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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Please forgive me if I sound naive but I have been following the diet and I do feel better. I will eat something I am not supposed to and become very sick. Then I get back on the diet and I am better. I never intentionally take myself off the diet. What can a doctor do for a celiac? What do the tests consist of? Can a doctor possibly make us feel better or are they just there to diagnose & hold our hand and send us home? I have serious food allergies and I also strongly believe I am a celiac w/ several food diaries to back-up this belief. I believe my son is a celic from all the symptoms he's showing. I have been misdiagnosed by many doctors. Looking back I remember one doctor told me to take the medicine and eat a stack of pancakes every morning. I did and I was sick...very sick. I told her that I stopped taking the medicine because I was throwing up. She told me I did not eat enough pancakes and the doctor degraded, insulted me, told me I was stupid and would have to begin the medicine all over again. Am I doing myself and my son a great injustice by not going to the doctor? Or am I saving him from the abuse of a "Practicing" doctor. As far as I know I have two options. 1. Find an allergy specialist that deals w/ celiac patients 2. Find a gastointestinal specialist What else is there? I just don't want a doctor to give my son or I medicine that's going to destroy our organs and make us sick for a very long time. My father was undiagnosed and he died from pancreatic cancer. Looking back on his diet and his symptoms he had to of been a celiac. Believe me I have done a lot of research as well as disciphering my families medical history. At this point I am totally lost because I do not know what the next step should be. Blue Eyed Vegan
  2. Hi, I am sorry I haven't pinned in awhile. I had two christmas parties this weekend. I was very careful. When they rang the dinner bell I went straight to the crudite table and then headed to the salad bowl and the another dish of fall veggies on my plate. Headed to my table and I was happy as a clam. That night around 2:00 a.m. I was wishing I could of had my stomach pumped. It was the strangest thing. I broke out in a sweat on the left side of my entire body. The next morning I had a rash across my left thigh. I also broke out in shingles. I lathered my leg in progesterone cream took three baby aspirin. The rash went away so did my fever later that day. After reading food labels for so many months what I came up with is there must have been soy in the seasoning mix. There was also vinegar in the fall veggies no telling what else. I had severe stomach pains. My biggest fear is if I go in and get tested they will tell me to start eating soy and wheat/gluten so they can get accurate results. I know what this stuff does to me and it really scares me. In the middle of the night I don't want to wake anyone. At 2:00 a.m. it's difficult not to have a panic attack with such a sense of aloneness. Good Grief. Blue Eyed Vegan
  3. When I was 18 to 35 years of age I consistently had a very high metabolism and changes of body temperature but it was not a fever. When I go to sleep at night my body becomes a furnace. From 35 to 41 I began developing serious food allergies. My son has sweaty palms and gets red splotches on his face and body and he has had these splotches come out on his skin since he was about 12 years old and he's going on 22 years old now. He is beginning to develope an allergy to metals. Like his watch, eyeglasses etc. Has anyone heard of this being a sign/symptom of celiac disease? I have tried researching sweaty palms and have not been successful at finding an answer. Thank you for your help. Blue Eyed Vegan
  4. Menopause

    I had all the sypthoms of menopause. The night sweats, period ending, inflammation, lymph nodes swelling etc. I began to get really worried. I read the information on bioidentical hormones. I used the progesterone cream. I began to research everything I ate. I found that the meat I was eating contained synthetic hormones - growth hormones. That the meats also contained estrogen. As well as the eggs that chickens produce the milk from cows, cream, butter etc. I also found out from a co-worker who has been a vegetarian all of her life that soy contains as much estrogen as birth control (I know this is heresay...but please here me out..) I stopped eating all of these items. My periods are back to normal. My hot flashes have disappeared. The depression is going away. The inflammation is disappearing. I then stopped eating wheat and gluten. I am finally feeling better the inflammation continued to go away and intestines are beginning to heal. If I eat the smallest amount of any of the mentioned foods it sends me immediately into toxic hell. I have another co-worker that experienced the same sypthoms at the same time and uses the same diet and her sympthoms have also disappeared. For me the soy acts like a toxin. It gives me a rash that looks and feels like a third degree burn. When the fever leaves the site the skin peels away. I stay as far away from soy as I can possibly get. blue eyed vegan
  5. Thank you for replying. Your message describes exactly what I believe I am experiencing. I have also cut everything out of my diet. I am sitting at my work station wondering where I can possibly go for lunch....and there's no where. I figure eventually I can begin to introduce foods back into my diet. I was a vegetarian and then became a vegan and then I removed the gluten/wheat from my diet. I was improving on the vegan diet but when I removed the wheat/gluten the inflammation is going away. I also do not get as depressed anymore. I know the depression deals with malabsorbtion and that's improving. I just hope there will come a day I can introduce foods back into my diet. I recently threw away toothpaste, lotions, makeup containing soy and gluten and feel better. After reading all labels I realized how much of the soy and gluten I was absorbing through my skin. Thank you Blue Eyed Vegan
  6. I have never been diagnosed for shingles. Every time I had a breakout I would make an appointment to see the doctor and explain the blisters. By the time the appt. arrived the blisters disappeared they ran a battery of tests on me and my pituitary gland was over active. They thought I had breast cancer or a brain tumor. That was 10 years ago and I have neither. I have had shingles for every month for 16 years - sometimes twice in a month. All of your emails are very comforting because when you bring up shingles to an outsider that don't even want to shake your hand. If it is celiac disease I would find comfort in knowing. It's strange my body has always been extremely hot not to the point that I sweat but like a furnace. I always contributed it to having a high metabolism. Here's a list of health problems if someone has experienced these as a celiac please let me know. Cluster migraines, shingles, very hot body, extreme depression, extreme weight loss, discoloration of nails, peeling of layers of nails and loss of toenails. The past two years I have experienced night sweats, inflammation, intestinal inflammation, rapid weigh gain. I have issues w/ the following foods: Soy foremost, synthetic estrogens, estrogens from meat, shellfish, fish, all dairy, wheat/gluten. I eat only fruits and vegetables and read all labels. Fore those of you experiencing shingles you may find comfort doing this - I let hot water run over the site to ease the pain and itching and then I used carmex. The carmex brings great comfort. Carefully watch your sodium intact. Thanks again! Blue Eyed Vegan
  7. Thank you for your replies it was definitely shingles. They have stopped since I have become vegan and cut the wheat and gluten from my diet. Blue Eyed Vegan
  8. Soy Intolerance

    I find that soy is toxic. I have night sweats. Swelling in my left thigh and rash that resembles and feels like a third degree burn across my skin when the fever leaves my body the skin across my thigh peels away. I can't breathe and I have inflammation in my intestines. I haven't had soy in 4 months and I was doing fine. Last night my husband made homemade french fries with vegetable oil. That night I had night sweats. Today I read the vegetable oil bottle and the ingredients read soybean oil (only). I only had 10 fries. I read every label and I will not eat any thing that maybe processed in a facility that processes soy. Soy is in everything and it's disguised in many forms. I find that it is extremely dangerous. blueeyedvegan
  9. I have not been diagnosed w/ Celiac disease at this time. I began getting blisters when I was twenty-five years old and they continued for 16 years. I thought it was because I contracted chicken pox when my son was around 8 years old. I thought the blisters were shingles. They began on my leg just a single blister that was blood red. Then they moved to to the inside of my right elbow. The blisters were a cluster of blisters that grew on top of one another until it became on solid blister the size of a quarter I would have to wait until the blister became this size to release the fluid from it. It became red and inflammed around the blister w/ red lines that spreading out from the blister (almost like a spider bite). Eventually the blisters would travel along different sites on the right side of my body. Always with excruciating sharp pains in the elbow and shooting down the arm. The more I read about celiac disease I wonder if this was the result of gluten in my diet. This year the blisters have stopped and have not returned. My diet consists of vegetables and fruit without gluten in my diet. I am very allergic to soy. If I eat the smallest amount of soy I have night sweats and inflammation throughout my body. On a vegan diet I am losing weight, the inflammation in my intestines are going away Has anyone experienced the blisters I have discribed above? If so, I know I am on the right track. Thank you for your help. Blue Eyed Vegan
  10. Blisters

    I apologize I meant to add a new post. It's obvious I am new at this. BEV