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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just saw your post - it is a bit dated now, I hope you are feeling better. But I just wanted to say that acid reflex can cause the chest and arm pain. A couple of years back I tried eating gluten free oats. I didn't know I couldn't tolerate it, and didn't get my usual celiac symptoms. After a while I did get constant palpitations, and when the chest pain started I went to the hospital. All the heart tests were good, they did discover some gastritis - apparently that can cause heart palpitations. After eliminating the oats I've never had those symptoms again. I do have acid reflux and a spasm of the esophagus will also cause chest and upper back pain that can go into the jaw and arm, so similar to heart attack symptoms. When I get gluten it can take several weeks to feel better and the dermatitis takes much longer to clear up.
  2. Acid Reflux And Ppi's

    I have hiatus hernia, maybe different than what you have, but anyway I weaned myself off the PPIs, watched my diet closely, used gaviscon for a while but don't find that helps much. Now I use baking soda with excellent results. At the first sign I discomfort I take 1/2 teaspoon baking soda I a glass of water and that takes care of the symptoms fast. I do rally watch what I eat though and sleep elevated on a wedge. Hope this helps.
  3. I hear what you're saying! I find diabetics harder to deal with than celiac also...especially since there are so many good gluten free baked goods to be had now but all are high carb. That's enough to start a self pity party every so often;-(.
  4. How many of you blame every ill feeling on your celiac disease? When I was diagnosed with celiac disease I was warned not to blame all pains on the celiac. I forgot about that, and some time ago I had these awful pains that I usually associate with having been exposed to gluten. I searched everywhere for the source and couldn't find it. I kept feeling ill - my doctor sent me for another scope; that was clear no celiac damage. Well, it turned out I had gallstones and they were giving me pain in the same area that celiac pain comes. Gallbladder was taken out and now I feel fine. In hindsight I had been suffering from these gallstones for several years off and on. Lesson learned I hope!
  5. I wonder if it's all part of an autoimmune package. My celiac, diabetes and hypothyroid symptoms all started close to the same time. My sister has all my problems but she also has autoimmune hepatitis with it.
  6. No, I don't think eating gluten has anything to do with it. It sure does run in families though - I have numerous family members that are celiac.
  7. It takes me about 3 weeks to get over getting my symptoms. Beside the bowel pain I get ulcers where the sun don't shine and they are so hard to heal - can take month or more.
  8. Is It Possible To Get Dh In Genital Area?

    Anything greasy on my sores seems to prevent them from healing. Keeping them as clean and dry as possible does it for me, though that is a big challenge in the perineal area especially in summer! As some one else mentioned, it flares up with the smallest amount of gluten.
  9. I have Hashimoto's and diabetes. My celiac symtoms started three years before the thyroid problem was discovered. Celiac went undiagnosed for eight years. Now for a year I've been pre diabetic. Two of my siblings have celiac, they also have the Hashimotos, and one is also pre diabetic. It does seem that these things go together.
  10. Have you been checked for thyroid problems? An improperly functioning thyroid will affect blood sugar. I have an underactive thyroid and before it was regulated I had horrible times with low blood sugar. Now I'm pre diabetic so I still have problems at times and I find it helpful to eat more protein. Beans are very good because they have enough fibre in them to prevent the sugars from being absorbed too quickly.
  11. Brita Filters?

    Has anyone ever had a reaction to filtered water. It seems crazy, but I'm searching high and low for what is making me sick. We drink water from a Brita filter and I found on an internet search that activated charcoal can be made from any organic matter. Though it is mostly made from coconut, would it be possible for the filter to be contaminated with wheat? Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  12. I've become much more sensitive as the years go by. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of pain and I don't know for sure where I got the gluten from. I have two siblings with celiac disease and they are no where near as sensitive as I am. I guess some of us are just super sensitive.
  13. I have been having serious celiac symptoms and am having a very hard time figuring out what it was I ate that's making me so sick. I had been eating a lot of Grimms smokies over the summer, and I noticed lately they don't taste as good as they used to. Has anyone else gotten symptoms from these??
  14. Is It Possible To Get Dh In Genital Area?

    Yes they can vary, sometimes mine are around the anus, at other times they come in the episiotomy area. Sometimes they can be really long and extend all the way along the perineal area. ;-( My doctor didn't give a medicine, just told me to keep the area clean and dry and don't wear underwear in bed.
  15. Our local food store started stocking Bob's Red Mill gluten free oats - I was so excited. Having been gluten free of 8 years, it was so wonderful to have oatmeal for breakfast again. Then I started getting strange symptoms, not much bowel pain, but chest pain, left side and behind the shoulder blade. One Sunday PM I ended up in emergency thinking I was having a heart attack. The doctor admitted me and I was kept in intensive care. Every time the chest pain started they would do an EEG but they were always normal. Anyway, it turned out to be a stomach problem . I stopped eating oats, and my problems disappeared. When I get gluten my first symptoms are bloating and bowel pain, but sometimes the pain does radiate up into the left chest area. My sister and her son (both celiacs) tried the oats too and had to give it up as it made them sick too.