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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh & The Ocean

    Quick question: Is there any problem with ingesting sea water while swimming in the ocean?
  2. I was diagnosed with DH in September of 2009. I have been close to gluten free (still learning about trace amounts, etc.) since then. The frequency and intensity of my outbreaks are lessening notably. For about the same time span, though, I have had a dull aching pain in my buttocks that, at times, runs down my legs. (I do have DH outbreaks in the buttocks area also.) I have run for many years and still do and have been attributing the "aching" pain in the buttocks to running and muscle or nerve problems (Piriformis Syndrome fits the pain I have). On the other hand, is it possible for DH to cause such an "aching" (not itching or burning) pain such as this? I would deeply appreciate any help!
  3. diagnosed with DH in Sept. 2009

  4. I am relatively new to having DH, and I am having to scrutinize the places, at which I eat out. Here in the foothills of NC, we have a cafeteria, J&S, where you enter a serving line and request the foods you want. They serve quite a number of cooked vegetables (green beans, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, etc.). These vegetables are cooked in what I would call "home-cooking" type fashion. I asked the manager about gluten content, and he was unsure. He said that they cook the vegetables in "vegetable oil" and with "vegetable seasoning." Are these ingredients safe? Are cooked vegetables generally safe? I would hate to give up this place but will if necessary. Thanks for any help!
  5. When I have an outbreak of DH, it seems that I always develop acute problems with Restless Legs Syndrome. While I realize that some of this might be related to general anxiety about having DH, are there more substantial and verified connections between the two disorders? Thanks for any help!
  6. I am relatively new here, so please excuse (or direct) me if this has been covered before, but: is the serum in shots for seasonal allergies gluten free? Thanks for any help!
  7. Pre-outbreak Signs

    Thanks to everybody that responded!! I continue to "aspire" to be gluten free but have accidentally missed the mark a couple of times. I am similar to those of you that get a warning (tingling, etc.) if I have consumed gluten. I also have noticed that, along with the blisters (typically on my knees and elbows), I get red rashes that itch and burn on my arms and legs but not at the elbows or knees. These rashes are more widespread and do not have blisters. Thanks again!
  8. Pre-outbreak Signs

    Thanks for your responses! It is difficult to ferret out causation and other factors as concerns DH.
  9. Pre-outbreak Signs

    I was diagnosed with DH on September 1st, and I have been almost 100% gluten free since then. Still though, I continue to have small outbreaks (elbows, knees). A couple of questions: 1) Sometimes, just before an outbreak, I have a tingling, shooting sensation in my arms and/or legs. Is this typical? 2) This week, it dawned me that I might have ingested gluten via creamed corn and/or a chopped steak (both purchased at a local cafeteria). I now have a small outbreak. Would you relate this outbreak to my ingestion of gluten or the fact that I have been gluten free for only 6 weeks? Thanks for any help!
  10. I have dermatitis herpetiformis and psoriasis. Both conditions often lead to open wounds on my skin. I use various topical steroids for the psoriasis (Desonide currently--psoriasis is mild to moderate) and shampoo for the scalp (DH Zinc Shampoo) and lotion for itching (Aquanil HC). Questions: 1) Are these products safe in terms of being gluten free? 2) Are other typical medications for psoriasis usually gluten free? Thanks for any help!
  11. Greetings from the foothills of North Carolina! OK, here we go: First of all, I was diagnosed with DH around September 1st. I had both types of testing. I also have psoriasis, which is what the dermatologist thought was the problem originally. During the worst of my recent outbreak, which began in mid-June, the itching was unbelievably intense! For the last month, I have been gluten-free (although, I may have made mistakes as I am learning). My DH has been quiet for the last few weeks. Now, all of the sudden, it is coming on strong (elbows and knees). I have yet to use Dapsone since my outbreaks are limited to a few areas. Several questions: 1) I am taking large doses of Advil and Aleve for a muscle issue. After looking around the site, I see that folks claim that his can lead to outbreaks. Are there studies that bear this out? Or, do we just have anecdotal evidence? 2) I love to drink beer, and as much Red Bridge beer as I am purchasing, I ought to own stock in the company! This is gluten free beer. But, there seems to be some correlation between heavy drinking and psoriasis outbreaks. Can drinking gluten free beer lead to DH outbreaks? 3) During this recent outbreak, I also have small areas of redness with little bumps which itch mildly to moderately. These issues have arisen on my inner forearm, just above my knees, etc. But, there are no blisters in the classic DH sense. Any ideas as to what this might be? 4) Have any folks here developed lymphoma due to untreated DH? Thanks for any help! I hope to get to know you all better.