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  1. I was diagnosed last December with Celiac Disease and have been 98% Gluten Free since then. I lived in China for about 4 months and love legitimate Chinese Food, (read: not general tsao's and other Americanized Chinese food). Tonight I went to Chinatown in Boston to get veggies for a stir fry and suckered for a Sesame Ball (round ball w/ sesame seeds on it... supposedly made with glutinous rice flour and stuffed with sweentened red bean). They are delicious, but I still haven't figured out if my stomach hates them/ if they have gluten in them. All the recipes I've seen call for brown candy (aka sugar and water), red bean (sugar, water and mashed up red bean), glutinous rice flour (this is gluten free - it's just a starchy rice), sesame seeds and oil for frying. Does anyone have experience with this? Especially in Boston? Also, I've been using Tamari (wheat free soy sauce), rice wine vinegar in a lot of my stir frys. Are there other chinese sauces we can use? I have some fish sauce that has no gluten ingrediants in it and I was wondering about oyster sauce too. Apparently there is a brand called "wok Mei" that is gltuen free. Has anyone tried it? Last, while at the Chinese grocery store I noticed Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch and other gluten starches for sale for less than $1. Has anyone had experience with buying them from a chinese grocery store/ are there contamination issues. I was super tempted to buy it, but was afraid they would be contaminated in processing. Any feed back