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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you everyone! He also has a hard time understanding that it takes time for his body to heal after being beat-up with gluten for 30+ years! He did agree to go to the celiac center and we are signed up for 8/22 (BTW we are in Pittsburgh and the celiac center is part of West Penn Allegheny Hospital). So I'm excited about that. I'm going to spend the weekend cleaning out the kitchen again and going through our cabinets. Thanks for the support!
  2. My husband was diagnosed with celiac two summers ago, via the blood test and an elimination diet. He never went for the biopsy (which I regret now as he wavers between believing he has and not). In October he decided that he didn't need to be gluten-free anymore and went on an all out splurge. Beer, pizza, sandwiches. After about a month it finally caught up with him but for some reason he still doesn't fully believe he's Celiac (or at least has gluten intolerance). We believe he has DH on his scalp as well (he's gone to over a dozen derms with no diagnosis and the only thing that has improved the condition is going gluten-free). Anyway, since Glutenfest 2010 we've had several incidences of him being glutened. He hasn't been as careful as he was when he was first dx'd. And, I have to admit, I got a little lazy myself. Our budget had us in a real squeeze so I started trying different products (I always checked the labels but I wasn't as diligent as I thought). Before he went gluten-free he used to get bronchitis every year that lasted for weeks. This past winter was the first one that he wasn't sick at all. He has been glutened at least every other week for a few months. And it's finally caught up to him where he has bronchitis again and just can't get rid of the celiac systems (constant bloating, diarehhea, pain and TERRIBLE moodiness). I'm just not sure what to do with him. We have a celiac center here and I'm trying to get him in for the 1/2 day session (they do an eval and classes). He just has not accepted the fact that he has to be careful and be a "pain". He hates that he can't be "normal". I'm just really frustrated with him. This illness has put a major strain on our marriage. His moodiness (from the celiac and due to his embarrassment from the DH) has really made it unpleasant to be around him. Has anyone had an experience like this? I'm so that he won't take care of himself!
  3. How To Handle A Dinner Out With Friends

    Thank you so much for the suggestion. I will definitely call ahead and see what I can find out. I didn't organize the dinner (and there are other people attending that I don't really know) or I would offer to host at my house instead. I appreciate the cards though! Very helpful!!
  4. My husband was recently diagnosed with celiac and DH. Over the holidays with our families, he got glutened twice. Our families meant well and thought they had made gluten-free items but I think there was issues with cc. He is just recovering from his last attack and we got invited out to dinner with friends for NYE. There were three restaurant options, one of which has gluten-free items the other two are local spots. The choice really depends on who's still accepting reservations! I really don't want him to have another episode, especially so close to the last two. Besides the digestion issues, his skin breaks out, his depression worsens and he's just a bear to deal with. I'd rather avoid that if I can! So what would be your suggestions? Should we eat at home first and stick to a salad (and bring our dressing!)? We are going back to their house afterward and I'm planning on making two gluten-free dips. Just wasn't sure if we should skip dinner altogether. I'm planning on ordering those gluten cards from Triumph but they obviously aren't going to get here by tomorrow.
  5. Suggestions On Handling Family Holidays?

    I'm really glad you asked this question! I was just about to post something myself. My husband has celiac and DH and was glutened more than once over the holiday. My SIL really tried her best but something she made had gluten in it or was cross-contaminated. Then he had another problem with my Mom's cooking towards the end of our visit. It makes it really hard when you are coming from out of town but I think I'll just cook something separate for him next year at my Mom's before she starts the official meal preparation. Thanks, again for asking this question!!
  6. Dh Reaction To Medicines? Vitamin C?

    Thank you so much for the info! I will definitely look into that.
  7. We're are 90% sure that my husband has DH. He was never tested officially but the only thing that the terrible rash on his scalp reacted to was his going gluten-free. He's been off gluten for about two and half months with fantastic results, until the past two weeks. He got sick last week and took OTC meds and had a reaction. It took me a couple of days to figure out that it could be gluten (he was taking generic ibuprofen and cold meds). Once he stopped taking two particular medicines he's DH improved and almost completely cleared up. Unfortunately he was still sick and went to the doctor. He has bronchitis and was prescribed a Z-pack and was told to take Mucinex-D. His DH came back full-force. I asked the pharmacist about the Z-pack and gluten and she couldn't find anything in there. My husband thinks it has something to do with sugar because he was eating a lot of fruits and fruit popsicles. He said he felt itchy after eating the fruit (but he's still eating rice pudding!). Has anyone experienced anything like this? Could it be the antibiotic or the Vitamin C? His course will be done in two days so I guess we'll see for sure then. Just wondering if anyone else had this type of reaction early on. THANKS!!
  8. Eat'n Park

    Thanks so much for posting this! Pretty sure my husband has celiac and I was wondering about eating out. There is an Eat N Park not too far from our house. Thanks!!
  9. I have to say I am extremely excited to have found this board. Just poking around, I have discovered a wealth of information. My husband has been dealing with a blistery rash on his head for the past year. He's gone to 10 dermatologists, had lots of tests, and spent a lot of money in prescriptions. Finally, after a visit to the ER, we were recommended to an alternative specialist that suggested that perhaps he had celiac disease (among other suggestions). Since our visit there almost two weeks ago we have pretty much cut out gluten in his diet. My husband is having a difficult time with it and sometimes will get slack and not check labels. He said he was "starving" the other night and ate the one box of cereal that we still had in the house that wasn't gluten free (Shredded Wheat of all things) and promptly got sick in our bathroom. Besides the rash/boils on his scalp, his other symptoms are chronic headaches/migraines, neck pain, constipation, bloating, depression, foggy brain/confusion, sleep problems, anxiety. He was also recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. His levels were only a little bit off but they still haven't gotten that regulated. If this is all related to celiac, I can't even tell you how much money will save on prescriptions in a year! He is having the blood test today but has been about 80% gluten-free the past week or so. Will it still come back positive? Even if it doesn't come back positive, I am almost certain this has been his issue all along and am so beyond frustrated with the medical system that we have been dealing. His doctors made it a point to tell him that it was highly unlikely that his skin condition was related to diet.