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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hi fellow 'Sconnies I am from Green Bay as well. Still getting used to being gluten free - and soy, lactose free. The Festival grocery stores in Green Bay have a nice selection of gluten-free foods - as well as Woodman's supermarkets - their aisle #18 is Huge !!!! My son lives a few blocks away from the Whole Foods Market in Madison - I am jealous !!!! Good to see more Wisconsinites out there - and I look forward to getting to know you all better Hugs, Nancy PS: Frenchiemama - I LOVE your Frenchies !!! Beautiful dogs. How many do you have ??? Lucky person
  3. Hi Mary Ellen I have visited the site you mention - and there is not a whole lot of research type info there, I agree. I am new to gluten intolerance, but not new to FM - have had it for 20 years. It certainly was made worse by the gluten intolerance, and I am fighting every day to regain some of my strength - one day at a time There is a very good site that is filled with research, and celiac disease, as well as gluten sensitivity is talked about often. Lots of research from leading MD'sd in the FM world .... and a VERY active message board. The message board is very active - and messages are answered many times as fast as you post them. LOT's of members with celiac and gluten issues. You can do searches for medical research, as well as searches on the message board. I don't know the rules here well enough yet ---- I hope it is alright that I post the web addy ???? www.immunesupport.com May be helpful for those of you who also suffer from FM ??? I have referred many people from there to this site - they were so thankful for all of the wonderful research here at celiac.com Hugs, Nancy
  4. Hi Donna Just a quick thank you - again - for all the info regarding Mag injections. I pick up all of my "little vials" today - 500 mg IM every 4-5 days. We'll see if that amount is enough to cover the awful headaches and muscle spasm. Sure hope so !!! At least my internist is willing to try - and that means so much. A good doctor never stops learning, I think. He looked at all the info you gave me, and ordered the gluten free med. Hope you are doing well - and that the heat and humudity isn't too bad. FM does NOT like barometer changes, or high dew points. Our barometer has been going up and down for the past 2 weeks - humidity and dew points as if this were Florida - YUCK I truely wait for autumn - sounds crazy - but autumn in Wisconsin is the best I ever feel. Thanks again, Donna ............ Hugs, Nancy
  5. Taneil ....... I was pleasently surprised to read your post about how you handle your hypothyroidism. I am going to look into the Thyrophin PMG - can you tell me did you get it through a health food store ? Can you tell me a little more about the product ?? My internist is thinking that the longer I am gluten free - the autoimmune attack on my thyroid may well stop. I have tried Synthroid, and ended up in the ER with a pulse rate of 170, and lots of chest pain - definately NOT for me. I have also tried Armour - constant loose stools. YUCK - I don't want to ge there again - just recovering from constant diarrhea !!! I like your thoughts on Synthroid actually shutting down the thyroid, and natural support perhaps being best for some. My TSH is 5.1 - so I am having hypo symptoms - but the thyroid meds seem to throw me into "hyper" mode. SO much valuable info here - thanks for sharing. Any further info you could share about the natural product would be appreciated. Thanks in advance .................. Nancy
  6. Thanks for your responses Susan .... I have the constant, unrelenting headaches too. Magnesium injections have helped tremendously, so that the severity is not as bad - but the frequency has not changed. I don't get the migraines as frequently since the start of the Mag IM's - before I was having "auras" almost daily, and it was hell !! I know that many people who are hypo can have a lot of problem with headaches, and severe muscle pain ...... ??? Barb - thanks for your input on Vit D/Mag/Calcium. I have done a lot of research on Vit D deficiency - it is scarey what this deficiency has been linked to. I am taking "baby steps" right now - adding and uping the minerals and vitamins as my body adjusts to them. I am not like a "normal" person - who can just take a handful of vitamins/minerals and go about their day !!! I may try adding some malic acid - hoping my stomach likes it Thanks again - there is a wealth of info here - and sharing like this is so valuable. Good health wishes ...... Nancy
  7. Nice to meet you Tammy .... isn't this all just fun !!!! I think that I have adrenal issues as well - now to find the appropriate tests for me. So many docs think of only Addison's disease - but there are so many out there with just plain hypoadrenia - and it is miserable. I have researched this quite a bit - and until adrenal issues are treated - it can be very hard to treat the thyroid. Thyroid meds are one of the biggest stressors to sluggish adrenals. I am taking calcium supps, and get mag injections twice a week. Off days from the injections I take a low dose mag glycinate. My Vit D level had been down to 6 - so yes I am supplementing with Vit D3 as well. This hasn't been easy - I am doing somewhat better - but this has really been a long road. Are you addressing your adrenals ?? A lot of people are helped tremendously with very low doses of Cortef - the natural form of hydrocortisone. And yes -I'm sure my female hormones are just as screwed up as the rest of me !!! I use natural progesterone cream at bedtime, and sometimes during the day. It helps my mood, and is also helpful with sleep issues. It is nice to meet you. Hoping to get to know you better. Maybe we can figure out all of this hormone mess together ????? Thanks for your reply ..... have a great holiday weekend. Nancy
  8. Thanks to both of you Yes it is sometimes difficult to know what right now is gluten related, Fibro related, or hypo related ........ arrgghhhhhh The exhaustion is frustrating - because I was used to being such a high energy person, even with FM. I have a lot of strange dizzines - not vertigo - just a strange dizziness. I haven't figured out yet if it is my body still mending from the gluten damage, or if it is from the thyroid. It gets to be trouble some enough that I need to lie down for a while. Frustrating. Time will tell - and it's nice to be able to chat with people who understand. Thanks for taking time to read my post ...... I look forward to getting to know you all better Have a good holiday weekend, Nancy
  9. Thank you Stacie I will keep on trying till I feel the best I can !!! Best health wishses to you .... Nancy
  10. Thanks, Jen, for you reply. Hoping there are some others out there who have been diagnosed with Hashi's ?? Thanks a bunch, Nancy
  11. Hi everyone ....... Along with severe gluten intolerance,numerous other food allergies, fibromyalgia, I also have Hashi's hypothyroidism. I know that thyroid disease is seen often with gluten intolerance. I am wondering how many have this condition, and what thyroid replacement med has helped you the most ?? I have done a lot of research about Armour replacement - natural instead of synthetic. I tried the Armour, and seemed to tolerate it well - except it gave me loose stools. After 4-1/2 years of having diarrhea - this was NOT a welcome side effect !!! Wondering if anyone else has had luck with Armour - or if Synthroid has been a better med for you ?? Also - once the hypothyroid is treated, and TSH levels come down, did you feel even better ??? I feel so much better stomach and intestine wise, but the energy level is in the ditch .... and I am hoping that with the proper thyroid treatment, recovery would be better. Even the muscular pain I think could become better with optimal thyroid treatment. Thanks in advance for your responses .... be wishes for good health Hugs, Nancy
  12. Hugs to you, Donna ----- email on it's way. Such a nice person to take time to share with me ...... I just can't thank you enough Nancy
  13. I'm bumping this up for Donna . Thank you :+) Nancy
  14. Hi Donna - hope you don't get sick of me asking about magnesium ???!!!!!!! When you have a few free minutes, would you be willing to share some of the background you have with Mag IM's (SubQ's) with me ??? I would really like to share this info with my internist - who has been a Godsend. How long have you been doing the injections ? How often do you inject them ? Can a person get TOO much magnesium ? (I don't feel that way right now - I feel like I need another injection !!!) My internist has been SO good - he's willing to go out on a limb and try new things. He and I, I think, are both surprised as to how well the Mag IM's deliver antispasmodic properties to my muscles. Obviously - this is a VERY mush needed mineral in my body. I have tried and tried the oral mag - all different types - and just end up with super loose stools - I don't want that again !!! With the mag IM's - my intestines almost seem to "calm down". Natures own muscle relaxant !!!! Right now my shoulders, neck, and head feel as if they were in a vice. Makes me very nauseated, and dizzy. Within one hour of injection - my head feels so much clearer - and the pain is gone. But then to wait another week for the next injection - it's just too long of a wait. My husband has now learned to give the shots - I draw them up and he injects - and I am thinking that 500 mg every 2-3 days may help me tremendously. Maybe not this dose forever - but for right now I am looking at quality of life and comfort. I have never had FM pain this severe in 20 years - but my upper body muscles just can not release themselves. I have to call the nurse tomorrow to put in a prescription to the pharmacy. I know some people who take 1000 mg Orally of mag every day - wish I could be one of them !!! Maybe some day ??? Thank you so much in advance for your support. Again - you will never know how much you have helped this "newbie" Blessings to you !!! Hugs, Nancy
  15. Thanks for your reply Donna Yes - weather plays a big part in FM. I live in Wisconsin - and the humudity has been so high this summer it is sickening. Between that and the barometer going up and down several times a day - well inside with the a/c running is where I stay. I actually feel "ill" going out into the heat and humudity. I lived so well with FM for so long - and this set back has really been hard for me to take. I was used to going and going (like that bunny on TV !!!) - had flares - but could get them under control within a few days. Not only has the gluten intolerance thrown a wrench into the FM - but I didn't listen to my body very well - ran my own business and just kept going. Right now I have been unable to really work for the past 6-8 months. Time to get my body back into shape - one step at a time. If nothing else - I have learned to appreciate life a little more, and not be so driven. Chronic pain certainly humbles a person. Luckily I have a good rheumy - and he is doing all he can to help me. The rest is up to me !!! Magnesium is such a wonderful mineral - it is the most beneficial med to me right now. Pain meds cover the pain - but getting to the root of the pain is the goal. Do you have blood levels done for red blood cell mag every so often ?? I need to get another mag level and Vit D level done again next week. Not a fun illness - but it could be worse. More and more research is being done. Wishing you a pain free day - and thanks again. I have printed out your message regarding the mag subq's - and will share this with my internist. Hugs, Nancy