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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Everyone, I havent been on in awhile. I am diagnosed and gluten free just over two years. The fisrt year was rough as it is with most, learning hidden gluten, not feeling great and then accepting you may be one of the ones that can only eat whole foods. I am lucky to have a super great nutritionist who assists me with supplements (all gluten free and everything free). I went to her about 9 months ago b/c with all the doctors and all the tests (even the Celiac Center at Columbia University in NYC) I was still feeling nausous most days. It was then when I stopped all processed gluten free foods. I cut out soy, rice and corn. I was steadily eating fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, lean protein and liking it. Occassionally, I would buy the gluten-free crackers or hummus on a holiday or corn chips and salsa for parties and sometimes I tolerated it fine, sometimes not. But that was not often I did that. So I was cruising along finally feeling better. That lasted about 8-9 months. Now just last Sunday I am nausous (bad), have the brain fog, so super tired....like a full body systemic reaction. It stinks. It makes you re-question everything. was I glutened? I did start thyroid meds, levothyroxine and it has cornstarch in it. I know its not gluten but maybe it just being a grain I my body is confusing it for gluten? Any info or words of wisdom. Even being knwowledgeable of celiac, sometimes it hard to believe how aweful you can feel. And why so long? If I was glutened shouldnt it be getting better by now? Is this the autoimmune part and my body is just freaking out? Thank you for listening,hope you are all feeling well.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been gluten-free for two years. The last 6 months have been the most healing. That is mostly due to eating whole foods. I cannot digest alot of processed gluten-free foods, I just feel nausous and feel like I am glutened when I am not. Eating plain whole foods (mostly fruits, veggies, some chicken and some nuts with the occassional sweet potatoe) helped me start to feel better. I will from time to time re-introduce things like pork or beans and maybe a potatoe but not very often. Anyway, although I know it is most important I am not feeling sick every day and for that I am SO thankful (it really does make a difference not feeling sick every time you eat). But I cannot lose weight. I am trying to be patient. I have always worked out, probably always 3-4 times week but I really try for 5. I started did weight watchers last winter and lost 20 pounds but it hasnt moved one pound since then! And it was after WW that I started eating the above way (no gluten-free processed foods). My TSH was around 6.0 and I have started (just a month ago) meds for that. I am also on lexapro and have been for years (10mg, but am in process of weaning so currently at 5). My primary care doc thinks the weight issue is probably the lexapro. Do you all think it is just celiac damange, my thyroid or could it be the lexapro?? Thanks for your advice! Again, mostly greatful I am feeling better regarding celiac so I dont mean to complain, just frustrated b/c I work so hard at the gym and with eating.....you'd think I could lose!?!
  3. Hi Lucia, I have been going to the Celiac Disease Research Center in Columbia myself! I went there because I am a year and half into Gluten Free diet and my GI symptoms of nausea are horrible. It seems no matter what eat, just by eating i get sick. Good luck to you!
  4. Yogamommy~ I have also been gluten free a year but my blood tests for antibodies did respond. My endoscopy showed active celiac still and I am nausous most days no matter what I eat. Also constipation. I am going to a specialist in NYC and she said not to freak out over "refractory" (she had sent my biopsies for special stain testing for refractory), anyway she said dont freak out it can still be lots of things. She is sending me for the breadth test too. She explained about our intestines being damaged it allows for all kinds of bad bacteria and microorganisms to grow. So not only is celiac a breeding ground for that, our bodies cant fight it and get rid of it like everyone else. And that can make us non-responsive. The treatment would be antibiotics and then there are also diests that help "starve out" the bacteria. So, wait to see what your breath test is (easier said then done, I know) I have been reading crazy about bacterial overgrowth (SIDO), Specific Carbohydrate Diet and something called FODMAP --- all to do with bacterail overgrowth. Good luck to you!
  5. Hi All, I am researching (or trying) both FODMAP and the Specific Carb Diet b/c I am gluten free a year and still having nausea and constipation. I am getting a breath test done next Monday but all other tests are good. Which diet is better if you are symptomatic or if you have smaill intestineal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)?? The FODMAP seems to allow corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice and the Specific Carb Diet doest not??? That seems like a huge difference in diet!!!! So just wondering peoples thoughts who know more than I do. As always thank you in advance and I hope you are all feeling well!
  6. Thanks for the info Kayo. I am going to research the FODMAP diet a little. What are some foods that you avoid and some that you eat each day?
  7. Hi Everyone ~ On to my next test, I am getting a bacterial overgrowth test done in two weeks (main symtpoms are nausea and constipation after year of gluten free). My bloodwork is all great, but my endososcopy shows active celiac still. Who performs the breath test usually, is it the Dr. or a tech? I know it takes a couple hours, but are the results immediate or is it the usual routine where they call you a week or so later with results?? Hope you are all feeling well!
  8. Donuts. I really got grossed out this past weekend when I went through the Donkun Donuts drive thur with my sister. It was just the drive though and the smell of the "dough" I guess was almost repulsive. And again at work they had a couple of dunut boxes sitting around and it smelled bad to me (really bad)......a good thing I guess.
  9. I am going to start this. no corn or corn chips either right? I can have potatoes and sweet potatoes though?
  10. I have seen all the posts and was thinking about trying that.
  11. Thank you all for your replies. I am confused too if my bloodwork is so good. I went to the celiac specialist for nausea that wasnt getting better and I couldnt link it to anything specific. My main symptoms since going gluten-free are nausea and constipation. This doctor looked at my all my other records and wanted to redo the bloodwork and endoscopy. We'll see, I am going back next week.
  12. Hi all My doctor just left me a message that is scary. I went to a Celiac Research Center in NYC after a year and half going gluten free and still getting nausous all the time. My bloodwork was great. No antigens all negative which she said shows no signs of gluten being ingested and autoimmune repsonse good. My vitamen levels are all normal. It all looked promisig on paper (except nausous alot). She did a biopsy and it shows active celiac. She is sending it out for stains to see if it shows refractory celiac...... What do I do if its that? And what does that mean?
  13. Feeling Sick After Eating Anything.

    This happens to me too. I am a year and half gluten free. I just went to the Celiac Center in Columbia and my bloodwork is SO GOOD!!! No antigens showing I am ingesting gluten by cross contamination (or cheating as they would say). It doesnt show an immune response. All my vitamin defieciences were corrected!! I only need the mulit vitamin. So it all looked good, why so nauseos after eating???? They dont know. I had all kinds of tests done. My last endoscopy showed my intestines are still all scalloped but the doc said that is normal for only a year or so into diet. She also said not everyone heals a whole lot or at the same rates and they dont know why. I guess the bottom line is they dont know why. Celiac has such varied symptoms...... Just wanted to share so you knew you werent alone
  14. Thanks! I was reading about the barely grass but I think the risk of CC is too high for me to be comfortable with, Thanks for advce