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  1. I haven't posted on here in a while...I sort of fell off the gluten free wagon. I went to the doctor for severe constipation, got diagnoised with Celiac, spent two years strictly gluten free, still severly constipated, threw in the towel and started eating gluten again.... It has been about a year of gluten binging...and along with it came an episode of severe anexity (still constipated...) went to the doctor, she put me on some meds...anexity handled. My boyfriend said that he notices I am "better" when I am gluten free...he doesn't mean that negitively, he just isn't sure how to discribe it....and I am not entirely sure what he means..but i think he is refering to my attitude, ambition, drive, etc... anyway, with his love and support, i am now back to a strict gluten free eater. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now....i am almost through my second week and I am severly depressed. (seems all my emotions are severe...) i haven't left the house in a week. I have no desire to leave the house. I have called out sick from work the last 4 days. I can't say i feel sad..i just don't really feel anything. i have no interest in doing anything. Normally I like to knit, crochet, cook, go to the gym, but this last week, getting up off the couch is a chore. I don't know if this is diet related or not.... I know i need to see my doctor, but then..that would mean leaving the house so i don't know.... I am hoping i will just snap out of this...anyone got any thoughts or ideas?
  2. <br /><br /><br /> I am still pretty new to figuring out the dairy intolerance, i will still need to narrow it down as to whether it's lactose or casin, i am pretty sure it's lactose, but not 100%. I am off on vacation next week and on a cruise, so i am not going to go crazy over this til i get back. i really appreciate all the help. I am going to go dairy free the minute i get home from vacation and see if it helps!
  3. <br /><br /><br /> can you cook with that butter like regular butter? is there a better choice for cooking?
  4. After many months of narrowing it down, i think i have dairy issues. Seems like i'm fine if i eat say gluten free bread that has milk in it, but if i were to have ice cream, or lots of cheese i am not. I have read that you can't test for dairy issues.....does anyone else experience this?
  5. Struggling To Lose Weight...

    are you doing weight watchers on line or going to a meeting? I want to try weight watchers, but wasn't sure if it was adaptable to the gluten free diet, i made a post on here about it but no one replied If you have good weight watchers experience, i would love to know!
  6. So, i am one of those celiac's that gain weight...like it's my job! I am considering doing weight watchers online, and am wondering if anyone has tried it and if it's been adaptable to the gluten free lifestyle. Thanks!!
  7. Yesterday was a rock bottom sort of day. I am to the point where i am aware that the little bit of gluten here and a little bit of gluten there is hurting me...back when this first started, it didn't bother me..so i am sure my intestines are like really??? You did this to us again???? I am an excellent cook (even if i do say so myself) and can, have and will continue to make my own gluten free treats such as hamburger buns, pizza and fried rice...i haven't quite perfected the egg roll though....i can make the spring roll, and it's great, but i can't fry it...it comes all a part, i did try using two rice paper wrappers and that didn't help so any suggestions on this might be good Yesterday, my belly was so swollen, it was 7 inches larger than normal...so bad...even my sweat pants didn't fit!! Now, if that's not rock bottom, I don't know what is! So, i am going to take a week to go back to how i first ate when I was diagnosed, basically veggies and broth and chicken, see if i can't get myself to feeling a little better...then i'll add back in the "pasta" and "bread". I hope it won't take as long to heel this time. As to my thyroid, i seriously hope that's not gluten related, but genetic. Thyroid issues and Diabetes run in my family. Even after being gluten free for 2.5 years, i still exhibit the symptoms of under active thyroid. I am just so damn afraid of needles, i never had my blood drawn after the whole celiac diagnosis to check!! The only reason it got checked recently is because my doctor ordered all tests she could think of that someone of my age and general well health might need so i would only have to go in once! Perhaps going gluten free and fixing my thyroid will put me back to feeling better again!! oh, someone said something about my blood sugar....i only know my fasting blood sugar was 112, she didn't run any other tests for it except glucose....she's not super worried about it...just keeping an eye on it. After being gluten free for a while, i'll try to muster up the courage to get my blood done again and have it checked.
  8. So, 2.5 yeas after diagnosis, still not feeling better, still presenting to my doctor with the same symptoms, have done the food journal, and had other tests run and no other food allergies, so we'll rule that out. My doctor suggested retesting my Celiac, and had me eat gluten for 2 weeks.... blood test showed positive, so we didn't bother with another endoscopy that my insurance wouldn't have covered. Blood work showed underactive thyroid and high blood sugar; not diabetes high, but 112 was my fasting blood sugar which doc seems to think we should watch. Diabetes does run in my family. Now, here's the problems 1. I can't stop eating gluten, i keep telling myself i'll stop, but i swear it's like crack to me, it tastes sooo good! I keep saying next week, i'll start next week, i've even gone so far as to say i'll start right now, but i always fail the next day getting chinese take out or a cheeseburger with a delicious real bun! My house is gluten free, the meals i cook are gluten free, but i seek it out and i seek out people who will get it for me...like the girl i go to lunch with, she knows i'm not suppose to have it but she doesn't say anything. And the minute she does, i'll just go back to having lunch alone. 2. Eating gluten makes me feel a little better! Too much gluten and my stomach swells out and i feel terrible sick. (i suffer from severe constipation, so no diarreaha, but gluten vs non gluten free diet has done nothing to change this). But, if i eat a little, like a piece of pizza or a burger with a bun or some fried rice with soy sauce on it, my head clears up, i feel less tired over all (as in it doesn't give me a spike like sugar) and i seem to be missing less work. My doctors says if this is the case it's ok to eat a little....but i gotta wonder..what do you all make out of all of this? 3. Since eating gluten again, my sugar/sweet cravings have all but gone away 4. I am super irritable all the time. This is normal for me BUT, I am usually able to control it. Lately, since the gluten has returned...I am having problems with it. They thyroid meds just started. I am on a low dose to see what works and i haven't been taking it long enough for it to work. Any comments, thoughts, suggestions??
  9. Celiac....or Ulcers....

    I have not been tested for this. I googled it, and it sounds like some of the symptoms i have ...i am going to ask to be tested! Thank you for the suggestion!
  10. Celiac....or Ulcers....

    His theory is that because my small intestine holds the waste for such long periods of time, that is is causing the ulcers. Like, if you lay in bed for two weeks and never get up or move in anyway, you would have a bed sore, that kind of thing. He feels that by relieving the constipation, the ulcers will heal, he didn't say i wasn't Celiac, he just thought that since my blood test was negitive, it didn't make sense.
  11. Celiac....or Ulcers....

    SBC is saccharomyces boulardii and he's not making money off me, he treats me at no cost. I sought him out for help and so far, he has been the only doctor in 11 years to tell me that pooping twice a month is NOT normal. It isn't feasable to scope the entire small intestinal tract i am glad to be feeling better for the first time in a long time, and i guess that i just need to follow his advice and eat enough gluten to be retested.....if it's Celiac, then i'll know.
  12. After two years of following a gluten free diet ( to my knowledge, i have not consumed gluten in two years) I am still feeling the same. I sought out a new doctor, he seems to think i don't have Celiac, but that I have ulcers in my small instestine that are being aggrivated by gluten, due to SEVER constipation. He gave me some stuff called SBC to help regulate the bacteria in my intestinal tract and it is working!! the constipation is all but gone. (not to be too graphic, but my constipation was soo bad, i was lucky if i went once every two weeks) Anywho....he asked me how i was diagnoised with Celiac and I told him my blood test was negitive, but i did have the biopsy and that was positive. I know there are soo many different opinions out there about how to know for sure.... he suggested i eat gluten and be retested. I am a little leary of this, as in the past if i even thought the word gluten, my stomach would cramp up and i would feel ill for two days. I have tried a little here and there over the past month, i had a slice of pizza, and a brownie on two seperate occassions, i didnt' feel sick after either one, but i wondered if it was enough. Last night, i bit the bullet, i got the 20 piece nugget from McDonald's and shared with my boyfriend...(10 each), i woke up this am feeling the best i have felt in a long time. I want to try to eat gluten and get retested, but i don't want to over eat gluten and be sick, i don't want to get my hopes up that it's not Celiac.......i am afraid... so...can you please post thoughts, comments, etc on this new theory of intestinal ulcers and blood test vs. biopsy... any other thoughts or comments on this post...i am looking for some serious help here thanks!!
  13. Can A Biopsy Lie?

    I follow a strict paleo diet, gluten free, grain free, dairy free. My only indulgence is diet mountain dew. I feel better most days, but when i feel sick, it's like it was before going gluten free. I eat only fresh meat and veggies..all house hold members follow this diet. All vitamins and supplements i take are certified gluten free. I am not sure how something could be contaiminated.
  14. I have been gluten free for two years tomorrow....i still feel like crap...there could be a number of reasons...like for example, i hate my job!!!!!!!! and I like being sick from it.....but, I am not here to complain about work.. I was diagnoised with Celiac via an intestinal biopsy.....the blood test was negitive for the IGA stuff they look for.....it was all normal, but the biopsy was positive...can it be wrong? Is it possible i have another problem instead???