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  1. Not been too successful for me. Gluten-free alcohols are rarely available in pubs or restaurants -- not even in the liquor stores too much either. I've discovered that ciders can have barley added and that's not listed on the bottle. The fermentation of sake (Japanese rice wine) includes koji a mold that can be derived from barley. Cheap sake often has rice syrup additions of unknown origin as well. Wine coolers contain barley malt, so they're out. I have at least found out that Smirnoff vodka is 100% corn. Wine is fine for every other celiac except me, because I can't take the sulfites. Organic wines are also stuffed with sulfites as well. http://gfkitchen.server101.com/GFAlcohol.htm#Wine For what it's worth the above list helps more.
  2. Went out to dinner and despite careful discussion with server, I am assuming I ingested a goodly amount of wheat. I suspect it because the same dessert on a previous occasion I could not have because it had some flour, and yet this server confirmed it had no flour (should've gone with my instincts). Sigh. I know, from my uncle's experiences, that it seems the symptoms are so much worse once you are gluten free and accidentally ingest than they were before diagnosis. However, I would be grateful for any suggestions to alleviate or somehow resolve the symptoms more quickly than not. I see that fennel tea and possibly digestive enzymes are options. Day 1 was constipation and not much else, but Day 2 and now 3 are headache, fogginess, bright red blood (not much, thin coating really) in stools, lower right abdominal ache, right hip and back pain. I am miserable. Would it help to go with liquids for 12 hours to give my poor colon a chance to heal? Obviously I am not eating gluten and have been completely gluten-free (except for accidental) for almost two years. Thanks for any advice!