our minds. A few days beforehand, the restaurant called to confirm our reservations. My husband took the call & asked to speak to the chef. The head chef came on the phone. My husband expl ained in great detail about my dietary issues. The chef went into every detail what he would be serving for the Turkey dinner, how it was made, what ingredients he used, & offered substitutions when possible. They even had Breyer's Ice Cream for dessert! It was a very pleasant experience & I look forward going back there next year.
  14. Connecticut Support Group?

    I live in Conneticut also but not near Norwich. I live in Weatogue which is near Simsbury & Avon.
  15. Heritage

    I was adopted at the age of 6-weeks so there isn't much background information especially on my Natural Father's side. Mom - Polish Dad - German I did meet my Natural Mom about a year ago. She was having "some" health issues that she attributed to IBS - couldn't lose weight, constant diarrhea, & others that we just didn't get into at the time. She now has 2 grown children from another man. I wouldn't be surprised if she has celiac disease.