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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. a few years back a docter told me to go gluten free, never had test,i notice some time i can cheat a little and it don't effect me,and then sometime it does.I notice the last few weeks i been able to cheat a lot, last night i had a small pizza and it bother me a little. i never ate pizza for a long time,until i notice if it had barley wheat flour it never bother me .Trying to figure out what help sometimes,i been taken magnesium lately and tramadol for neck pain maybe, i will have quit takeing them for awhile any see what happens i think my next step will be to drink 16oz of water if i eat something with gluten and see what happens.I never heard of anybody with my problem with the feet and don't get sick any suggestens
  2. Feet- Toes Hurt When I Eat Wheat Flour

    I try to stay gluten free,but once in awhile I get in something I didn't know had guiten in it,and hard to get to sleep with feet bothering me.
  3. Feet- Toes Hurt When I Eat Wheat Flour

    I Meant when i accidentally eat something with wheat in it,
  4. That the only thing that bother me,i wonder if they make something to take, to help that
  5. This pizza says it has wheat malted barley and its does not affect me,must be the malted barley
  6. I have been taking the vitaganic- vitamins for about a years,they are a custom made vitamins for celiac disease and i ran out, before the new shipment came in .I sure could tell the different.The disease bother my feet,i never realized how much they help,does any body else take these
  7. I have celiac and had for a while just found out last year My problem is my feet twitch and keep me up, i put a heat pad on feet to help,i try to stay on the diet, is there any relief from that,any thing you can take?