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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm in the same boat..my son is starting kindergarten next week. The teacher is very open and is actually changing products and cleaning all the play-doh toys. She gets high school students in her room before school starts to help her. This is what I have found... ok..I can't add the link I guess I need to figure that out. But go to Discount School supply and they have a list of allergy friendly school supplies.
  2. Mac And Cheese

    I've made this twice and he loves it!!! Thank you for adding to my list of food he'll eat. I also found some duck pasta that is very cute...it make this so fun.
  3. That looks wonderful...I must try it. My son doesn't like rice flour breads. I have found he like Gluten-Free pantry Best Sandwich bread. I do have a hard time finding it here. The last time I found it I bought 3 boxes. This one looks good too, thank you for posting
  4. Thank you!! My son loves muffins..he has muffin and yogurt for breakfast.
  5. Yes I have heard about Swiss Chalet and we did stop there on our way home from Thanksgiving trip. My only concern was that it was combine with Harveys so I wasn't sure that it would all still be gluten-free. In December we will be travelling from northern Ontario to Hamilton. I did manage to find a contact with the Hamilton Celiac chapter. We are just not familiar with the trip from Parry Sound to Hamilton. I'm hoping with starting my search now, I will be able to breath a bit better for our trip. Thank you for your help.
  6. Mac And Cheese

    Yummy! Sounds good. I will try this with my 3 1/2 year old. Mac and cheese is something he's really missing. I also like the ideas of "hiding" veggies...he does not likes any veggies.
  7. We went away this past weekend for Thanksgiving, and I found it very hard to stop and eat with DS (3.5) We did bring some things for him to hold him over snacks and drinks. We are traveling again in December to Hamilton Ontario...looking for tips and suggestions. Thanks a bunch
  8. I'm very interested to hear this, because the med student that was with the ped the first time gluten-free diet and celiac disease came up she said he has to have diarrhea as an indicator!! I'm finding that's not always the case.
  9. We have infant development..I think that's what you are referring to. Yes! he's had that since 12 months old. He also has speech, physio therapist and OT. I'm seeing so many changes in him. He's SLEEPING!!! that's a big one...he's sleeping in!! Huge changes with his diapers..he has been on medication since he was 6 months. He never had lose stools, he's always had the constipation. I've decreased his does today and that is our goal to get him completly off this medication. But his stomach was always distended, I think it'll be awhile till we notice that change. I can tell he's feeling better....it has been hard these few days.
  10. My son is 3.5. I'm curious to find out how long it took you to notice a difference. My son also has a speech delay so he can't communicate is needs very well. He will cry when in pain but not really be able to tell me what is wrong. I have notice a slight change in his bowel movements..to a more "normal" colour, not a huge change just slightly. Just wanting to make sure it's not just me wanting a change to happen right away...?? So, in your experience how soon did you see changes? Tracy
  11. Yes..thank you for this. I'm a newbie and this is very helpful. I've learned that our Bulk Barn has a huge variety of gluten-free products, even better my neighbour works there and she can give us her employee discount.
  12. Awsome..thank you. Do you know anything about the health food store in Orangeville? Tracy
  13. Newbie help.... So I went to the grocery store today without kids!! Very rare!! I printed off a list of foods to avoid I wanted to make sure that I'm reading everything right. So here goes They are Christie's Rice Thins: Ingredients: rice meal, multigrain blend (yellow mustard seed, poppy seed, brown rice flakes, brown and white sesame seeds, buckwheat meal, soya flakes, millet, sunflower seeds), safflower oil, salt. Are these okay? Tracy