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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today will be quite a test for all of us. Trying to eat gluten free and having to ask thousands of questions to our hosts for the day about all the food they've prepared. I will be visiting with my brother and the rest of our family at his house. This has been the tradition for the past several years. It is usually a huge feast and I leave there feeling sooooo FULL!! But now, I must be cautious about what I am eating. Maybe I should have been in the past also, but I didn't know then that I was Celiac. Anyway, I am baking.....er....going to TRY to bake, a gluten-free apple pie. This should be interesting! Bought some frozen gluten-free pie crusts at Whole Foods, and now I just have to make the filling and bake...sounds simple...but! I made some gluten-free fudge last night to bring also. It did not seem to get very firm though....so not sure what that will taste like. The spoon lick test tasted good though. Well I suppose that pie won't bake itself while I'm here blogging, so I'll just have to hop-to-it! Have a GREAT gluten-free TURKEY DAY EVERYONE!
  2. 1st Thanksgiving With Celiacs

    Also.... make sure the turkey being served was NOT self basting! Self basting turkies have gluten injected between the skin and meat. So ask you host to be sure the Turkey was not self-basting. As for the gravy, tell your host to save some of the turkey drippings for you to make your own gluten-free gravy. You just thicken it with CORN STARCH instead of flour. Or maybe she will just make all the gravy that way? But also beware if she stuffed the turkey with a bread stuffing....cross contamination!! You can go to Whole Foods...and probably any other health food store....and buy frozen gluten free pie crusts and make a pie for desert. And you can also bring your own gluten free rolls and have the host cook them for you....but beware of cross contamination in her kitchen. Also bring your own crackers if there is a cheese platter. Blue Diamond brand makes great gluten free snack crackers called NUT-THINS in various flavors. You can make your own gluten-free stuffing using gluten-free croutons. And if all else fails....bring yourself A LOT OF WINE!!! ha ha This will also be my first Thanksgiving as a Celiac but luckily I am not alone. My sister was also diagnosed Celiac about 6 months ago so we are making our own little gluten-free dinner....the rest of the family will be jealous! The Whole Foods store here in Providence is giving a FREE class on Gluten Free Holidays on the 17th with some samples to taste prepared by a licensed nutritionist who is also Celiac! YUMMMMM!!! So, check with your local Whole Foods store and maybe they are doing the same. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Strange Sense Of ...calm.

    You should know that most yogurt is NOT gluten free! I was diagnosed about 2 months ago as a Celiac and had lower back pain, neck pain, a very itchy neck and trouble sleeping. Almost instantly after going gluten free all these aches have disappeared except the lower back pain. I think that is more about my age and my job now causing that problem. Also, my doctor did not advise it, but my nutritionist did advise staying away from milk for at least 6 months ( even Soy milk ) because, even though I am not lactose intolerent, the lactose in the milk is considered too harsh on the damaged small intestine, so you should let it heal before using milk again. And she says that Soy milk is also very harsh and NOT human digestive tract friendly. Better to use a Hemp or Rice or Nut milk. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. thank you for the birthday wish :) you are sweet xoxoxo..

  5. Baking Bread

    So, last night I went to 'Whole Foods' in Providence for a free tour of the store with other 'Celiacs' given by a Nutritionist/Celiac of 15 years. It was very interesting as we went through the store and she explained many of the products and showed us what to look for on labels and how the store will segragate many of it's gluten-free products in each aisle. She also told us what some of her favorite gluten-free foods were and how to prepare some of them. Whole Foods also has many of their own gluten-free baked goods. The store gave each of us on the tour a little 'goodie bag' with a few gluten-free treats and a list of gluten-free foods that they carry in the store. It was great fun and very informative. At the end of the tour there was a little question and answer time and Mary Beth Winter, the tour guide/nutritionist/celiac, gave us her card so if we had any questions we could contact her. She was great! So now today, since I am out of my gluten-free bread, I am attempting to 'bake' my own. So far....the dough does not seem to be rising.....so I hope it will come out ok. Otherwise, a complete waste of time and effort so here's hoping! Have a great day all!
  6. Got Test Results, Still No Answers

    Hi Chrisco, First, have you been eating gluten free? If you have been eating gluten free, you can test negative for Celiac Disease. Second, yes, you can test negative and still have celiac disease. So PLEASE!!!!!....DO THE ENDOSCOPY!!! It is painless. The worst part is, of course, the 'preparation' for the test the night before. The endoscopy should PROVE if you do or do not have celiac disease. So, my advice is.... do the endoscopy....set it up asap and hopefully it will show posative for celiac disease and you will soon be on your way to a healthy life. If you can, go to the library and take out 'The gluten-free Diet' by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She suffered for years until she was a contestant on 'SURVIVOR' when she realized that she felt GREAT even though she was starving! So, GOOD LUCK and let us know how you make out!
  7. Dr. Called

    The Dr called yesterday with the results of my bone density test, and it showed that I have weakening of the bones.....Osteopenia....and am to continue taking calcium tabs with vitamin D. He is going to confer with an endocrinologist to determine what medication will be suitable. So I guess I'll be hearing from him again soon. Made some gluten free blueberry muffins last night. They are ok....I hope I become a better cook! Also prepared gluten free 'american chop suey' and shepards pie so I have my meals for the week. Have a great day all!
  8. Going For Bone Density Test Today

    Well, today I go for a bone density test to check for osteopenia or osteoperosis. The dr just wants to see if there are any problems considering my age and not knowing how long I may have had celiac disease. Yesterday I made some gluten-free brownies using Bob's Red Mill brownie mix. They are actually VERY GOOD!!! Moist, and taste like real brownies! Added some walnuts... YUM!!! Much better than the one's that I got from the bakery. Those were sooooo DRY! Of course, I have my favorite restaurant, Crazy Burger in Narragansett, R.I. that I am hoping will be able to accommodate my celiac disease. They are a 'natural food' type cafe' and very health conscious so I am hoping. I sent them an e-mail today explaining my plight and wait for their response. My favorite meal there has been the 'Crazy Gorganzola Burger' which is just awesome, but they use a sourdough roll, and of course, my favorite desert is 'fried ice cream' which is drizzled with a chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Coated with granola or corn flakes (I'm not sure which) but most likely NOT gluten free. So I asked if it is possible to use gluten-free corn flakes to make the fried ice cream....and of course....fresh oil so as to not cross contaminate. I do have a recipie for fried ice cream so I think I may just have to try it on my own! It's just vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, sugar, egg, deep fried in 'FRESH' oil....then drizzled with melted chocolate or honey and topped with a little whipped cream.... sounds yummy huh??!!! Ok, I guess I'll have to get things done now before I have to leave.
  9. A Little Ranting

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you and you have helped me know that I am not alone, but you should also know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
  10. Just Back From Dr.

    Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the info and encouragement! I do find myself thinking of the things I love to eat that I can no longer have and I think that is the hardest part of this, but I am determined to change my eating habits and learn to live with this. I am hoping that my bone density test will not show too much damage, but I will take whatever steps I must to improve my situation. Hopefully you are doing great and will continue being healthy. Thanks again for your great comments!
  11. Just Back From Dr.

    Well, I just got out of the Dr.'s office. We went over all my tests and for the time being, in addition to now having to live 'gluten free', I am to start taking calcium and vitamin D tablets 3 times a day. Next Thursday I am going for a bone density scan because Celiac Disease can cause osteoperosis, and because of my age, and not knowing how long I have actually had the disease, the good Dr wants to see what condition my skeleton is in. It's best to know I suppose. Anyway, just x-rays of some sort...nothing horrible to do. So the calcium and vitamin D are to help build me up ha ha. I have battled Ulcerative Colitis for the past 30 years, and he said it is very possible that I have had Celiac Disease since that time. The Colitis could have masked the Celiac Disease and kept doctors from looking for it. And maybe it wasn't even known about 30 years ago?? (that's just my thought, not anything the Dr said) In another hour I go to the nutritionist and get told what to do about my diet. Of course, thanks to all you good people, and the internet, I think I have figured out most of it. But I will let you know what the story is. Ok, I guess I'll try to get a few things done before I leave. The good part of this day is that I was able to get out of work at noon for these two appointments! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!
  12. Gluten Free Cheese Cake

    Recipie sounds great! I am assuming that the topping can be anything and not just cherry? I love pineapple. Thanks for the recipie!
  13. Learning How To Cook Gluten-free

    I got home from work last night greatly anticipating having my home-made gluten-free meatloaf....I love meatloaf....the way I USED TO MAKE IT! I had to modify it by using gluten-free bread crumbs, and other seasonings. I was disappointed at how dry it was. The flavor was just OK.... nothing to write home about. Maybe the gluten-free bread crumbs absorb more of the grease from the ground beef? Maybe I need to use less of them? And maybe REAL chopped onions and peppers instead of the freeze dried ones from the spice rack? And maybe add more ketchup... it just seemed to be VERY bland and flavorless.... I guess the packet of Lipton onion soup mix I used to use had a lot more 'stuff' in it for falvor than I thought? Is this how eating will be from now on?? I know.... it's only been a week since my diagnosis and I have a lot of learning to do....I guess I must be patient and good things will come to those who wait?? Anyway, today is my day off so I will spend some time cleaning....no yard work because it is raining VERY hard here today...and supposed to have high winds so my time will be spent indoors....and online checking recipies. Have a great day everyone
  14. Getting Used To This

    Spent most of last night cooking for the week. Had to empty all the food out of my 'fridge' and cupboard to make room for gluten-free food. Made some gluten-free pasta and a meat sauce, and a meatloaf. Used to love my meatloaf! It was made using Lipton onion soup mix. But that can't be used now, so I had to get gluten-free bread crumbs, and used some makeshift seasonings to try to imitate it. It looks dry, but I took a little taste and it seems to taste ok. I can no longer eat instant mashed potatoes, they have gluten. They are just so easy and quick and don't spoil! ha ha. so I bought some REAL potatoes and made some garlic mashed last night. So tonight when I get home from work I will be able to just nuke some spuds and meatloaf and eat. I had some of the pasta and sauce last night and it was good. Much work to do around the house, but learning about what I can and cannot eat has consumed me at the moment. I have Wednesday off, so I hope to catch up on the yardwork and other stuff then. Ok friends, it's off to work now. Have a great day everyone!
  15. the ones from the store.. I just toast makes it easier. google gluten free bakery's in your area their bread is softer. or go to a natrual foods store they might have it too.