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  1. Hi again : ) I cancelled the colonoscopy for now, but thinking of rescheduling even though I am not going to go through 3 months of wheat exposure. I just got my last blood test results back and two things stood out: A quite low ferritin of 17 (this keeps showing up - even though iron levels are ok) and gliadin antibodies (IGA) of 11, out of range to the upside - even though I've had virtually zero gluten for about a year now. My Dr. said most "normal" people he tests show zero for this. So I'm thinking the low ferritin may be indicative of some sort of chronic intestinal bleeding which is rarely good. I already asked my GI Dr about leaky gut syndrome (which I thought would also explain some of the other strange auto-immune symptoms I've had for years) and he scoffed, saying there is no such thing - it's not real. There isn't any good explanation for the ferritin - it's common with those with intestinal bleeding or women with heavy periods. And I guess I have enough evidence with the gliadin and symptoms to just say away from gluten forever. I will try to get the GI Dr. to do an upper as well while I'm under since I know if there is any gluten evidence it will likely be in the upper. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Thank you tarna and raven. Wow, Raven you've sure gone through a lot of suffering, sounds like much of it from celiac. Sorry to hear that. Was your mother's the celiac cancer in the colon? My symptoms are not that dramatic, but I still don't want to go through 3 months and then still get a false negative. I talked to the celiac organization today and they suggested the genetic test for DQ2 and DQ8, which would preclude the need for the diet, from Prometheus labs. About $500 though - I have to check if my insurance will cover some of that. They also told me the lower intestines viewed during the colonoscopy would not be helpful and that I would need an upper endoscopy anyway. So cancelling the colonoscopy (just turned 50 and no other risk factors, so it can wait a while)...
  3. Hello. I have suspected celiac or at least a wheat intolerance for many years. Past celiac blood tests are always negative but that may be due to me avoiding wheat/gluten fairly diligently. I am scheduled to get both celiac blood tests and a colonoscopy in late October. Question: what is the minimum amount of time I have to eat wheat products before these tests so that both would show evidence of celiac if I have it, both in the blood test and intestines. I'm hoping it's less than a week (hate the symptoms I get), but wanted to check - figured the people here would know. Thank you.