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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, and tried looking around for quite a while with no avail. I work at a machine shop which will not be named, and I was getting reprimanded for being in the bathroom too much. Even after I have told them I have been confirmed as having Celiac's Disease, and they have no bathroom policy. I feel like because they don't have it or understand, they think I am making up the fact that if I eat something that bothers my stomach, I end up with a green light from my stomach to the end of the line all day. It's gone as far as me getting in shouting matches with my foreman about how I don't want to be in there, I'm not enjoying being in there, as much as he thinks I'm sitting in there having the time of my life apparently lol. They have come in there and yelled at me and told me I need to be back out on the floor numerous times, even if I have only been in there for 2 minutes. What options do I have? Has anyone else dealt with anything similar? Are people with Celiac's covered under the ADA if anything serious happened because of it? I have cut down as much as I can, but they still think I should be in the bathroom once of twice a day, (which is very close to what I am at now) at most regardless of how I feel on any given day. Any input would be appreciated!