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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Guys. Very helpful and that would certainly explain the egg allergy. I guess spicy foods would set me off because they are irritants rather than allergens? Why does being English make me more predisposed to Celiac? Thankfully alcohol still remains pain free!!!!! my doc is treating me with proton pump inhibitors at the moment as she is wondering if it may be an ulcer instead but if it was surely alcohol would be impossible? Don't know whether to stop the drugs as they aren't making much of a difference. Thanks for your input T
  2. Hi. Yes that was what I was hoping to do. Fortunately we don't have to have health cover or insurance in the UK but they usually insist on the Endoscopy. I read somewhere in a thread on this forum that there is a real threat of malignancies so that is why you should scope? I think I was a bit frightened by that. I do feel better being gluten free but it has only been a few weeks I still experience stomach pain and more frequent bathroom trips (sorry TMI!) but I find now that spicy foods, soya and most of all eggs hurt me the most. Was eating eggs fine until about a month ago.....dont really understand why these would bother me so much now? Finding it hard to adjust and frustrating as I am so scared to put anything in my mouth, feel sorry for my kids as I am not their fun Mum at the moment Thanks for the advice. I am very grateful T
  3. Hi I am still awaiting the results of a Celiac blood test taken 5 weeks ago (I am in the UK and they take ages!) my doctor told me that even if it comes back as negative she would like to arrange an endoscopy. My dilemma is this (and I am sure I am not the first to ask this!) I cant bear the thought of having to eat Gluten again for the test. In the UK you get referred for the Endoscopy and then you have to wait, could be a few weeks or a few months. I dont want to eat gluten again, especially not for an unknown amount of time. If the test is Positive why bother with the Endoscopy? and if it is negative - why bother?! Can anyone share their views on this? Thank you in advance, I have found this forum extremely helpful T x
  4. Many thanks! Just had my ultrasound and no gallbladder stones or problems. Would try stopping the Zantac but only have 4 weeks worth and have done 2 weeks already. Off on holiday tomorrow so dont want to rock the boat!!! Is it possible that having an undiagnosed wheat gluten intolerance could give you an ulcer? Cant understand how I might have gotten it
  5. Hi! Stumbled across this site a few times and think that it is very helpful, especially these forums. I wondered if anyone could help me? My situation is this. For about 5-6 years I have suffered bouts of diarrhoea, bloating, and mild abdominal pain. After having my second child last April my symptoms seemed to worsen. In the last few weeks I have been suffering from horrendous abdominal pain that is more right sided, just off to the right of my navel. Sometimes it shoots horizontally across my entire stomach. It seems worse on an empty stomach or after alcohol. Have had bloods done and all fine except a slight raise in Bilirubin (Doc thinks I have gallstones based on this, but my pain doesn't c-oinside with eating, it isnt in my chest and back, I am only 33 and am skinny) Have lost 14lbs in 6 months with this issue. A different doctor put me on Zantac (for ulcers) and I must admit it helps. Been on a gluten, wheat and soya free diet for 3 weeks and feel much better, stomach pain is lessening but dont know if that is the Zantac! Have had a Celiac bolod test done by my doc says it will take 3-4 weeks to come back from the lab. I am due an Ultrasound scan tomorrow Anyone shed any light on this? I guess my questions are: Can Celiac cause Ulcers? Or could I have something else other than an ulcer. Pain is always on the same place. Thanks in advance T