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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've put this question out there before, but I'm wondering if anyone has any new opinions - recent bloodwork shows continued increase in platelet count. When I research this, inflammation is a possible cause. My Ttg was negative, so is it possible to still have inflammation? My hematologist want to investigate further. I've been putting this off for over a year, but now I have to let him look into this. Any opinions? Also, the gastro wants me to take B-12 shots for "low reading" (not below normal) Should I take the shots? Thanks! Kathy C.
  2. Gluten Free Mac N' Cheese

    This restaurant has also opened uptown - my daughter called me about it. She lives on W 82nd and West End Ave. It's in that neighborhood. She was told the owner is Celiac. I can't wait to try it. Kathy C.
  3. I noticed at Whole Foods that they now have oat bran bread in the gluten free bakery section. Has anyone tried this? Is is safe? Please advise. Thanks, Kathy C.
  4. I have the opposite problem - high platelet count. I am due for a check up soon, my hematologist initially thought celiac was causing high platelets, but my Ttg #'s are negative, so he's not sure why I would have high platelets (which can be caused by inflammation).
  5. Has anyone ever prepared gluten-free lasagna and cooked it the following day? OR cooked it one day and reheated it the next? Thanks for your help! Kathy C.
  6. The drugs on the gluten free drug list are name brands, correct? What about generics? My insurance company pays for generics, but I've found it to be a problem when researching generic drugs. Any suggestions? Thanks! Kathy
  7. Gourmet Land - Nyc

    Hi, I've eaten there too. It was very good, and as you said, a pretty extensive gluten free menu. I spoke to the owner and he said he's had many celiac customers. I hadn't had chinese food in such a long time. It was a real treat. Kathy C.
  8. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in regarding this meal. I ordered it once at PF Changs and it was delicious. Recently, I ordered it again and after one bite it tasted so spicy, I couldn't eat any more. I told the waiter and he said he would have them make a new dish (mild). He came back so quickly I was a bit suspicious. That dish was exactly the same (so spicy). At that point, I was frustrated and just left the restaurant. I can't eat anything spicy, and I don't remember it tasting that way the first time I ordered it. Anyone else have this experience? Is this dish supposed to be spicy? Thanks. Kathy C.
  9. Some drs. require a "prep" for this test. Mine did not. He told me that about 40% of drs. use the prep because they think there is a clearer picture.
  10. Yes, I had this done in New York at the Celiac Center. It was simple, swallow the pill with some water, walk around all day with a device strapped around my waist, and then go back to the doctor and give him the device. Of all the tests I've had done, this was the easiest! Kathy C.
  11. Saw my hematologist yesterday and once again my platelets are creeping up. He mentioned that it could be related to Celiac Disease, but not if I'm following the diet (which I am). I have to return in a month to retest, but he also said it could be "a bone marrow disorder) Scary!. Anyone out there had this issue? When I googled this "inflammation" is mentioned. Can I have "inflammation"if I'm following the diet? Thanks for any help. Kathy C.
  12. I belong to the Palm Beach County Celiac Support Group. This is a chapter of the Celiac Disease Foundation. Phyllis Kessler is the President. This group has recently merged with the Southeast Florida Celiac-Sprue Support Group. There are over 100 members who meet bi-monthly at the Civic Center in Delray Beach. I live in Broward County (as do several other members.) It's about a 30 min. drive from here. If you want to contact Phyllis Kessler her e-mail is pkessler23@aol.com. Kathy
  13. I'm curious - for those of you with intolerances, rather than allergies, what are your symptoms? I recently had an IgG antibody assesment done, and there were several foods that came up. I was tested due to daily headaches and stomachaches,but are these the kind of symptoms the rest of you are getting? thanks for the help. Kathy
  14. What type of doctor do you see for these injections? Are they used for tension headaches? Thanks Kathy
  15. I've been wondering about deleted posts also. If a post does not get a response, is it then deleted? I've posted a couple of times about an IgG antibody test I had done, but it suddenly disappeared. Is it because no one responded? Just curious. Thanks Kathy