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  1. Two weeks ago I was flying with my mom. She was eating cookies and she reached for a handful of pumpkin seeds. With the same hand she was eating cookies with she offered me some pumpkin seeds. I hesitated but took them and ate them. Afterwards, I was not feeling great at all that week. My OCD, GI problems, and brain fog returned with a vengeance. I also got glutened really bad on a Seattle trip 6 weeks earlier, so I think I did a double-whammy on myself. A week later I was recovering from the slipup and got better. But after a few days I began to mildly suffer from OCD again. Then a mild brain fog. I looked in the mirror and my face was all poxy (a symptom that for sure tells me I'm glutened). It might have restarted I guess when I used a sponge to clean a dish instead of putting it in the dishwasher, and a month ago my little brother visited and contaminated my sink with cereal and stuff. Or I was still recovering from the last incident and it was taking weeks for recovery. I don't know if I'm just still recovering after too many gluten slipups in the past few months or if I am continually poisoning myself in the kitchen with contaminated surfaces thanks to my brother. I normally am not this paranoid, I've been doing gluten-free for four years and am good at being in control. What should I do to purge everything in my kitchen? Bleach in dishwasher? Bleach all over sink and counters? What?
  2. Anyone Else Not Dream At All?

    When I get glutened, I have very graphic nightmares and psychedelic dreams. Yeah, I know its weird.
  3. haha do I get get depressed on gluten? I become maniacally depressed. I put hundreds of dollars on counseling before I became gluten-free.
  4. I am 20 years old, been on a gluten-free diet for a year even though its been hard to learn the ropes and I messed up a few times. This summer I was suffering from severe depression, suicidal thoughts, insanity, and short term memory loss which all went away once I figured I should stop eating out even if there was a "Gluten free" menu. Apparently cross-contamination seems to always be an issue at In-N-Out, Chipotle, or Pei Wei which is where I frequently ate before work. My dad has the same issue, he seems to become violent and aggressive when he is on gluten or eats out, but now that he is gluten-free he's a much better person who wouldn't hurt a fly. The school semester rolled on, and things were better once I kept a strict control of my gluten free diet. However, I was told to stay away from soy lecithin from a friend because her doctor said its a gluten trigger, even though I never heard my own GI doc say that. I stayed away from soy, but for the past few weeks I started to eat some gluten-free items from Trader Joe's that had soy ingredients in it, and initially I thought I was doing okay. But then I started to show gluten-esque signs of depression, changes in behavior (according to my parents), migraines, and in the past few days I started having the unexplainable suicidal thoughts and depression signs again. Today, i am in such an intense brain fog I can't even think straight. I feel paranoid, reckless, scared, and suicidal but I can't figure out why. I am feeling the same way as I did during the summer. I can't help it. The part that scares me is I don't know if my feelings are legitimate or if they are gluten-related. I'm irrational and I can't reason myself out of this. I can't think right now because my brain fog is so intense. These feelings just came up randomly for no reason, especially the suicidal ones. How did I get glutened if I did get glutened? Is it because I started eating soy again? Can soy even cause such intense negative feelings like gluten can? Or is it because there could be cross-contamination in my family's kitchen where I use the dishes? I don't know where I messed up or even if I did mess up, but I just can't think right now my thoughts and paranoia are racing. Right now with this feeling, I don't know how I can keep going in life, this wretched feeling is just unbearable but I can't figure out why I am feeling this way.
  5. Pei Wei, Do You Like It?

    That would definitely make sense because it's not like their hiring people trained in anti-CC procedures. They're people hired off the streets. I couldn't really trust them to be 100% diligent with avoiding cross-contaminatio.
  6. Wow thanks! It's helping me a lot to realize I'm not the only extreme case.
  7. I recently found out it was linked to autism, but I've never heard the schizophrenia link! Well, this makes me feel better because I now know my emotions are not real. I thought I was crazy for thinking the gluten caused my emotional upheaval, even though the emotions happen after I get glutened and last for 5 days.
  8. Wow that is pretty intense!
  9. For those of you that are soy and gluten intolerant (including Celiac disease) like me, I have a question. Does soy cause you to have reactions as severe as gluten reactions? Or are they just annoying and nowhere near as bad as getting a gluten reaction?
  10. Pei Wei, Do You Like It?

    I know Pei Wei has a gluten free menu, but I still get sick from eating there. Is it from cross-contamination? Or is it probably my soy intolerance?
  11. I am kind of skeptical of dark-colored soft drinks because I've been doing a lot of reading on "caramel coloring" and I'm finding people are questioning whether or not Coke's caramel coloring is consistently gluten free. I might be mistaken because I recently found out I have problems with soy, but I think Pibb, Dr. Pepper, Coke, and other soft drinks make me not feel so good. I don't know if it would be the caramel coloring or the carbonation messing up my digestive system. What do you guys think?
  12. Does anybody experience any of these symptoms when on gluten? - Depression - Extreme irritability - Anger - Irrationality - Loss of judgment - Hostility - Despair I know it sounds stupid but I really want to know.
  13. I have been doing a pretty good job of being gluten-free, but I had a strong feeling I was missing something. Some things that were labeled "gluten-free" were still making me sick, and these were organic brands like Trader Joe's and Sprouts. I found out that a family friend also has celiac disease, but she says her doctor told her to stay away from soy lecithin because it is a new addition to the "foods to avoid" list in the gluten-free diet. He could not emphasize enough how bad soy lecithin was for a celiac disease person. When I looked back to all the gluten-free foods that made me sick, I NOTICED THEY ALL HAD SOY LECITHIN!!! Gluten-free chocolate, candies, and some baked goods had soy lecithin in them. I was shocked considering these were under the gluten-free label even though soy lecithin is supposed to be a gluten-free "no-no". Is this very new knowledge or do some of you guys know about this already? Does soy lechithin make you guys sick too? Apparently it's protein form is similar to wheat's which is why it is in the same family of grains.
  14. I have been unofficially diagnosed for 8 months now. The reason I say unofficially is because my GI doctor (the second best in the country) says that my blood tests come out negative as well as my brothers and my dad's. However, our symptoms are so bizarre and directly related to when we eat gluten he says there is no need for an endoscopy, it's pretty obvious we have celiac disease or some form of gluten intolerance. But I react badly. It's driving me insane literally. Whenever I eat gluten, I become absolutely insane. I become depressed (sometimes suicidal), angry, irrational, and anti-social. I get afraid of being around people and I lock myself in my room. I get paranoid and scared over everything. I become certifiable. When I'm strictly off for a good week or so, I am pretty stable and act normal and functional. My dad has celiac disease and he found out the same time as me. When he eats gluten, he becomes even more insane than me. He even gets violent at times. However, he's becoming much more strict with what he's eating so he's doing a better job at being gluten-free than I am. He is like a whole new person (unless he lapses and gets glutened again). My brother now thinks he has this condition too. He's had several manic episodes as a teenager and now that he's 23 he got his behavior under control but he looks terrible like I do. We're all having trouble with uncontrollable swelling, bowel problems, severe head-pounding migraines, tingling/numb limbs, itching, and psychological instability. My dad's mother had major health problems too with swelling and being sick constantly. She was obsessed with being healthy even though she was anything but (her diet was terrible) and she was kind of unstable too. She never knew she might've had celiac disease, and she died without knowing. My doctor thinks her bone cancer was celiac disease related. This is such a ridiculous and stupid disease. Does anybody else have experiences like this?