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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have not officially been diagnosed with celiac disease. I began a gluten free, casien free and finally soy free diet with encouragement from my Dr. to combat my RA. The results have been wonderful. Dr. Roy nis my 3rd Dr. for my RA and the only one to treat via food rather than prescriptions and my discomfort is minimal the majority of the time. My disease no longer controls me, I control it and my family is much happier with a mom who can play without fear of icky side effects, and no longer need a cane to help myself bear the weight of standing. Self diagnosis is very effective and should not be discounted. You know when you are right, your body makes it very clear.
  2. Years ago, 2006-2007, I tried the caveman diet. If I could not hunt or gather it I did not eat it. Over a period of 10 months I lost 74 pounds. I te apples occasionlly because I missed them so, but the point of the diet was to eliminate sugars and carbs so my body would not have it to store. It was great but took a lot of determination and patience since my family went along with regular diets (especially through Thanbksgiving and Christmas) while I opted for a healthier body. Plus the diet was very limited in choices for me because I am a finicky eater. I kept the weight off as I slowly resumed eating with my family. In Feb 2008 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My Dr. says the RA was aquired through viral infection. Both of my children had been sick with fevers between 2-3 weeks prior to the onset of symptoms and neither my mother or father's side of my family has a history of the disease. I spent a year with "western medication" slowly getting worse. The medicaines made me sick and I was given over the counter medicines to combat the side effects of my prescriptions. By December I was walking with a cane. I have a high tolerance for pain so hiding most of my pain was easy. Though I felt pain from my jaw to my toes My hips and their inability to hold me when I stood, told my lie for me by dec. I was so tired of the traditional medicine routine and so miserable I needed help. When I found Dr. Roy (my third Dr) in March of this year 2009. I was relieved when she immediately put on a detox diet them removed all casien and gluten. My pain has been greatly reduced. I no longer need a cane. I feel great and have my mind unclouded by medicines. I enjoy the journey to finding new foods. I am simply replacing old loves with new ones. Regular ice cream will have my joints screaming and me unable to move without great suffering, though coconut milk ice cream tastes fabulous and has no effect. The gluten free/casien free has been easier for me to implement in my crazy home with my husband and two busy children. I make family dinners and they can add shredded cheese or other extras to their own plates. gluten-free?CF allows my finicky palette more options. And given the difficulty in adjusting my faqmily to gluten-free/CF dinners, the paleo diet I just cannot see fitting my family. The best thing I can think of would be for you to assess your families needs and adjust your habits according what will work best in your situation. Try Paleo if it owrks for you great. If there is no significant difference between it and gluten-free/CF you have lost nothing and added more options to your menu.
  3. Why Now?

    My experience is much like yours. Except I was diagnosed with rheumatoid Arthritis in Feb of 2008. My symptoms began the Friday after Thanksgiving. My Dr believes it was aquired through a viral infection. Both of my children had been home with fevers 2-3 weeks prior to my symptoms(perfect incubation period). No one in my immediate or extended family on either my mother's or father's side has RA or celiac disease. I was treated with the standard array of medication. They made me feel horrible and my pain only increased as the months wore on. I decided to get a 2nd opinion and was told I had both RA and fibromyalgia, but this dr was talking to me like I was already disabled. Tired of Dr's treating me like my disease had already won, the myriad of medications supported by over the counter medications to battle side effects and not being able to fully enjoy my family, I stopped taking all my medications and went for a 3rd opinion. Dr. Lisbeth Roy, God bless her, is a osteopathic doctor and fully supported my desire to be without prescriptions, immediately removed dairy and later gluten from my diet. The results have been wonderful. 75-80 percent of my pain and discomfort has been relieved. The rest is likely do to a busy lifestyle with little time to rest and recover from activity. I know immediately if something I have eaten is contaminated. The pain can be excrutiating both gastrointestinal and joint (they will swell up horribly and the aches are jaw to toes). My point, my symptoms happened as a result of a viral infection that completely changed how my body handles stimuli, quite literally, over night. It just took a year + to find a Dr. who recognized my needs and was happy to work with me on a healthy body instead of pumping me full of prescriptions.
  4. Irrational Anxiety Issues

    I have been gluten free for about 2 months and dairy free since April. Changing my diet to battle my RA. It has been a hard transition to give up pizza, cheese of my burgers etc. I am the only one in my family with this disease and it makes family dinners hard. Trying to accomodate the needs of my family with mine. My husband has been supportive and once I bought a book and we both read it, it was easier for him to understand and then to make some serious changes. But it gets hard and anxious always reading labels (having nto put back old favorites), saying no thank you when offered a homemade treat from a well intending friend. Always double checking and never really free to trust how something is made. I am nervous about eating out and having to scrutenize every step of my dinner process, so have not been out to eat since having to change eating habits. The adjustment has been a crazy roller coaster and emotions are always ready to spill. The best advice I could give you sounds cheesy but it works for me. Find something, anything to smile about. The simple beauty of a flower, nice blue sky, nicely trimmed lawn, a courtious driver. Hold the door for someone and make then smile. Smiles have an almost magical way of making one feel better. Each week gets better as I add recipes and learn to bake my own goodies for parties, etc. I stopped looking at is as giving up foods and began enjoying the challenge of finding great replacements. Having a body with joints that love me back is great. Just keep smiling even small things count.
  5. Man, I Dont Feel Well!

    I have RA and my DR and I have been treating symptoms through diet. We found by elimninateing dairy and foods with gluten 80-85% of my pain has been abated. Milk chocolate contains milk and can cause bloating and horrible gas pain. It is like I really need to burp or something but cant most of the time and just suffer until it passes. You might want to check your dairy. Do you have similar pains and discomforts after eating cheese or yogurts?
  6. Soy Intolerance

    Not only can I no longer have gluten I have also had to eliminate dairy. I tried soy products and found they were an irritation to my system also. There is a company called turtle mountain www.turtlemountain.com and they have a frozen dessert as well as yogurts made from coconut milk. One of their flavors is chocolate and it is very good.