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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Endoscopy

    Thanks Revenwoodglass...I think that is the type of celiac my sister has...she has very bad osteoporosis...as well as vitamin deficiencies...she has improved very slowly..but still has positive biopsies..I will mention the soy possibility to her. I just found out my younger sister now has celiac...that makes 3 out of 4 siblings all sisters. Both parents carried the celiac gene and I know for me anyway, I inherited a celiac gene from both. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is just another autoimmune disease...life is a trip! . But you just have to keep swimming downstream!
  2. Endoscopy

    Ravenwood...just a quick response to your post...the reason for my endoscope was not for celiac diagnosis....due to the fact I am already gluten free..although he strongly suspects the diagnosis and encouraged me to continue on my gluten-free diet and not attempt a challenge....I have never had an endoscope before, because I went gluten-free before having one done...my previous MD had minimized my symptoms and had told me I did not need one.....but this new Gastro doc is fantastic! I had started to have Chest pains and weird GI symptoms so after a full cardiac workup he scheduled me for the endoscpy...to see wht GI stuff might be going on...and he said even though I was gluten-free he would just take some biopsy samples of the villi just because he happened to be in there anyway that he might as well.... Well, as I posted I have some GI issues...he asked me if I had been totally rigid with my gluten-free diet...and honestly this summer I have been lax in my label checking...so we will see what the villi look like, but even if normal I will remain gluten-free. (My sister has celiac and even on a gluten-free diet she has not had a normal biopsy, as hers is VERY severe.) I will post when I know more...
  3. Endoscopy

    The endoscopy was today it was a piece of cake...easy...didn't remember a thing! He took tons of samples.....preliminary results....gastritis, esophagitis, GERD, and Hiatal Hernia...he did also take a snip of some vili when he was in there just in case. SO I have to continue on prescription strength Prilosec until the biopsies come back. We will see....
  4. Endoscopy

    I am having an endoscopy for possible GERD and Esophageal Spasm...he knows I have gone gluten-free and also strongly suspects the dx of celiac even though I have gone gluten-free. (bloodwork was NEG) He said he was going to look for anything related to celiac when he is in there. My sisters also have celiac and continue to have positive biopsies for celiac even though they are rigid about their gluten-free diet....but no....this endoscopy was not scheduled for the purpose of diagnosing celiac disease.....but he is happy he gets a reason to take a peak around to check to see if the villi look ok....Thanks for the tip!
  5. My first endoscopy is tommorow....any suggestions? Do you remember anything? Thanx
  6. It has been awhile since I have posted...been gluten free for awhile and I have been a little lax about my gluten intake...such as BBQ sauces, eating out etc...nothing I thought was major...what the heck was I thinking? I know better...I just got out of the hospital for a full cardiac work up for chest pain. They think it is now gastro related perhaps esophageal spasm with GERD. So I am now off to the gastro doc....probably an endoscope...I have never had one and have been gluten-free now for awhile and doing great until the past few months. My gastro doc knows I was negative for blood testing, and knows and of course was disappointed that I went gluten-free on my own, but said if I do ok Gluten free just continue on the diet...so now,things have changed and I will probably have an endoscope done. Who knows if he will make me do a gluten challenge, I,sure do hope not! Has anyone else had esophageal spasms? Thanks....
  7. Hi Homemaker,

    Was wondering if you'd email me - have some questions about your symptoms and results.

    I have a close friend that don't believe that what they experience could be Celiac. It gets to the point they can't breathe with the bloating and pain...not to mention migraines since was younger...and has an autistic son and grandchildren.

    Feedback would be good refe...

  8. Well, I haven't posted in awhile because I have been sick for weeks...till they finally found out that the problem was my Gall Bladder.. It all started over 3 weeks ago with vomiting, diarrhea,Fever, chills and slight abdominal pain...I thought it was a virus and just let it pass...but I never felt right after that...bloating and pain...and then I had a repeat performance just before xmas and ended up in the ER dehydrated...Had an ultrasound the next day and they finally realized I had a huge gall stone and inflammed Gall Bladder...Well that Gall Bladder came out the next morning...I am still hobbling around and very tired...but otherwise...I survived...I am miffed they sent me home and didn't admit me the second time...I was sent home, without the ultrasound, without a diagnosis...in pain, vomiting, and miserable... HOW COMMON IS GALL BLADDER TROUBLE AND CELIAC DISEASE....I vaguely remember reading something about a connection? Thanks....
  9. Well I have been a sick puppy.... Over a week ago I had a spell of vomiting diarrhea with fever for a couple of days...my stomach seemed painful too...I thought it was just a stomach flu...Then a day ago it all happened again. I ended up in the ER for dehydration and they thought it was my gall bladder but they could not do an ultrasound for some reason till yesterday morning... Well come to find out there was a big gall stone blocking the duct which meant emergency surgery.... The worst thing is the upper back pain and muscle spasms at this point... I am taking Tylenol 3 with codeine...Generic by TEVA......hopefully it is gluten free... Is there any connection with Celiac and Gallstones and Gall Bladder? Just curious...
  10. I just got over a stomach flu...I had a fever, vomiting and the big D... This is only the third day...I have no more vomiting or D....but it seems I feel full the moment food hits my stomach....there is that upper abdominal fullness..and gurgling gas....I am only gluten free for barely 3 months now.. so my gut was just beginning to heal... Any advice for healing??? I know they say to stay away from dairy...what about yogurt?
  11. Thanks for the feedback on the chili...I had not tasted that one yet... but wow that chicken noodle was fastastic!
  12. I am not too sure that all of Kettle Cusine Soups are gluten free...but they appear that way on their website... Kettle Cusine
  13. I am just getting over a horrible stomach flu...and needed some nutrition fast! A few weeks prior I had picked up some Kettle Cusine Gluten Free frozen soup.."smartly" thinking that the winter season had arrived and I just might need something in a pinch... Well sure enough I got sick and when I was holding food down I pulled out the chicken noodle soup...OMG it was like homemade chicken noodle soup...It was amazing... Thought I would pass this on considering that we are in "flu" season!
  14. Good for you! I second that! I would never go back to gluten...I have embraced a gluten free life totally...My body tells me gluten is not my friend, I only used Enterolab testing as a guidepost to direct my own decision making process. I know that Enterolab does not make a diagnosis...BUT...again...it was used as a tool in my own decision making process...it helped confirm for me what my body had been trying to tell me... I do not go around telling people that I have Celiac disease...but I do tell them my body does not like gluten...that I get sick...and really? Isn't that all we need to know... Who knows when all is said and done where the future of Celiac Testing will take us... But I am sure of this...it will be more sophisticated and definitive...What we have today will be considered archaic and antiquated....
  15. I was already aware that Enterolab does not claim to diagnose Celiac Disease.... It is my humble opinion that current accepted testing for Celiac Disease is woefully inadequate....The Gold Standard diagnosis will not be Gold Standard for long....