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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey guys, I'm gluten and soy intolerant. I have the gluten thing under control but recently I had soy and it stopped my routine completely. I'm very active, I work and go to school. I haven't been to work for the past 8 days because of muscle weakness and dizziness & fatigue becuase 8 days ago I unknowingly ingested soy. I'm slowly building myself back up. I am fortunate enough to have my mom as my boss so she knows what I am going through and has given me time off to recover. My main concern is when I leave my job for a new career. It makes me nervous to think that if I accidentally get glutened or soyed @ my new job how am I going to deal with the recovery time & manage my job... It scares me that even though I'm a hard worker and smart that it can be ruined by an allergic reaction to gluten or soy. I get embarrassed because I am very active and when this happens I have no energy and I'm very weak. It's just a 180 of what I am used to. Does anyone have any experience with this? The best thing I can do is to be even more careful about what I ingest so that I don't ever get this bad again.
  2. Soy Intolerance

    I recently confirmed my intolerance to soy. My heart rate slowed, fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness. Its been 8 days since I ingested soy. It is pretty dibilitating. I have to eat a small snack or meal every couple of hours to supplement my energy. I am also loading up on b-vits, c-vit, & calcium to replenish what I can what my body isn't absorbing. I am slowly losing my patients with myself over my recovery time. Life was good and active then it came to a halt with this soy reaction. no work & no school. Anyone have similar experiences? Tips? Or how long it took you to recover?
  3. Last Thursday my sisters puppy bit me, dont worry I took care of it right away and she has had all her shots, but soon after I believe that I had a reaction to the bite. My hand between my fingers have broken out into a blistery rash, I have fatigue again, I have gone hypoglycimic again, and brain fog has come back. I have not eaten anything out of the ordinary, and I was wondering if the bite from they puppy and the kibble she was eating affected me. Her bite did break my skin and it bleed a little so maybe I reacted to the kibble in her saliva? Is that possible?
  4. Doing Better:)

    As compared to a couple weeks ago I am doing so much better. I don't remeber when thenlast time I had brain fog. So that's good and my energy has been mor consistant. I am still eating throught the night to help me in the morning but during the day I an eating less frequently and I know now when I need to eat something. The food i feelnis getting absorbed now because I'm sustaining longer on the food that I eat. I'm able to hold my food too I'm not always having to use the rest room. I still. Get bloated sometimes but I use chamemile to help with that. The depression is still present but it is lifting it comes and goes. I'm going through an anger stage right now. Everything aggitates me. But I found that this evening I was more patient with my nephews. I was able to get myself to cook this evening so that's a huge improvement. I tried a new taco recipe ooohhh yummmmy! Lol. Even my nephew was asking about it tonight. Still hvmt left the house. I don't really know how long it's been hut it's been over a month. It'll get better I know because I'm less freaked out at the thought of just taking my dog for a walk but I'm not doing it yet. It's something that I would like to do now instead of something. That would freak me out. So I'm working up to it. Iv been thinking about my life and the things that I need to change about it. Not only the diet but my life style. I'm an over achiever and really overwork myself and burn myself out. It has happened over and over again. I really need to pay attention to the patterns that my body has been going through and take care of it. I hav had burn outs before with out the celiac and this burnoutbwith the celiac was really an eye opener for me. I'm thinking that i hv to really concentrate on my health. I'm not sure how ima do it since iv always been a school gal. I suppose a part time job where they are understanding to my health issues and exercising and drawing when I can. Iv had so many other plans but they kept getting shot down cuz I would burn out and get sick and fall into a depression and itnwould ruin everything but during those times i was not paying attention to my body and it's needs. I just gotta figure out what I wanna do. A degree has always been in my mind Since high school but it may not be for me.
  5. Naturopath Or Holistic Worth A Try?

    I hv been working with my holistic doctor for almost 6 years now. I started out when I was young and pretty rebelious as I got older I came to appreciate the benefits of working with a holistic dr. As many hv said they look at the big picture and help cleans and rebuild and support your bodies different stresses. They do not just treat the symptoms in that sense you hv to learn to be patient with yourself and let your body heal. For me personally I am working on rebuilding my adreanal glands poor lil' guys hv just been burned out, candita overgrowth, liver and I forget what esle. The point is to hv everything working together on the inside so you can function with no probs on the outside. I Would suggest you see one. It wouldn't hurt to maybe just talk with a holisitc dr as well to learn more. I hope this helps:)
  6. Maybe you still need to eat more even when you are not as hungry? I had a similar issue, where I didn't feel as hungry so I ate less but I started to notice fatigue and a listlessness feeling so even when I wasn't hungry I still had something to snack on or eat and it would help. It was hard at first because I wouldn't be hungry and really didn't want to eat but after I felt better.
  7. Depression Confusion

    Going to complain again. My whole life has been a blur. I don't remeber much in intermediate I started to lose friends and got really weird. Suicidle and self mutilation started then. Hih school I had little friends symptoms of celiac but I didn't know at the time a crappy school a gluten-free/friend that kept messing with my head. It has alwYs just been a mess and a blur constanly in and out of depression always flaking on friends cuz of anxiety or stomachs issues. They just stop calling after a while and I just gave up too I went into isolation mode and I am there now. Whenni first started college it wasn't too bad. I was coping well. Broke up with that jerk that kept messing with my head since intermediate started to date some one soo perfect and good for me but it was a long distance relationship we met up once and it was great then I got depressed and i pushed her away and she wanted to stay then I got a litttle better and talked with her again but it didn't work out. She was my best friend and then after the stupid depression I had no one. I was broken. Iv alwyas been broken. And it struggle to be normal and cope with things with out it getting out of proportion and stopping my life but I can't help it. Now im friendless and scared to let anyone in because of the depression will get the best of me and the celiac and hving no one to talk with gets really hard. I really wish I had my best friend again that things where different and that she was here for me again but it's not. Things happen for a reason and I don't know why things are happening the way they are right now. I should be greatful for so manythings. Clothes. Food. Not dying. Not hving cancer. A bed. Family. Cable. Electricity. Blankets. So manythings cuz I could hv it a lot worse DEPRESSION messes you up. It messes you up. It really messes you up. Nonkne want to be friends with a nut job. Someone who is down all the time. How's am I supposed to meet people when I'm down all the time? Or get close to someone when I know I get down. Idk
  8. Feeling Different

    [quote name='addict697' date='Oct 13 2009, 11:19 PM']cheer up, you're not pathetic at allll. As for the western doctor thing. I think western medicine is the mainstream choice for a reason you know. I've tried both and it seems like there are perks and benefits to both. I think with eastern med there is more of a psychological believing that it works and that 's why it works sometimes. Or maybe it just works. Always difficult to tell. Have you tried probiotics?? I'm not sure if i have celiac for real yet but the doctors say I do have IBS. probiotics have helped my stomach situation a lot. 2nd opinion is always good. hope things turn around for ya, and i totally know what you mean about being surprised that you have made it this far. I just started to think instead that i'm just lucky to have made it this far and be surrounded by parents who are only trying their best to help me get through this.[/quote] Thanks:)
  9. This topic is meant for support of holistic and alternative healing and sharing experiences. Please do not post negative opinions of holisitc or alternative healing if you hv not tried it. I was wondering if anyone is working with a Holistic dr that uses suppliments and homeopathics for healing. I am working with one and I'd like to know what are other peoples experiences. I'd like to know how long it took to heal. What some of the stresses that your body has. How you feel about holistic healing. Why have you chosen to work with an alternative method dr.? I hv been working with my holistic dr. for several years off and on. I first went to him for depression when western meds did not work for me. Since then I hv learned alot about how my body works and the stresses that it goes through. I hv also learned to see and treat the underlying cause and not just treat the symptoms. With my the new diet and suppliments that I am taking sometimes I feel worse and wish that the healing was already over and sometimes I doubt the remedies and suppliments I am taking BUT slowly and surely I am starting to regain my strength and a clearer head. My brain fog Is not so bad now and the icky sick feeling is starting to lift. I'd like to hear from others with celiac who work with a holistic dr. Because I get some neg feed back from people who don't know what it is. Iv run into many who doubt holistic healing and alternative medicines. It'd be nice to hear of others who know about it and hear bout their experiences.
  10. Feeling Different

    I don't like feeling so different. The world has it's standards about health care. Western meds is what the majoriy believe in. I don't know what I. Believe in I know that my mom believes in eastern meds and alternative meds and healing so I am swayd by that but at the same time I want to be part of the majority. How do I explain to someone that I am being treated holistically while they keep quetioning why I do it I and how I should get a second opinion. Idk why what others think affect me so much. Maybe because I don't hv that many friends that I agree and please people so there is no conflict and I can hv friends? I don't know. Should I get a second opinion? See a western dr. Iv trusted them before with my depression but they didn't help me just made me worse. How's about I just don't get ill anymore and never hv to see a f$#%ifng dr again about my health. I'm so affraid of them and I'm starting not to trust the holistic dr. My life is not what I thought it would be at this age. Every bday since seventeeen I always say " I can't believe I made it this far.". Prety dramatic huh? yea I know doggone pathetic. I'm so insecure. I feel like no one understands me. And I'm too affraid to put myself out there. I'm too different. Idont belong in this world.
  11. Overwhelming

    Overwhelming. It's all very overwhelimg. There is so much to learn about c celiac or gluten intolerence. I hv no clue which one I hv. I thought it was celiac it's all so confusing. I don't want to start eating gluten again to ge tested. I'm already feelig like crap there is no way that Im going to make myself feel even worse. With everything that I hv to learn about life, myself, and now the celiac it's a little too much. There is soooooo much going on Im so overwhelmed. Coming to terms that life is going to be different. Because of the intolerence so many of the things that I thoght I would do or would like to do or accomplish have to change. My expectations hv just kept hving to drop so I won't keep getting disappointed. They say it won't always be like this and I believe them but this part right here right now whith everything going on really sucks!!!! I'm so doggone frustrated. Who plans to get sick? I had plans of learnig about myself and building my own life learning to be on my own and experiencing life! But now I'm sick can't leave the house can't do anything for myself not excelling at anything doggone pathetic. Who plans to get sick? doggone rediculous.
  12. Wow! Thanks so much for the replies! It's such a reliefs to know that I am not alone in this decision making process. It really helps to hear your experiences and storys of what you've gone through or are going through. Thank you!
  13. Yesterday... But Today...

    Yesterday I was not well. It was a tough day. That's all I really remember. I just remeber hvin a hard day. And I think that it was because of what I ate the niht before. I make a bad ass adobo atong:) my mom really likes it. Ther is no gluten in it. Before going gluten free I used to use soy sauce but now a days it's Braggs Liquid Amino Acids and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. It was yumm yummy!! But I thinkthat I reacted to the vinegar sooooo until I am 100% I won't be having any adobo's. BOOOOO! . So yesterday was yucky and today I had more strength than yesterday. Yay improvement:) I don't stay down for very long it's getting better. Today I got my new remedies from my holistic dr and this evening I took the ones that I could take with food. I think that I got too anxious and took too many at once. I usually introduce them one at a time on differnt days but I got so anxious and some brain fog was there that I just took what I needed to take and not take it slow. It was a mistake to do that. I had tummy issues for a bit but it's a little better now. I just hv to keep myself distracted. Also started eating poi last night. To be honest it was getting hard to figure out what to eat evey couple of hours. It's hard not to get bored and not like what you need to eat to keep your strnght up. Thank goodness one of my aunts suggested poi. . It's gentel on the tummy and easy to digest and I believe it could be a complex carb. I zoned out on the tv again. I know it's bad but it seems like that's as much as I can handle right now. I can tell how I'm doing by the way I entertain myself during the day, since I'm home all the time. Hvmt left the house in a while. For the better tho I'm in mo shape to be running errands and stuff like that. If I mostly watch tv I'm avoiding or I hv major brain fog and I really need that time to rest. If I am playing Team Fortress 2 (first person shooter for pc) then I'm doing a little better not avoiding as much but still avoiding. If im playing TF2 and using my mic then I'm doing much better not avoiding as much and brain fog isn't too bad and hv a better energy and mood going. If I'm playing Guildwars then I am doing better still a little avoidy but much less brain fog, I actutally hv to use my head to figure things out. The past two days hv been couch potatoe for me. Iv decided to drop my classes at school and concentrate on healing. And because anything less like switching it to credit or no credit is too difficult for me to processnin my fogged brain right now and I hv to go down to school to figure out paper work and i don't v he strength to do that right now. Hopefully that will take some stress off my head. I worry about my mom because I know she wants to help me as much as she can but I don't want her to get sick or get less sleep because of it. I really hope that I recover soon so that I can start helping her out again. She has a lot on her plate I feel bad sometimes even tho she says not to because she works so hard I just want to be healthy and take care of her and the family. I tell her I appreciate what she does for me. She mixes my poi it's so easy to do that but for me it exerts a lot of energy it's fricken rediculous. I feel so damn helpless and Im notnusually like this it's frustrating. Gonna hit the hey now. Sleeeepy:) yay peaceful sleep I hope. Dreaming makes me happy because it takes me away from this yucky feeling. Sometimes my dreams are crappy and I feel better cuz it was only a dream lol. Nite.
  14. I totally see your point. I'm prob gonna drop and take care of myself. It will be one less thing that I hv to worry about while trying to heal. did you hv a hard time deciding if you should sit a semester out? Or where you ok with it at the time?