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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Roda, thanks for your reply. The more I hear stories it makes me want to have the whole family go gluten free. My husband isn't really on board. Very picky. But my older daughter who is 4 has had white stools on and off and had oily stools, mostly her stools are pale tan or the color of applesauce. I know this is fat malabsorption and am familiar with it because of my own digestive issues. She complains of stomach pain. She had an elevated liver enzymes (ALP)or maybe (ALT) can't remember but it was elevated at 450. We did an ultrsound and gall bladder an stuff looked good. She is having a repeat blood test next week and then if it comes back elevated again more tests and then a specialist I'm sure. She seems fine, happy, plays good just has intermitted tummy problems. Hummmmmm. I hear so many people say the blood test were negative only to have a positive years later. I believe it takes time for the antibodies to show up. My pharmacist said he had elevated liver enzymes and they couldn't figure out why, when he went gluten free his tests became normal again. He told me the gluten can cause inflammation in the liver. I don't know.... makes sence I guess.???? Melissa
  2. I'm not sure if I wanna put her through the testing. Even the blood test. She is only 22 months and I can't even imagine trying to get a blood draw. I have a follow up in one more week and I will talk to the doc about it. I started her on some good probiotics 3 weeks ago. I really don't like giving her the meds either, and you are absoletly right about masking the real cause but in the same sence I don't want her suffering and having that acid damage her body anymore. I will probably just stop gluten and then after a few weeks try no meds and see what happens. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping someone would tell me their childs experience so I could compare. Thanks again Missybean
  3. Hello, it has been a while since I have logged on here. It was when I was pregnant with my daughter I discovered i had many food intolerance/sensitivies....gluten was a major issue for me, all celiac tests were negative of course. Anyways I have since been diagnosed with mastocytosis and gluten just happens to be one of my triggers. Now getting to my topic, my 22 month old daughter has rarely slept through the night, some will say that is normal. Well I'm so sleep deprived waking up with her anywhere from 2 to 6 times a night. When she wakes up she cries and I can tell the difference between a pain cry and just needing to be comforted. The past 2 months it seems like she is in pain and I hear her coughing and then the crying starts, when I pick her up out of the crib she burps and always wants something to drink and for about 2 weeks she rused to be laid flat in her crib and we slept in the reclining chair upright until started reflux meds. Prior to this she also had awful smelling gas, has had diarrhea on and off for months. Since removing dairy and soy her gas is almost non existant. Her first year of life she had bad relux it would projectile and also come out of her nose, she would choke in her sleep. JUst awful! She was also constipated bad the first 14 months of her life and the GI specialist put her on miralax and that was awful gave her such bad diarrhea we had to stop and since then her stools have been pretty normal except she has diarrhea 2 to 3 times a week and I also see slimy,mucos stools 2 to 3 times a week. The zantac they prescribed for us was almost impossible to get her to take, tastes awful after a week of that I was giving her pepto tablets for babies(calcuim carbonate) and it helped a bit. Then last week I noticed her breath smelled like bleach! My pharmacist gave me a scientific explanation saying it's the acid coming back up basically, so we saw the doctor again and now we are trying prilosec and sometimes I think it works and other times she still is waking up in pain. It is super expensive too. NOw I'm thinking maybe it is gluten. She is normal weight and height and pretty happy she is just a clingy child. So I'm wondering do any of you parents have similar stories? How long will it take to get gluten out of her system? 3 weeks? I'm so desperate for sleep. Missybean
  4. Does anybody know what causes egg burps(sulfur burps)? I get them maybe twice a year. Sometimes I get a stomach ache with them and sometimes not. Also if anyone can tell me how to get ride of them that would be great.
  5. I lost 30 pounds in 6 to 7 weeks by eating meat,fish,eggs and veggies only. No fruit. After that I started have maybe on piece of fruit a day and 1 day a week I had a cheat day. This was all before I knew I had a issue with gluten. Felt great while doing this diet. I also exercised 5 to 6 days a week...walking/running with restistance training. The restistance training really helped alot. I have a slow metabalism and so I had to really change it up a lot to constantly shock my system. I also highly recommend a food journal, calorie counting......I was doing 1700 calories a day and noticed the scale not moving then I had to lower it to 1600 and then a month later it was down to 1400 so I can really relate to it being hard to lose weight. Then I got pregnant and started eating grains again and was getting sick and realized there was a gluten issue....went gluten free and the weight started packing on. I was four months pregnant and had mantained my weight that far and then after going gluten free for 2 months I had packed on 20 pounds! Something about carbs and grains for me......my body can't tolerate them...even gluten free grains. I try my hardest to avoid gluten free breads and such but it is hard....I'm hungry contantly. I'm wondering what will happen after I have the baby. Will my body hang on to weight? Or will it be easy to lose? Hopefully it will come off fast. I will be journally and calorie counting and eating low carb. I know it has worked in the past. Keeping my fingers crossed. I also found if you are going to exercise....join an on line support group like beachbody.com, you can enter in your daily exercise and even win contests.Good luck!
  6. You can do soy...most coffee stands will offer soy. You can make your own lattes with the flavored coffee creamers like coffee mate. They are lactose and gluten free but they might have sodium casienate......not sure off the top of my head.
  7. Thanks for the info. Scary...nitrates seem to be in everything. Even my organic spinach?
  8. I would like to make some of my own nitrate free breakfast sausage or buy some and I'm noticing that a lot of natural recipes call for naturally occuring nitrates like celery powder or juice. My question is are all nitrates the same? Naturally occurring or chemical added. I'm confused. Whats the difference between the bacon I buy that has nitrates in it versus bacon I could make on my own? I think I have a sensivity to nitrate this is why I'm avoiding them plus I heard they are bad for you and it seems nitrates are in everything. Uhhhhh. I'm trying to eat more protein since I don't do well with carbs even fruit and protein holds me over better. I can't have eggs anymore or casien or soy so meat and nuts are really the only protein source I have right now. Also if anyone has any good nitrate free sausage recipes they would like to share that would greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I used to use Jay Robbs egg white protein and loved it until I found out I was allergic to eggs. But they now have a rice protein with no soy lethicin,no dairy or casien and no eggs....so it was perfect for me. The rice protien definetly takes some getting used to. But every kind of rice protien I have tried tasts kind of gritty or chalky......it's just kind of the way it is. But the whey protein or egg protein is yummy and it depends on what you blend it with I would alway do the vanilla flavor egg protien with frozen starwberries or blueberries and vanilla almond breeze or fruit flavored crystal light and it was like a little treat for me everyday. It was kind of a marshmallow taste. Now since I can't have soy,almonds or eggs or casien I have to stick to the Jay Robbs rice protien and it's okay....the flavor is right on and good it is just the constinancy of it...and that comes from the rice......I guess it's pretty standard with rice protien.
  10. Sulfites

    This awesome information to know....thanks Rhonda! I loved the info on how to make your own formula. I didn't realize how often sulfites are used....I was just trying to avoid processed meats. Man it's in everything.
  11. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on this subject. I recently found out I have IgG delayed food allergies to eggs, soy, and casien and I'm wondering...since these issues really starting flaring up during pregnancy....does that mean that my baby is going to be allergic. I'm kind of scared because I think a lot of the vacccines they give babies are made from eggs and I'm terried. I'm probably going to hold off on some vaccines anyway because I think some of them are unnecessary like hep b for a new born baby...anyway...different subject different time. What is the probablity my baby will have these allergies? Also my 2 year I believe has issues with cows milk and we have weaned her down to one glass of milk a day at night before bed and I would like to take that away as well but I don't know what to replace it with. I would like something with protien because it seems to top her off and keep her full through the night...she has kind started becoming a picky eater and isn't eating her dinner a lot so if I don't give her something like milk before bed, she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. She has become so mucusy from all the dairy she was eating...it used to be the only thing I could get her to eat...cheese,yogurt,cottage cheese. Any suggestions?
  12. About a year when I was in a lot of pain and having many issues my primary doc thought I had RA and suggested we do the test for it which could possibly come back negative which is very common I guess. It did come back negative but she strongly felt I had some kind of autoimmune disease since they run in my family and I already had one. She suggested that if things were getting bad for me...pain wise.. there was this drug called low dose naltrexone which can be given to people with all kinds of autoimmune diseases and cancers and even AIDS. The drug is fairly inexpensive and have been a godsend to many people who are really suffering and the really good thing about it is it is given in such a low dose there is hardley any side effects. I can't personal vouge for this drug but the things I had read have been good. It doesn't suppress the immune system...if I understand the info correctly. Many doctors haven't heard of this therapy yet so if you want to know more go to lowdosenaltrexone.org and read up and print out the info and take it to your doctor. If you are tired of prednisone or other drugs that you have been prescribed take at look at this. There is also stuff on youtube about this drug. Remember if you are interested in this make sure you print out all the info on this drug and take it in to your doc. It seems docs are real quick to shut anything down they didn't discover themselves. Google it, there are many docs and clinics that use low dose naltrexone therapy. Maybe this topic has been brought up before on this site as I'm fairly new to it. I justed wanted to pass this on ......maybe it will help someones sufferring. If anyone has used this I would be very interested to hear there experiences. lowdosenaltrexone.org
  13. My question is can I take any regular recipe where it called for regular flour and use my gluten-free flour in place of it. So like for instance.....if my apple cake recipe calls for 2 cups of flour can I use two cups of my gluten free flour mixture? Is it cup for cup?
  14. Marsha...I can certainly relate. I'm six months pregnant. Goin gluten free was hard but then when I found out about my other food allergies the search began and I still struggle. I can't have gluten, soy, eggs , casien, tomatoes and potatoes and almonds. Potatoe, tomatoes, and almonds I tested as low reactive so I was told to stay away for a month or so and re-introduce. Eggs, soy, and casien for six months then retry. You can get an IgG delayed food allergy test. For me I had supected eggs and soy on my own and really just needed some confirmation......though tests aren't alway accurate. I would give it a try. It was 126 dollars and it was through US BioTek in Seattle. They have a website...check it out....you don't need a doctor to do it. Regular docs don't really believe in it or don't know about it but a naturopath doc would. Now for almond milk you can do Pacific natural foods they have almond milk without soy. Not as thick as almond breeze but thats because of the soy lethicin. Rice milk is another one. Coconut milk is good too...there is one brand called So Delicious...try the vanilla flavor. I get these at Fred Meyers. There is hemp milk, cashew milk all kinds of nut milks...you can even make your own with nuts and water and then strain. Recipes are on the web. Now for dairy....butter that was an issue as all butter subs have soy in them. Someone on this site recommend Ghee which is clarified butter so when all milk fats and protien sink to the buttom people who are latose and casien intolerant can eat it safely. The brand I bought is Purity Farms Organic ghee and I got it at my local food co-op they should carry it at any natural foods store or you can get it on amazon or make your own or sometimes stores that carry Indian foods will have it. I can't even have mayo because of the eggs or veganaise because that has soy. I make my own ranch dressing which is made from olive oil and white beans and tons of garlic and spices and you know what its darn good too. Good luck to you and know that a lot of these food intolerance can be temporary until our bodies heal from all that gluten. No advise on the ice cream front...sorry.