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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. is so happy everything is going amazingly, feeling way better and aware, decided to follow my true passion of making art for games!

  2. Hello everyone! Since I'm on break now for the holidays, I thought I'd do a side illustration on Celiac. I just wanted to get some opinions on what they'd like to see. I'm in the concept stage right now, I was thinking of the environment being the spongy carpet like tubes, while in the distance there's a witch garbed in an old farmers outfit with a cloak carrying a sickle, where she stands and before is dead and shriveled looking. Thanks! Best to you! ~Brittany
  3. Hello, Another thing it could be from is your thyroid, problems with the thyroid can come up in association with celiac. So when you go to your doctor next insist for them to test the Free T4, Free T3, AB and TPO levels, that displays if you have enough thyroid hormone circulating through your body, since that can be a cause of hair loss as well. The first two are the Free hormones through your body, the other two are to see if your antibodies are attacking the thyroid preventing it from producing the proper amounts of hormones. Maybe you can be extra safe and buy gluten free shampoos, surprisingly the gluten in some hair products can react to the scalp, I use dessert essence organics which clearly labels their products gluten free. I'm also a college student and understand how you feel, my hair has considerably thinned and falls out daily which is so unnerving and annoying. I hope you can figure it out! Have a happy holidays and nice break.
  4. College Life

    Hey everyone, it's cool that a thread like this was started. I actually switched to gluten free a month and a half ago about half way through college. The convient thing for me has been Art Institute's use of apartments as dorms. It's such a handy thing to have a nice kitchen. I'm still new to what's good and quick, but usually I'll just make instant rice and Steamfresh veggies, or baked chicken with a potatoe. Stirfry's also something I experiment with a lot. When I was rushing with finals recently I ate gluten free cereals and fruit, with tea, definitely wasnt getting enough to eat this past week because of it but at least finals are about done. I'm planning on being able to finally go shopping at a Trader Joes soon to see what they offer. I was really pleased that my work is highly supportive of my gluten free diet. I work as a resident adviser in the dorms and we usually have an end of the quarter dinner, where this time it was Greek food with pizza and gyros, but they ordered a gluten free meal for me! I dont use make up so I cant help with that but I do know of a nice brand of shampoos that you can use, its dessert essence organics and clearly labeled gluten free. Its about 8 dollars a bottle but its well worth it especially if you get reactions on your skin from gluten. I would get such an itchy scalp. Think of it this way, although it is expensive, its saving you the pain and bother of a reaction. Happy holidays!
  5. I understand totally where you are coming from, you sound quite similar to me and a few other people on here I'm sure. It's always a cluster of odd symptoms similar to these that point towards it. There are a few options you have, I'll explain as best as possible but more seasoned people on here can assist more! The first is to get the Celiac blood tests done: TTG, AGA IgA and AGA IgG after that some peoples levels are high but many have lower so its hard to get a real diagnosis. False positives are so common its crazy. From there your doctor might: have an endoscopy done with a biopsy of the upper part of the small intestine. If both come back negative all hope is not lost, you have the ability to go on a gluten free diet yourself. Its tricky but so worth it if it is the cause. I know for me I had negatives on both tests but ended up feeling way better within a week and a half. It may take longer for you to feel better but everyone is different. In the mean time make sure to have these other tests: thyroid levels: Free T4 and Free T3 (my hairloss is due to lower FT4 levels) which many thyroid problems come up with celiac Iron, Ferratin, Calcium, potassium, and a few others can someone help with that? If you have any other questions feel free to email me at brittanydrew (at) yahoo.com Hope for the best, and happy holidays! ~Brittany
  6. Hello! So I've done a ton of searching on the web and its hard to find anything about Giant Eagle's ground turkey, does anyone know if it is gluten free. It lists natural flavors ugh, so I'm not quite sure. I really want to make it and have it with dinner today, but I'm nervous of having a reaction. I did find this list though and thought I'd share it Giant Eagle gluten free brochure
  7. Thanks, yeah I really don't trust my doctors opinion that its fine as per what my TSH levels are, I've already read a ton of things and I'm worried as to what is causing it. I've come to be really skeptical with most doctors, they do know a lot but they cant know everything. One needs to be their own advocate! Many have just pushed me under the rug because I'm a busy 19yr old college student. I did not realize my T3 levels were lower either, huh. But no I'm not on any medication at this point, my doctor did not see the need to prescribe anything yet, I suppose he's waiting to make his call three months from now... ugh I don't want to wait that long. I'll be in touch with an endocrinologist soon so I'll see what they say and if I cant make an appointment. What I'm really worried about is the fact that auto immune diseases run in my family it could be Hash's. I just want all of my issues gone! They almost all are, save for some tired feelings (luckily a great portion of my energy has come back), hair loss and dry skin.
  8. Hello I hope everyone's well and excited for Christmas! Anyways, I have never been diagnosed with Celiac disease, but the gluten free diet has been an amazing change. Auto immune diseases do run in my family so that is why I suspected it with the symptoms I had. They've since luckily gone away, but I'm worried about my persistently low thyroid levels. In late August I went to a dermatologist for a number of reasons, one of which was hair loss. They said it was telgium effluvium which is caused by stress, malnutrition and low thyroid. So they tested my iron and thyroid levels to find my iron was low but so too was my thyroid. Ferritin lvls: 11 range 10-143 TSH 1.4 Range .53-4.30 T4 Free: .8 Range .9-1.4 After that I went to my personal care doctor where he tested my blood for overall nutritional levels, Free T3 and Anti endomysial AB IGA, everything was fine in the normal mid range. Free T3 355 Range 287-455 TTG AB IGA: 8 Just this week I had the three month review that my doctor wished for, a month into being gluten free. My iron levels have luckily improved Iron: 84 Range 27-164 Ferritin 31 Range 10-143 TSH: 1.38 Range .50-4.30 T4 Free: .6 Range .8-1.8 It worries me since they dropped from .8 in August to .6 now. My doctor assures me I'm fine since my TSH levels have not increased, but he plans on checking in three months again. Also, before I went gluten free my body temp was usually around 95, now since I've been gluten free its been at 98. I have always had an intolerance to cold, and need for adequate sleep, as well as dry skin (hands and heels) They've improved slightly but still linger. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated, especially from those who are more knowledgeable to thyroid diseases. Thanks!
  9. Interesting thing to ask, but its self diagnosed only because many doctors either don't know about it or think its that real of a problem. Many believe its in ones head, or only a thing of childhood. Many times when symptoms are shown early the doctors tests come up as false negatives, so the final choice to make them feel better is to try the gluten free diet. I know many like myself have had extremely positive results from doing this. I'm only 19 and yes female, but when you figure out the thing that has been making you feel horrible for no reason its a wondrous feeling. I had the same issue as TrillumHunter, my symptoms were thought to have been because of college and a stressful job, but I found out about Celiac through the internet before it became serious. Going out to a restaurant is a daunting thing for a celiac or gluten intolerant. I know I've been accidentally glutened when I've gone once since starting the diet a month ago. Please be understanding and really compliant to our wishes at the restaurant you'll make lives much easier. Luckily awareness is increasing.
  10. Hello to you! There is still hope, and yes there is always the possibility of a negative biopsy, medical science is a fickle thing and with such a vast area of intestines to investigate they could have missed the actual sections that show signs of damage, but you'll hear a lot that many people here have so many negative tests. For years in fact when their symptoms progressively get worse. If any other disorder has been ruled out, and they've done the proper tests. You might want to think about the specific blood tests for Celiac, or another biopsy, but really all that would do is rack your medical higher. So if you can good, but there is an even more common chance that the blood tests to be negative. Your best course of action would be to try the diet for a few months and see how that makes you feel, there's nothing to loose, only to gain! For me I started feeling better within two weeks, and I had both a negative blood test and biopsy. Celiac is still a new disease to doctors, a big mystery. Now irritable bowel syndrome is just a catch all that doctors can diagnose people with, since its just an easy diagnosis to cover what they don't yet know. My GI said that it as just an easy way to pass off all of the diseases that mankind has yet to discover. Things will get better soon, your in the right place! Welcome to the forums! Read around, its the best way to learn and be armed with knowledge on this tricky disease.
  11. Anyone Else Not Dream At All?

    I would always dream a ton, almost remember the whole story of one dream a night. When my symptoms were kicking in hard core my sleep was so restless and I hardly dreamed, I know I did somewhat, but I think that was also a part of my fatigue my lack of long lasting REM. Since I've gone gluten free my sleep is restful and really deep again with involving dreams wit ha mix of everything, my interests and fears and hopes. Though I know I had quite a few dreams where I was glutened! I too dream in full color! ;-)
  12. Hello, I just found out some info that is important for all those that love tazo tea lattes. I called the company since I love having a Chai latte from Starbucks every now and then, but they said they could not disclose what the natural ingredients under the label was. The lady on the phone was really nice and helpful but she said since Gluten was not on the list of extreme allergies they had to disclose there was no information regarding the fact. She told me its probably just best to avoid it, since it was a specific list of ingredients that corporate is only able to disclose so many. Sad that they don't know for sure, or are able to share it. I called since I was having a slight bother after I started drinking the lattes again, so I was worried, and it seems true. The good news is though she said their organic filter bag teas were fine. You could most likely make your own latte with a maker, brewed tea, espresso and milk. I'm going to have to try that soon!
  13. Hair Loss

    Hi all! Thanks for the replies. Luckily I've had a gluten free shampoo on hand that my grandma sent to me awhile ago, hoping the natural product would help my head. Its Desert Essence Organics, I use the Volumizing Apple one specifically but I'm sure there are others. It specifically states gluten free on the back. It's been helping, my heads less itchy and irritated, I only scratch if I'm stressed, or dairy seems to also aggravate it. For vitamins, my dermatologist recommended biotin and biosil, they said it doesn't make it grow faster or anything but makes it stronger and thicker when it grows, biosil is harder to find but Vitamin shops carry it, I know they've listed their product as gluten free as well, I'm not sure about the biotin yet, but I'm about to look into it soon. Hope that helps.
  14. Iced Coffees

    Thanks, yeah since I've looked and am glad to hear Starbucks is fine, but there's an independent coffee shop I love to go to that I'm really curious about. My biggest wonder was with the Bruggaccino, there's nothing in the search for it.
  15. I enjoy coffee every so often, especially when it's closer to finals week, it gives a really good boost to pull the late/all nighters I need, or I just enjoy having them because of the taste. Where is everyone's favorite coffee places that are definitely gluten free? Does anyone know about Brugger's, how about their Brueggaccinos? I read the ingredients that they use, but nothing sounds too suspicious but I wanted to be safe of course. There wasn't anything specific online either. Brueggaccino Ingredients: Water, French Roast Coffee, Cream, Condensed Nonfat(Skim) Milk, Sugar Syrup, Milk, Corn Syrup, Less than 2% of Natural Flavors, Stabilizer: Guar Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Locust Bean Gum and Carageenan, Sugar. ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains dairy. How about Chai teas? I've always enjoyed hot chai tea lattes. Has anyone been glutened by them? I'm new to reading labels, but learning fast. It's only been three weeks I've been gluten free. Thanks a bunch!